Swift uses Alamofire for network requests

Label:Alamofire is an HTTP network library written in Swift, developed by author Mattt of the former popular open source project Afnetworking, and can be used very simply for asynchronous network communication.To get the latest version of Alamofire,

Swift Tour Essay summary (4)

Label:An example of switch: let vegetable = "red pepper"switch vegetable {case "celery": let vegetableComment = "Add some raisins and make ants on a log."case "cucumber", "watercress": let vegetableComment = "That would make a agood tea

A step-by-step teach you to develop Tetris with Swift: No.5 block Party

Tags: Swift game development iOSI really can't think of how to get a good Chinese name, or use the original tutorial name,block Party BarIf you think the previous tutorials are simple, it's time to start making it harder. In Tetris Games, our bodies

Swift starts learning _02 from scratch

Label:Swift the next dayA. DictionaryThe dictionary in Swift does not store arbitrary objects like OC, and the dictionary in Swift needs to define the type of stored key values in advance, can specify the type directly, or let him infer it

A step-by-step teach you to develop Tetris with Swift: no.0

Tags: Swift instructional game developmentSpent a week, in accordance with the swift development Course, a variety of consulting materials, all kinds of Google, finally the Tetris game finished, but also want to write a series of teaching blog,

A step-by-step process to develop Tetris with Swift: No.2 preparation

Tags: Swift iOS game developmentIf you have successfully built the project, after running you will find it is a small plane program, if I remember correctly, this program is Spin-the-bottle:space Edition, but unfortunately, we do not need these

Go Swift Cheat Sheet

Label:Original: http://kpbp.github.io/swiftcheatsheet/A Quick Cheat Sheet and Reference guide for Apple ' s Swift language. This guide intends to cover all the key features of Swift, including Strings, Arrays, dictionaries and Flow Control.Swift is

A step-by-step program to develop Tetris with Swift: the first to build your Swift game project

Tags: Swift game development iOSOriginal address: https://www.bloc.io/tutorials/swiftris-build-your-first-ios-game-with-swift#!/chapters/677Well, we are officially starting our Swift game development!First, you need to create a new project, familiar

Swift uses code for interface jumps

Tags: Swift interface jump1.storyborad draw above, then bind a cocoa interface file, storyboard ID and Restoration ID to fill in the class name2. Thenvar sb =uistoryboard(name: "Main", Bundle:nil)var VC = sb. Instantiateviewcontrollerwithidentifier("

Swift Tips-array Type

Label:in development, we should be familiar with the concept of arrays, OBJECTIVE-C provides us with Nsarray as an array of implementations. Everyone should be familiar with it. In Swift, we are provided with its own implementation of the array, and

One of Core data use (Swift): Save

Label:Core data is used to persist data, which is a technology based on the SQLite database.So how is it implemented in Swift?First, you need to create a new template, open the project in the Xcdatamodeld file, click "Add Entity", this time, the

One of Core data use (Swift): Get

Label:Get the data in entityFunc Fetchfiles () {The first step, get the general agentLet appdelegate = Uiapplication.sharedapplication (). Delegate as AppdelegateStep two, get the object management contextLet Managedcontext =

Swift (2) Ganso (Tuple)

Label:Let Somepoint = (1,1)SwitchSomepoint { Case(0,0)://at the far pointprintln"(0, 0) is at the Origin") Case(_,0)://x is any value, Y is 0, that is, on the x-axisprintln"(\ (somepoint.0), 0) is on the x-axis") Case(0, _)://y is any value, X is 0,

Swift Dynamic Create Prompt box

Label:var alert = Uialertcontroller (title: "", Message: "", PrefferedStyle:UIAlertControllerStyle.Alert)Add buttonLet oneaction = uialertaction (title: "", Style:UIAlertActionStyle.Default) {(action:uialertaction)->void inFetching text Box

Optional values for swift (optional)

Label:About optional Values optionalUnlike Oc,swift, the introduction of a new concept-an optional value-to understand the optional is essential for Swift's learning Concept definition: A type that can have a value or can have no value (nil). In

Swift Local notification, remote notification

Label:Both remote push and local push require a registration notification codeIOS 8 divides the registration of the original one step remotenotification into two parts, one for registering the newly introduced "uiusernotificationsettings", and the

Parsing JSON with Swift

Label:This article is translated from this article and all the code in this article is on GitHub.In this article, I will outline a parsing library that uses Swift to process JSON. A JSON example is as follows: var json: [String:anyobject] = [ "

The TableView of Swift entry

Label:IOS8 is updated, OC will continue but new Swift language, can be used in lieu of OC to write iOS app, this article will use Swift as the writing language, to provide you with step by step tutorial. Each update to the tool iOS needs to update

Adding swift files to the OC Project and implementing mixed programming

Tags: Swift OC Hybrid programmingFor developers who are already working, it is not appropriate or conditional to start with a new Swift project. While the online tutorials on swift and OC mixed programming are much more, but mostly based on the

Swift developed UIButton as a mask for image scaling

Tags: Swift instructional video Swift tutorial Swift computer swift QQ codeMany partners always think that the time to zoom picture is very troublesome, because do not know where to start, especially in the face of the new development language, in

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