Windows Visual Studio Code builds the Golang development environment

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In fact, the environment is not difficult to build, but encountered some problems, mainly some site resources can not access (such as:,
Cause some packages can not be installed, will eventually lead to environmental failure, with this tutorial a few steps, we will be able to quickly build the Golang development environment.

Development environment:

First, installation

Here I need to install some tools:

1.Visual Studio Code 1.0.0

2.Golang Downloads


3.git Downloads


4. Installing the Vscode-go Plugin

安装方法:打开vscode 按F1 然后选择安装扩展 选择go 下载后 重启

5. Download the Vscode extension Dependency tool

 vscode-go plug-ins require tools that are installed by default: go get-u-v get-u-v Rogpeppe/godefgo get-u-v Get-u-v get-u-V get-u-v get-u-v get-u-V get-u-v (and DLV Debug Run tool) The ultimate purpose of these content is to generate some EXE files in the Bin folder in Gopath. However, the installation here encountered some problems, some will install failure, error message The main meaning is that can not link ah, can not find AH and so on. Here I omit these steps. Download the EXE package I have generated directly, and put it in the Bin folder of Gopath. such as:              

Second, the configuration

1.GOPATH: This is your working directory, please specify your working directory in the system with a new gopath, and create a new one in the working directory
BIN,PKG,SRC of three folders.

2.Git: Add the Bin directory under the Git installation directory to the PATH environment variable.

3. Open the SRC folder with Vscode to add two files as follows:

{    "Files.autosave ":"Onfocuschange", "Go.buildonsave ":True, "Go.lintonsave ":True, "go.vetonsave ": true," go.buildTags ": Span class= "hljs-string" "" "," go.buildflags ": []," go.lintflags ": [] , "go.vetflags": [], "go.coveronsave":  False, "go.usecodesnippetsonfunctionsuggest": false, "go.formatonsave ": true," go.formatTool ": Span class= "hljs-string" > "Goreturns", "go.goroot":  "C:\\Go", " Span class= "hljs-attr" >go.gopath ": " H:\\projects\\github\\go ","  Go.gocodeautobuild ": true}         

{    "version": "0.2.0",    "configurations": [        {            "name": "Launch", "type": "go", "request": "launch", "mode": "debug", "remotePath": "", "port": 2345, "host": "", "program": "${workspaceRoot}\\helloworld", "env": {}, "args": [] } ]}
Third, the demo run


Iv. Summary

These libraries because can not get, I found on GitHub for a long time, finally compiled into EXE, the domestic find a few articles mentioned this problem,
So write a blog, let everyone convenient development. I hope you will enjoy learning the go language.


Windows Visual Studio Code builds the Golang development environment

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