Yum Linux Software Installation Management

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Yum (Yellow Dog updater,modified), is a front-end package manager, based on RPM package management, capable of automatically downloading RPM packages from specified servers and installing them, automatically handling dependencies, and installing all dependent packages at once No tedious download, installation.
    • Based on C/s architecture

Yum source file in/etc/yum.repos.d/directory

    • The Centos-base.repo file is in effect by default
    • The rest of the few are not in force.

[base]:        container name, is a nominal name:          description, you can write mirrorlist:     Mirror site, you can comment out BaseURL:        yum source server address, The default is the Yum source server, if you feel slow, you can use your favorite Yum source address   enabled:        Whether this container is in effect, if not written or enabled= 1 is in effect, enabled=0 is not in effect Gpgcheck:      if it is 1, the digital certificate that represents RPM is in effect, and if 0 represents a public key file that does not take effect Gpgkey           digital certificate Save location

What if we don't have a network?

    • Disc build Yum Source

1, Mount the disc


2, invalidate the default Yum file

/etc/YUM.REPOS.D Modify the Yum source file suffix to invalidate it mv Centos-base.repo Centos-base.repo.bak

3 Bring the disc Yum into effect

Vim Centos-media.repo


[c7-media]name=centos-$releasever- mediabaseurl=file://media/centos/        File:///media/cdrom/        file://media/cdrecorder/


[c7-media]name=centos-$releasever- mediabaseurl=file://mnt/cdrom#        file:///media/cdrom/#        file://media/cdrecorder/

Add enabled in the back to make it effective


Execute Yum list to search all packages in Yum source

Save, so the local Yum source is built.

If you want to download the package from the server with Yum and change the name back, the Centos-media.repo will be invalidated

Yum command

-y Install package name    option      -y automatically answer yes            -y update package name     -y Remove package name    option: Ditto
    • Server uses minimal installation, what to install, try not to uninstall
    • Because of the installation of dependencies, in fact, the uninstall is also dependent

Yum Software Group Management commands

Yum grouplist lists all available software groups list Yum Groupinstall software group name install specified software group, yum groupremove software group name uninstall specified software group

Yum Linux Software Installation Management

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