Using Core Data in Swift (i)

Tags: des style blog http io color ar os useCoreData is the standard data storage method in Mac and iphone applications. Therefore, it is necessary for us to learn this technique. So what are we going to create? The first is a table view to process

Should I study swift or objective-c directly?

Tags: io os using SP strong on CTI BSAfter we released the Swift language learning course, we received a lot of emails and private messages to ask if we still need to learn C or objective-c. In addition, people seem to be wondering what parts of the

Three ways to convert NSData to a byte array in swift

Tags: style blog http io color ar os for SPRecently doing iOS development requires reading data from a nsdata. However, the relevant document could not be found. Online search also someone asked, I see there are objective-c answers, but basically

"Swift language" optional type

Tags: io using on as C Class Swift language conversionSwift defines suffixes as a shorthand for a named type optional<t> defined in the standard library.Type optional<t> is an enumeration that has two forms, none and some (T), and

Swift uses protocol to implement proxy value-transfer function

Tags: des style blog http io color ar os for1. Brief introduction of functionRootviewcontroller with a lable and a button, click button to jump to the modal form. In the modal form, there is a textfield and a button, input text Click Close Modal

A lesson to be prepared with swift revision of a project

Tags: style sp strong on Code BS size nbsp programmingSwift Benefits:1, concise (not to say that the grammar system concise, but writing)2, the combination of playground, so that the real sense of what you see is the income3, easy to expand (Can

Ways to use OC/C in Swift projects

Tags: io ar using SP file on log BS ADIf there is a OC class Ocviewcontroller:uiviewcontrollerThere are two methods in the classSwift calls to OC or C's mash-up are more commonly used, and in turn few calls are made. This only writes the way Swift

Swift Notes 5

Tags: style color ar for SP BS as app nbspDefinition of the array:var Beijing line Line 10 = ["National Library", "BA Gou"]Beijing Line Line 10. Count//or the length of the arrayIf Beijing line Line 10. IsEmpty {println ("The array is empty");}Add a

Swift Learning--the famous algorithm of Drip--3~

Tags: style sp on BS size algorithm learning UI nbsp? The more famous algorithms havebubble method, greedy heart algorithm, recursive method, iterative method, divide and conquer method, dynamic programming method, Branch and gauge method,

Write a ninja game with Swift and Spritekit

Tags: des blog http io color ar os using forThis article of the game uses Spritekit and swift language to complete.Spritekit is Apple's own game engine that fits the underlying API of the iOS system, but architecture and implementation mimic cocos2d.

Swift Learning-drip--2~storyboard new Viewcontroller

Tags: des http ar os for SP on 2014 issueProblem:Storyboard A new Viewcontroller, the first controller cannot be associated, a black screen is displayed, the console displayFailed to instantiate the default view controller for Uimainstoryboardfile '

Swift Enumeration type

Tags: style blog io color ar sp div on logImport UIKit/** * Enum type*/enumdirection{ Case North CaseSourth CaseEast CaseWest}//is not defaulted to an integer typevarD =direction. EASTD= . WestSwitchd{ Case . North:println (" North") Case .

Swift function Chapter

Tags: style blog color ar use for SP div onA function is a self-contained block of code that performs a specific task. Given a function name identifier, this identity can be used for "invoke" when performing its task.Swift's unified functional

The path to Swift learning

Tags: SwiftImport Foundationprintln ("Hello, world!" )The path to Swift learning

Swift Learning Notes: Value types and reference types!

Tags: blog http io ar using for SP strong dataHelloWorld ChapterValue:There are two types in Swift: The first is a value type , each instance of that type holds a copy of the data, and the copy is unique to each instance, such as struct (struct),

Mutual conversion between NSData and Nsdictionary in Swift

Tags: swift nsdata nsdictionaryOriginal blog, reproduced please indicate the sourceUse the Nskeyedunarchiver class to convert to each other1, nsdictionary turn NSDatavar dictionaryexample: [String:anyobject] = ["User": "UserName", "Pass": "Password",

How to pass the selector parameter in Swift

Tags: Swift selector OBJCObjective-c's @selector is replaced by the selector structure in Swift. In swift, we can use string constants to construct selector, for example:Let Myselector:selector = "Tappedbutton:"Because the string will eventually be

Swift Notes 2

Tags: style io color os ar using SP strong on1. Tuple typesLet cat = (age:4,weight:2,cocle: "Black", beauty:true)if ( {printf ("I will not tell you my kitten has \ (cat.age) years old, weight \ (cat.weight) Jin");}else{printf ("Come and

Swift-5 collection type

Tags: style blog io color ar using for SP data//Playground-noun:a Place where people can playImport Uikitvar str="Hello, playground."//Swift's collection type has only arrays and dictionaries//only data of the same type can be stored in an array

Swift-6 collection type and cocoa touch mixed

Tags: style blog color ar for SP div on log//Playground-noun:a Place where people can playImport Uikitvar str="Hello, playground."//there must be a space between the color and the = signlet colors =[ "Air Force Blue":(Red: the, Green:138, Blue:168

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