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September 7 News, according to Taiwan media reports, after 1.5 of cooperation, TSMC finally won the first Zhang Gaoduan server CPU OEM orders, officially into the CPU foundry market.  Sun recently released a new 16 core Rainbow Falls System processor in the US Hot Chips conference, which is mainly driven by TSMC's 40 nm Chengdai, which is expected to yield smoothly next year, becoming one of the main sources of revenue growth for TSMC next year.  TSMC and Sun announced cooperation at the end of last February, Sun will use the former server UltraSPARC processor, commissioned by TSMC to 45/40 nano-generation, future generations of processors will also be sent to TSMC production. Sun Server processor in the past by the German instrument generation, but the German instrument decided to stop the 45/40 NM the following advanced process of their own research and development, with TSMC, UMC, such as Chip on behalf of the factory, Sun decided to be more than the core of the implementation of the UltraSPARC processor, to TSMC to 45/40 nm foundry  After nearly 1.5, TSMC has finally started working on the latest 16 core Rainbow Falls system processor for Sun Foundry, the first of its generation. TSMC expects that the 40 nm yield will reach more than 85% in the next year, helping it to expand its CPU generation and order, so orders such as Sunrainbow Falls and Intel (Atom) single chip are expected to enter the mass production phase as scheduled next year. Because these two processors have high unit price characteristic, also have certain market demand, will become TSMC next year revenue and profit growth main power source. (Liu)
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