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FortiOS 5.2 Authentication: LDAP authentication for SSL VPN with FortiAuthenticator

This article depicits the way to set up FortiAuthenticator to function as an LDAP server for FortiGate SSL VPN authentication for devices with FortiOS 5.2 and above.

What is LDAP? What is LDAP?

LDAP is the abbreviation for the English Lightweight Directory Access Kyoto, the Lightweight directory accesses protocol. It is a protocol to access the online directory service. What is a directory? The LDAP directory can store various types of data: e-mail addresses, message routing information, human resources data, public keys, contact lists, and so on. The latest version of the LDAP protocol is defined by RFC 4511. It's based on the X.500 standard, but it's much simpler and can be tailored to your needs. Unlike X.500 ...

FortiOS 5.2 VPN: SSL VPN remote browsing with LDAP authentication

This recipe describes how to configure an SSL VPN tunnel using LDAP Authentication on a FortiAuthenticator.

LDAP function library: Ldap_add

Ldap_add adds an LDAP directory entry. Syntax: boolean ldap_add (int handle, string dn, array entry); Return value: Boolean function Type: "> Network system Content Description This function is used to add new entries to the LDAP directory. Parameter hand ...

LDAP function library: Ldap_connect

Ldap_connect Connect to the LDAP server. Syntax: int ldap_connect (string [host ">name], int [port]); Return value: integer function type: Network system content Description This function is used to link to the LDAP server. parameter hostname if omitted, ...

Configure 50x15 installation files with Tdisol

This version of the 50x15 Wizard is not successfully connected, the best way is to configure the 50x15 installation file with the Tdisol, by modifying the configuration file to add LDAP server certificate trust to connect to the LDAP server, and then run the relevant TDI command to import the LDAP user into the Connecgtions database. Of course, if allowed, you can also upgrade 50x15 3.0 to 4 ...

Five major private cloud management products

If you want to create a private cloud, you need to use management software to create a virtual pool of computing resources, provide access to end users, and deal with security, resource allocation, tracking and billing issues. We tested five mainstream private cloud management products: Novell's Cloud Manager,eucalyptus Enterprise Edition, Opennebula,citrix Lab Manager and cloudstack ...

FortiOS 6.0 Authentication: Agent-based FSSO for Windows AD (advanced mode)

In this recipe, you use agent-based Fortinet single sign-on (FSSO) to allow users to login to the network once with their Windows AD credentials and seamlessly access all appropriate network resources.

Open source cloud storage owncloud will launch 5.0 beta release

To provide a free alternative to users, 3 years ago, Frank Karlitschek developed open source version of the file storage, synchronization and sharing software package owncloud. Currently, the package has been officially launched in 4 versions, supporting 42 languages. In addition to the basic functions of Dropbox or, owncloud also supports functions such as contacts, calendars, etc. Now, Owncloud has released a 5.0 beta release, which is expected to be launched in a few weeks ' time. Users can use owncloud to build a ...

OwnCloud foreclosure 5.0 version of the open source cloud storage service

Frank Karlitschek launched the development of the open source version of its file storage, synchronization and shareCloud ownCloud in order to provide a free alternative to users. Until now, the package has been officially released in four versions, supporting a total of 42 languages. And with Dropbox or have the basic functions, ownCloud also supports contacts, calendars and other functions. Recently, ownCloud has released a 5.0 beta, is expected to ...

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