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XML Web Service Basics
Roger Wolter
Microsoft Corporation
December 2001
Summary: This article outlines the value of XML Web Service for developers, as well as SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI.
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XML Web Service is the basic building block for distributed computing on the Internet. Open standards and the focus on communication and collaboration between users and applications create an environment in which XML Web Service becomes the platform for application integration. Applications are constructed from XML Web services of several different sources, which work in concert with each other, regardless of where they are located or how they are implemented.
How many XML Web service definitions are possible for the number of companies that build the XML Web service. But almost all definitions have the following in common: XML Web Service provides useful functionality to Web users through standard Web protocols. In most cases, the SOAP protocol is used.
The XML Web Service can describe its interfaces in great detail, which allows users to create client applications to communicate with them. This description is typically contained in an XML document called a WEB Service Description Language (WSDL) document.
The XML WEB Service has been registered so that potential users can easily find these services through universal discovery, description, and Integration (UDDI).
This article describes the three technologies, but first you need to explain why you should focus on XML Web Service.
One of the main advantages of the XML Web Service architecture is that it allows various programs written in different languages to communicate with each other in a standards-based way on different platforms. Users who know about the industry may soon say, "Wait a minute, is CORBA not the same commitment as the previous DCE?" What's the difference between this and them? "The most important difference is that soap is much simpler than previous methods, so there are far fewer barriers to implementing standard-compatible soap." Paul Kulchenko provides a list of SOAP implementations in Http://www.soapware.org/directory/4/implementations (English). At the last count, the list already contains 79 items. As you might expect, most large software companies offer SOAP implementations, but there are many implementations that are created and maintained by individual developers. Another great advantage of XML Web service relative to previous scenarios is the use of standard WEB protocols-XML, HTTP, and TCP/IP. Many companies have built WEB infrastructures, and their employees have the knowledge and experience to maintain them. Therefore, the introduction of XML Web Service is much less costly than the introduction of previous technologies.
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