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Intelligent agriculture based on internet of Things

Intelligent agriculture based on IoT Hou Baoming Bijiana Shen Zegang WB China is a large agricultural country, and agriculture occupies a pivotal position in our economy. However, the production and management of traditional agriculture is too rough to meet the needs of social development. But the intelligent agriculture to the agricultural Development way transformation has the promotion function, may the rough type agriculture specialized meticulous agriculture. This paper puts forward the construction and management model of intelligent agriculture by means of the internet of things, which can improve agricultural productivity and develop sustainable agriculture with high quality, high yield, low consumption and environmental protection to complete ...

Relevance recommendation based on user behavior analysis

We will find that many sites have the content of the recommended function, not only like the consumer E-commerce class outstanding book recommendations, but also include interest class sites like watercress in watercress guess. This kind of function undoubtedly has the remarkable effect in helping the user discover the demand, promotes the commodity purchase and the service application.   So how do you get this kind of recommendation? In fact, with the site data analysis is not unrelated, we can take a simple look at its principle and implementation. Affiliate recommendations are divided into two categories in marketing: upward marketing (up Marketing): Based on existing customer past consumption ...

Document] Cloudow: A software that is based on user layer virtualization--Service mode running system

Cloudow: A software that is based on user layer virtualization------service mode running system Zhang-hui, Li Yanhua, Zheng. This paper presents a new SaaS model supporting existing Windows desktop software and implements its prototype system Cloudow: Users can run existing Windows software on demand on any networked-compatible computer (no installation is required), and the software's personalization configuration can be retained for recovery in the next use. Cloudow using the user Layer Virtualization Technology solution ...

Constructing HPC based on open standard method

25 years ago, large, expensive, custom supercomputers dominated the HPC server market, and the standards-based cluster architecture began to grow rapidly in the 2002, and in 2009, the standards-based cluster architecture, which accounted for 64% per cent of the 8.6 billion dollar market, became the HPC server market.   According to IDC forecasts, the market based on the standardized cluster structure will exceed 10 billion dollars in 2014 years. As you can see, the HPC cluster architecture is emerging, and change means opportunities as well as challenges, so in this process, the user's demand for HPC occurs ...

Huawei first launches core network strategy based on telecom cloud Platform

Huawei, the world's leading provider of information and communication solutions, recently released the latest core network strategy, in its current unified ATCA platform and the leading telecom-class middleware based on the introduction of advanced "Telecom cloud computing" technology to achieve the core network products and solutions to the telecommunications cloud platform migration, to achieve CT ( Communication Technologies) and it (information Technologies) full integration. Voice core network will also exist for quite a long time, simple voice communication will evolve into more ...

Stencils 2.0.4 publishes C + + based on the Web application library

Stencils a c++++ for developing web-based application libraries. It includes request and response objects, skin-changing template engines, Server API extraction, and load balancing, browser evoking, security, and capturing runaway CGIs. It also includes some useful ">javascripts and images." Templates are the basis of inheritance. Stencils 2.0.4 This version includes minor errors ...

Cornelios V1.5r31 publishes web-based virtual operating system

Cornelios is a server-side, web-based web-based virtual operating system that provides a variety of services to users through HTML and/or XHTML, which means that users can connect and use the operating system only with a normal browser. Very similar to Eyeos. Through this software, can do: 1. Multi-user support, provides a large amount of data time-sharing operation of the program 2. Provide users with a friendly, familiar interface 3. A variety of practical software operating platform 4.http://www.aliyun.c ...

Bitcoin 0.4.0 Publish a web-based anonymous digital currency

Bitcoin 0.4.0 's main feature in this release is the addition of wallet private key encryption. It uses the ">berkeley DB 4.8 version." Bitcoin is a point-to-point (peer-to-peer), network-based, anonymous digital currency. Point to Point (peer-to-peer) means a remittance channel without central authority to control the currency. Instead, ...

Group-office v3.7.6 Publishing Web-based Office suite

Group-office is a web-based office suite with features including "> User management, module management, mail client, File Manager, schedule , project management and 56.html "> Customer relationship Management, etc. Easy to synchronize data with PDFs and Outlook. Download Address: Http://sourcefo ...

THINKSNS v2.0 publishes multi-application SNS system based on micro-blog

Thinksns is based on a number of excellent open source software development, providing a full range of social networking solutions Thinksns from the Office space Project, the Web end is based on the domestic technology-leading thinkphp framework development, in addition to im Zixun/aggregation/5218.html "> Client software. Thinksns are all based on open source projects, but also as open source projects, free of charge for users to use. The project framework has complete documentation ...

A lot of trouble before you travel. "Smart Tour" to help users on the mobile end of the fast planning of travel lines based on personal preference labels

Absrtact: Do itinerary planning this, from the PC to the mobile end, can not be as troublesome as before. Especially in 51, Dragon Boat Festival before the arrival of a small holiday, may be a lot of people are still working squeeze, hardly enough time to check a bunch of raiders, and then based on a lot of information to do itinerary planning this, from the PC to the mobile end, can not be as troublesome as before. Especially in 51, Dragon Boat Festival before the arrival of a small holiday, may be a lot of people are still working squeeze, hardly enough time to look up a bunch of raiders, and then make travel decisions based on a lot of information. So "Smart Tour" (IOS) to the ...

