Yahoo! announced that it would stop developing open-source JavaScript tool libraries YUI and javascriptyui

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Yahoo! announced that it would stop developing open-source JavaScript tool libraries YUI and javascriptyui
The official Yahoo blog announces the termination of the development of the open-source JavaScript tool library Yahoo User Interface library (YUI ). Yahoo developers explained that the industry trend has changed. Over the past few years, the Web Platform has undergone drastic changes, which are almost ubiquitous compared with JavaScript. Node. the emergence of JS allows JavaScript to be used on the server, as well as the emergence of new package managers such as npm, build tools such as Grunt, application framework, and test tools, this frees large JavaScript tool libraries such as YUI from getting community attention as before. Share the best UI front-end framework! Today, most developers regard large JavaScript libraries as a wall garden they don't want to lock. The result is that Yahoo has received increasingly scarce problem reports and pull requests over the past few years, many YUI core modules do not have active maintainers, and few reviewers submit patches for inspection. Yahoo can only make difficult decisions to terminate development, But Yahoo will still maintain existing programs and fix serious bugs.
What is Yahoo YUI Technology (aspnet)

Chapter 1 Introduction to Yahoo! User Interface Library (yui) is a tool and control Library written in JavaScript. It uses DOM scripts, DHTML, and AJAX to construct Web programs with rich interaction functions. Yui also contains several core CSS files. All components in yui have been released as open source. They comply with the BSD Protocol and are free to use. You can download the complete project file from the Sourceforge site, including related documents and examples.

Yui project developer's BLOG: YUI Blog, communication community: ydn-javaScript on Yahoo! Groups.


1. Download yui

The yui project file has been published on the Sourceforge site. The file contains relevant documents, examples, and code.

Note: Yahoo does not provide a free running environment for yui running. You need to run it on an out-of-the-box Web server.

2. Add the class library file you need To Your webpage.

To use the components in yui, you must use <script> to specify the library file address of the related components in your page file. If the component depends on other components, you must use <script> to specify the library file address of the dependent component.

3. Add a CSS file to the page if necessary.

Some yui controls contain a corresponding CSS file to set the style of the control. In this case, you must use <style> to specify the address of the corresponding CSS file on the page. You can modify the corresponding CSS file to achieve the desired effect.

4. Browse related documents and Examples

Each component contains detailed API documentation and provides common examples. After learning, let's review all the APIS, so you can be aware of them. Because the quality of API understanding will affect your use of yui.

Chapter 2 component introduction Yui components are divided into two categories: Toolkit and control library

Yui Toolkit

The Yui toolkit uses DOM scripts to simplify in-browser devolvement development in the browser, and uses the features of DHTML and AJAX to develop all Web programs.

Animation: create a "cinematic effects" on your page by specifying the position, size, transparency, or other features of the page element )". These effects will give users a better experience when your page changes.

Connection Manager: This toolkit helps you manage XMLHttpRequest (usually called AJAX) transactions. It provides error handling for form submission) and callbacks. This toolkit also supports file upload management.

DOM: the DOM toolkit provides a simpler way to call DOM scripts, including the management of element positions and CSS styles.

Drag and Drop: Creates Drag-and-Drop objects. To provide rich interaction functions (such as dragging an object to the target location), you may need to write a lot of code. This Toolkit can capture all operational transactions in all supported browsers and ensure their stable operation.

Event: This magic Management Library provides you with a simple and secure way to access browser events (such as click and keyboard operations ). This event package also contains Custom Event objects, which provide a mechanism for publishing and subscribing to events for your program interaction.

Yui control:

The yui control library provides a set of highly interactive visual elements for your page. These elements are completely created and maintained on the client, and you do not need to request the server to refresh the page.

These controls include:

AutoComplete control: the AutoComplete control provides a progressive user experience (streamline user interactions) for text input ). The widget provides a list of similar items and an advance key based on a variety of data formats ...... the remaining full text>
Actual JavaScript website development problems

My opinion is the opposite of the "Sunshine bridge" on the upstairs!

1. I don't know if you are concerned about the growth of the programming language ranking-javascript ranking in these years. This is a good illustration.

2. In practical applications, for example, your free mailbox. 163, sina, yahoo, gmail, and hotmail all use javascript in large numbers.

3. Yahoo also has a specialized javascript library, yui. It has powerful functions, high efficiency, and good user experience.

4. There are many online office systems. For example, google docs uses javascript For its front-end ui.

5. There are also a lot of oa, crm, and erp on the internal network currently mostly adopt rich client technology, and javascript is the most widely used. Others such as microsoft sirverlight, javafx, flash, flex, etc. I personally think javascript cannot be replaced. With the ECMA-262 standards set by the European Computer Manufacturers Association (European Computer Manufacturers Association), javacript is already an important part of browsers.

6. Now, many sns websites, such as, the Intranet, myspace, and facebook, all use javascript in large numbers. Some have also developed their own javacript private libraries.

7. Many of google's web APIs are exposed to developers of other web applications in the form of javacrip. For example, google maps.

8. Many of today's very elegant javascript libraries: prototype, jquery, dojo, MochiKit, ext, yui, etc. In terms of design, I personally think they are all great works.

9. Although javascript is opposed in many portal websites, using javascript may cause cross-site scripting attacks (xss), phishing, and other security issues. However, javascript is widely used, powerful, and elegant. No web application developer can despise it.

10. Several articles recommended:

Understanding JavaScript

11. We also recommend that you take a look at functional programming. javascript is the best embodiment.

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