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Rising will invest in Qingdao to build the world's largest cloud security service center

Recently, rising to Qingdao, the plan to invest in Qingdao to build the world's largest "cloud Security Service Center", and increase the "online expert out-patient" service system construction investment.   This is the first time since the March 18 rising personal Software announced a permanent free, new initiatives in the service.   The investigation by the Qingdao Government attaches great importance to the municipal commission of the letter entrusted to communicate with enterprises, the two sides on the Qingdao information Industry investment environment and development planning issues such as full exchange, and the rising express sincere welcome. It is said that ...

Novell joins Windows Azure Certified Cloud Security Service

December 22, 2010, Beijing--Novell announces that it has joined the Microsoft Windows Azure Marvell Adoption Program, through Novell Cloud security Service to address cloud security challenges. Microsoft and Novell will be pre-release, Non-commercial, in-house ... for Novell Cloud Security Service on the Windows Azure platform.

NSFocus establishes cloud security Service industry benchmark through ISO27001 certification

Recently, NSFocus announced NSFocus Cloud security operation services business access to ISO27001 management system certification, which marks the first Green Alliance through the ISO27001 Certified Security Services ("MSS") and security services (referred to as: Secaas) provider. ISO27001 is an international standard of information security management, which is the most authoritative, strictest and widely accepted and applied information security standards in the world at present. Through the ISO27001 certification can show that the organization in the Information security management has established a set of scientific and effective ...

Cloud security can also be "personalized"

Along with cloud computing technology's surging, the cloud security service trend upsurge also began to be hot. Although many security companies take the cloud as a publicity stunt, or seize the market, but the real root cloud security innovation field, the market to do fine, refined, to bring customers cloud value of enterprises, but few. Now, want to turn cloud security into a "simple service" security treasure, by virtue of Wu Hanqing, such as a number of innovative "safety genius", has let many internet enterprises favor, and become a loyal user, and the success of the security Bao is complex and simple, this is: focus, segmentation, so that cloud security can also be "private ...

Blue coat increased investment in webpulse cloud security services

May 19, 2009, Beijing--Blue Coat systems, an application delivery technology leader, announced today that it has established a new data center for Blue coat®webpulse™ Cloud security services in Hong Kong to enhance user performance in the region. The move will also provide more robust application visibility and protection for more than 54 million users worldwide. As new data centers are established, Blue Coat Webfilter, Proxycliend, and K9 Web homeowner users ...

IBM buys cloud Security Service provider Lighthouse

IBM's acquisition of cloud security Service provider Lighthouse Price unknown "techweb report" August 12, IBM announced that it has acquired cloud Security Service provider Lighthouse (Lighthouse Group, LLC). IBM did not disclose details of acquisitions. Lighthouse Security Group (hereinafter referred to as lighthouse) is headquartered in Lincoln City, Rhode Island, Rhode Island, USA.

Bluecoat Increase Webpulse Cloud security Service inputs

Blue Coat Systems has announced a new data center for the blue Coat webpulse Cloud Security Service in Hong Kong to enhance user performance in the region. The move will also provide more robust application visibility and protection for more than 54 million users worldwide. As new data centers are established, users of Blue Coat Webfilter, Proxycliend, and K9 Web homeowner will automatically benefit from a richer, more distributed world, including eight data and content rating centers ...

Sohu Cloud View and safety treasure cooperate to perfect cloud security Service

Recently, Sohu Cloud as a gold sponsor participated in the "GITC Global Internet Technology Conference", officially announced the full opening of the registration, and the synchronous launch of the "1 Yuan Package Plan", in the cloud security, security Bao became Sohu Cloud's first partner, Sohu Cloud users in the use of convenient public cloud PAAs services,   can have more security. Sohu Cloud View is the design and development of Sohu company with language-independent, scalable services to provide flexible public cloud PAAs platform, in addition to providing the core application engine, but also equipped with a wealth of distributed expansion services (including database 、...

Cyren launches Web Cloud security Service

Cyren Websecurity uses powerful cloud architectures to arm service providers and software vendors and bring new business opportunities. Virginia State Maclein February 17, 2014--Cyren (formerly commtouch®, Nasdaq [Weibo] (4244.02, 3.35, 0.08%) code: CTCH) announced today Cyren Websecurity officially put into commercial business, This is the company based on a strong cloud architecture launched the first ...

Choose cloud security services not to despise the three big details

The endpoint security service based on cloud is not mature enough to the enterprise Internal Security Service, how to successfully complete the cloud security service at the present stage when the experience and case are not enough? This is a problem that puzzles a lot of CSO. The so-called win, in addition to their own needs to do a careful consideration, on the other hand, is to understand the supplier's products and services, the two-pronged approach to ensure that the cloud security services this bunker. In the cloud security three major considerations: Deployment, alerts and reports in the article, we have done a preliminary explanation, and this article will further uncover the supplier Endpoint Security services ...

Analyzing the future of SaaS Cloud Security Service development

The SaaS model was the first and most accepted form of cloud computing in, but the 2012 TechTarget China Cloud Security survey showed that the SaaS model (27%) became the least secure cloud computing model in the respondents ' minds. In all of the options for cloud computing services, software as a service (SaaS) provides the lowest level of information insight and control. The resulting SaaS Cloud security market is also growing. McAfee, for example, has dozens of SaaS operations worldwide ...

Exploration of cloud Security service development

Exploration of cloud Security Service industry Senior consultant Tan Yinyi hillstone Cloud security services market exploiting cloud security services The basic cloud Security Service exploration

McAfee: Layout China Cloud security

Following the cooperation with the Chinese branch to launch a dedicated enterprise users and research and development of the enterprise version of antivirus software "Hope Cloud Security", McAfee and Beijing Bao Limingwei Software Technology Co., Ltd. to launch the Cloud security services (Poly SaaS), to provide for mail filtering and Internet management cloud security services. A few days ago, Beijing Bao Limingwei Software Technology Co., Ltd. announced to join hands with McAfee Mutual Treasure Cloud security services (Poly SaaS), will McAfee Security technology (based on mail filtering McAfee SaaS email homeowner and Internet Management MC ...)

Earthlink provides cloud security service packs through channels

Earthlink Inc. (NASDAQ: ELNK) Monday identified three new packaged solutions, including all cloud computing and virtual environments, in the hope of customizing packages that are easier for solution providers to digest.   The Earthlink package provides IT service units for its company's business, including cloud startup units, cloud entry packs, and secure email packages. Cloud startup platform covers institutions that are currently operating or want to invest in VMware virtualization infrastructure. Earthlink Company offers additional VMware virtualization capabilities, E ...

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