The O2O system in the era of tribal electrical business should be based on the O2O of fans

The O2O system should be based on the O2O of the fans rather than the o2o! of the products. Now the mobile phone has entered the so-called 020 era, the most typical is Wang O2o, he wants to through the offline integration of the customer's aggregation, in turn to increase his shopping volume, through the experience to create his more customer aggregation. Is this right? But I think this way of thinking should still stay in the electricity quotient 1.0 times, or he forgot the entire mobile Electricity Business Foundation, the mobile electricity merchant most important foundation, the life is bigger than the business. So the essence of O2O is not the O2O of the product.

Data processing of wide-area measurement system based on Hadoop

Data processing of wide-area measurement system based on Hadoop Chichiang Julie; Zhang Shilin in order to solve the problem of data redundancy and low processing efficiency in the mass data processing of wide area Measurement system (WAMS), a WAMS data processing cloud computing platform based on Hadoop was designed and implemented. First, the architecture of the platform is given. Secondly, a wams mass data loading method based on Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is designed and the MapReduce model is used to realize multiple file data.

Improvement of PageRank algorithm based on cloud computing

The improvement of PageRank algorithm based on cloud computing Zhengjing A new method is proposed to solve the problem that the PageRank algorithm needs a lot of iterations in the web structure mining. This method improves the calculation formula of the original PageRank value and reduces the number of iterations. Experiments show that the new method reduces the consumption of network communication and access HDFs in the cloud computing environment, and is superior to the traditional PageRank algorithm in time cost. Improvement of PageRank algorithm based on cloud computing

Research and design of mobile cloud system based on 3G

Research and design of mobile cloud system based on 3G Shehan Bright mobile internet and cloud computing brings new opportunities for the development of mobile Internet and also accelerates the landing of cloud computing. In order to extend the function and function of mobile terminals, reflect the advantages of cloud computing, so that users can really benefit from the changes brought about by emerging technologies, proposed a remote control system based on 3G network and Internet, the whole system is based on C/S design mode, the handset client as the main control, PC end as the controlled end, Through the server to establish a connection, processing commands and data, to achieve remote ...

Research of BP neural network genetic algorithm based on MapReduce in nonlinear system identification

The research of BP Neural network genetic algorithm based on MapReduce in nonlinear system identification Chen Chunping Chaya champion Shandandan often encounter complex s nonlinear systems in engineering applications, which are complex and difficult to model accurately by mathematical methods. The three-layer BP neural network can approximate continuous function with arbitrary precision. But the BP network has the disadvantage of falling into the local optimal value, and then the genetic algorithm is added. The traditional training method of the serial BP neural network has great problem when processing the massive data.

Resource scheduling of cloud computing cluster based on improved clonal selection algorithm

Cloud computing cluster resource scheduling based on improved clonal selection algorithm Zhu Lihua Li Chunhua Wu Quanjen in order to realize cluster resource scheduling and resource load balancing under cloud computing environment, a cloud computing cluster resource scheduling method based on clonal selection algorithm is proposed. Firstly, a cloud computing resource scheduling model is defined, which aims at minimizing execution time span and load balancing factor. Based on this, a clonal selection algorithm is proposed to dispatch the cluster resources under the cloud computing environment, and the antibody coding method, antibody and antibody, and the ...

Research on the construction of e-government platform based on cloud computing

Research on the construction of e-government platform based on cloud computing Chang Wang Yujin Cloud Computing is the development of parallel processing, distributed processing and grid computing, which has the advantages of resource sharing resources, business synergy and intelligent reliability, and is beneficial to e-government development. This paper analyzes the role of cloud computing and cloud computing on E-government, and proposes the architecture and main functions of e-government platform based on cloud computing. Research on the construction of e-government platform based on cloud computing

Design and implementation of information system based on cloud computing platform and Sina Weibo

The design and realization of information system based on cloud computing platform and Sina Weibo Ceng this paper focuses on the research of coding, post maintenance and information publishing in the field of information management system. The analysis found that the traditional local development, the autonomous construction of the server, has a huge disadvantage-coding low efficiency and deployment of high hardware costs, while the information exchange is limited to a few administrators. Then put forward the development and deployment model based on cloud computing platform and docking with SNS platform, using the existing tools and services of cloud computing platform to improve the development speed and reduce maintenance costs, ...

A data storage technology of map tile based on NoSQL

A data storage technology of map tile based on NoSQL Chen, Liang, Hao Wen, Juagen, Li Yuxiang, Shu Fangfibenwen Firstly, this paper introduces the origin and development of NoSQL (non relational database), compares the advantages and disadvantages of the relational database, and puts forward the storage strategy of map tile data based on NoSQL. The difference between the MONGO DB and SQL Serv-er 2000 in the storage and concurrent access performance of the NoSQL database products oriented to document is analyzed by experiment. The results show that the Mongo db in the mass space number ...

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