ZigBee protocol stack application and Networking (ii): Serial Port Basic Experiment

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The data in the experiment is already done, so I downloaded a brand-new zstack-2.5.1a to do the experiment, follow the steps, found a lot of problems.

The first step is to configure the serial port.

Mt_uartinit in the mt_uart.c ();


BaudRate is set to 115200 (default is 38400), FlowControl is set to false.

The second step, predefined macros.

Mt_uartinit () There is a small


1, 2 lines select different data processing functions according to predefined ztool or Zapp. The rear P1 and P2 are serial 0 and serial 1. We use Ztool, serial 0. We can join in the Compilerpreprocessor place in option--c/c++.


The data also defines a lcd_supported=debug, and instead of compiling it, I delete it.

The third step is to configure the serial port in Sampleapp_init (Uint8 task_id).


Then rebulid all can receive data in the serial port!



I can only debug when I do the experiment, can not be hex file with smartrf Flash programmer download, will show error can ' t open the special hex file.

Reference website: http://e2e.ti.com/support/wireless_connectivity/f/158/t/158205.

If the pre-compilation x is removed, the data sent will appear a garbled, is the Z-stack MT layer definition of the serial send format,



ZigBee protocol stack application and Networking (ii): Serial Port Basic Experiment

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