Windows Phone Development (1): Introduction

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Windows phone is a Microsoft company developed mobile phone operating system, here is not much introduction, and android,iphone like running on the smartphone, I believe everyone is familiar.

  At present, the Windows Phone (WP), obviously its market is not as good as iOS, on-line application is not as much as Android and the iphone, but, as a developer, we should be more clear than the average user, WP advantage is no more than the other mobile phone operation is not bad, When I seriously to understand WP, we will certainly "don't have a taste" of.   Because it is the development of technical articles, so we only from the developer's perspective to understand it, we as a developer, we should be more than the average user has a unique vision. Windows Mobile does not do a very good job, and perhaps Microsoft feels that there is no competitive pressure in the past, so the WM has been doing it all the time.   may say, the iphone's power is from the WM failure to learn, but, WP and WM almost no connection, because WP is backward incompatible, it is redesigned and developed, the WM program is not running on WP, even if they are based on. NET CF framework, but completely different.   So, do mobile application development, high cost? Don't mention the iphone, the cost of developing an iOS app, I'm afraid you won't be selling a few apps. However, Android and WP development is not paid for, Android uses Java as the main development language, and WP can use Visual Basic and C # as the main development language. Android's interface layout is based on XML, layout style has a linear layout (horizontal OR vertical), table layout, etc. WP is a XAML-based layout, relatively, more powerful than XML, and XML you can not use extended markup, but the XAML may be, with the WPF development experience of the friend is very clear.   For WP development, just install a visual Studio Express for Windows phone can be, once installed, good for WP development, very convenient, unlike Android, to install Jdk,eclips, SDK, and install the ADT plugin, that's too much trouble, and Google that the online installation is too slow. VS for WP You can install both on-line and also download ISO offline installation, very user-friendly.   This development tool is free, you do not spend a penny, you can have a powerful set of mobile application development tools, as long as you register, the key to the VS registration window can be authorized, you do not spend a penny.   So what does this WP development tool contain? 1, Visual Studio 2010 Learning (formerly known as Express version), you do not underestimate this version, is already very powerful. 2. Express Blend for Windows Phone, which is a design tool that can be used like a graphic design softUI design, believing that a friend who has played WPF will never be unfamiliar. 3, SDK Tools, one of the most commonly used is the simulator, we can not say every debugging program to take a WP equipped with a mobile phone on the desktop, and, like me these poor people's children, where to buy a smart phone AH.   installation will not need me to introduce, and other vs version of the installation method, you wait for it all the way to install the complete is, nothing to do, provided that the case is not error.   You can choose the English version, or Traditional Chinese, temporarily does not seem to have Simplified Chinese version, do not know why, may Microsoft discriminate against mainland China, because we often use piracy system.   One thing to keep in mind is that computers that are not configured can be installed, otherwise, I don't have to buy a new computer. 1, the processor, of course, the higher the better, the recommended frequency does not lower than 2.0 GHz, or you will wait for the card bar. 2, memory, the official said to 3G, in fact, deceive, 2G on the line, of course, the bigger the better. 3, operating system Windows Vista above, recommended Win7.   "Some tips and quick start tips" Often hear words like "QuickStart," "Crash," and I prefer to call it a "short break". You must ask, can a short-term breakthrough? Of course, hehe, but this short-term is not to say two hours so short. To quickly palm WP mobile application development, first you should have the following capabilities:  1, VB. NET or C # foundation, recommend C #, after all very few people use, at least in the country with this.  2, familiar with the. NET Framework, the class library, and understand the CLR (just to get a look at it).  3, object-oriented development thought, this is actually superfluous, the mainstream development language which does not object-oriented. In fact, these requirements are common to Android mobile app development.  4, the basic knowledge of XML--xml the declaration specification, the tree structure concept, the name space is what.  5, better understand some of the web, for what, Silverlight style and template and CSS a bit like.  6, WPF Foundation, this is necessary, because XAML is how WPF is laid out, including dependency properties, etc. are all in WPF, WPF learned, WP development you will be very easy.  7, Silverlight, which says to master the basics of WPF, here, Silverlight is a must-have , and preferably fully familiar and mastered , which is the focus of the Super Focus . WP is used in Silverlight or XNA development, if you do not learn Silverlight, is equal to WP development you do not have to learn, not to scare you.

Windows Phone Development (1): Introduction

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