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Fedora Linux set up Kickstart installation server

Fedora Linux allows you to install the operating system via the > network connection using the Kickstart server. Faster than using CDs and can be automated. The process is fairly simple: Connect a new server (client) to a preloaded installation file server (installation service side) to the same network. Boot on the client with a dedicated boot CD. Choose the preferred installation method (FT ...).

Set WEP key in Fedora/redhat

The following command will temporarily add your WEP key to your NIC Setup, confirming that there are no colons and any other non-hexadecimal fonts in the font of the key, there should be 10 fonts: & 37954.html ">nbsp;iwconfig eth0 key 967136deac same rule (no colon in 10 fonts and any non-hexadecimal font) is also applied to the Add encryption key ...

Fedora Management XINETD Program

Many Linux network applications do not rely on themselves to provide access restrictions or bindings to specific TCP ports; instead, they often give a large number of such tasks to a suite of programs designed for that purpose; The suite is xinetd. Fedora Linux silently installs xinetd and/etc/xinetd.conf as its primary configuration file. Luckily you don't have to edit this file frequently, so xinetd's daily job is to start and stop xinetd management programs. Control x ...

Fedora Linux configuration software RAID actual steps

Using Fedora Linux To configure RAID requires careful follow some steps. In the example of this tutorial, you will use a system to configure RAID5, whose hard disk is divided into three areas in advance. The partitions used are as follows:/DEV/HDE1/DEV/HDF2/DEV/HDG1 Please make sure that the steps listed below can be adapted to your particular environment. RAID partitions First, you have to delimit two or more partitions, each on a separate disk. If you build RAID 0 or RAID 5, each ...

Use of sudo command in Ubuntu system

If a computer needs to be managed by several people at the same time, it's best not to use the root account. Because if everyone uses the same permissions, it's hard to determine who is and where and what. sudo commands are used to solve this problem. The sudo command allows users defined in the/etc/sudoers configuration file to have temporary permissions to run commands that they cannot run under normal file access permissions. These commands can be either root or other users defined in the/etc/sudoers configuration file ...

Yum Command usage guide: adding, removing, and updating RPM packages

Yum (full name is Yellow dog ">updater, Flushes) is a shell front-end package manager in Fedora and Redhat as well as SuSE and CentOS. Based on the RPM package management, can automatically download the RPM package from the specified server and install, can automatically handle dependency relationship, and install all dependent ...

Construction of Docker Cluster management based on Kubernetes

Before the formal introduction, it is necessary to first understand the kubernetes of several core concepts and their assumed functions. The following is the kubernetes architectural design diagram: 1. Pods in the kubernetes system, the smallest particle of dispatch is not a simple container, but an abstraction into a pod,pod is a minimal deployment unit that can be created, destroyed, dispatched, and managed.   such as a container or a group of containers. 2. Replication controllers ...

11 Linux commands that few people know but are useful

The Linux command line attracts most Linux enthusiasts. A normal Linux user typically has about 50-60 commands to handle daily tasks. Linux commands and their transformations are the most valuable treasures for Linux users, Shell scripting programmers, and administrators.  Few Linux commands are known, but they are handy and useful, whether you're a novice or an advanced user. Little people know about Linux commands the purpose of this article is to introduce some of the less-known Linux commands that are sure to efficiently ...

X509watch 0.5.0 Publish command line Application

X509watch a simple command-line application that can be used to list X.509 certificates, such as SSL certificates, that are about to expire or expire. All certificate lookups are in the default standard PKI directory, but any other directory can be assigned a parameter. Only BASE64-encoded DER and PEM X.509 certificates are supported. X509watch 0.5.0 This published work solves the problem of y2k38 in the old 32-bit system Perl. But excluding the new root CA bundle "" in f ...

About kernel of Ami on EC2

On the EC2, I used the Rightscale ami as the V1 version of Centos5, which has a kernel version of 2.6.16. You can use the following methods to upgrade to 2.6.18. Because Amazon allows you to select the kernel version at startup, Amazon offers the latest kernel version of 2.6.18 (in fact, Rightscale is using Amazon's 2.6.18 kernel), so you can choose to use 2.6.18 kernel startup and then in ...

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