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IDGVC Invest in Everest

IDGVC Invest in Everest.

Walden Investment Kelon

In 1994, Walden invested in Guangdong Kelon.

Cvci Investment in gas investment

In April 2007, Citigroup invested nearly billions of dollars in investment.

Bioveda Investment Extension (USD 10 million)

In December 2006, Ovida led the investment in 10 million U.S. dollars, the company plans to be listed in Shenzhen in 2007.

Jovan invest in the Derby.

Jovan invest in the Derby.

Shenzhen innovation investment in Binhu machinery

Shenzhen innovation investment in Lakeside electromechanical.

Chen Xing invests in mass media

Chen Hing investment in mass media.

IDGVC Investment in Pacific Union

IDGVC invests in Pacific Union.

Chen can invest in hundred letters

Chen can invest in hundred letters.

Saif Investment Lescamps (USD 5 million)

In July 2006, Saif invested 5 million dollars in Lloyds. Lescamps is a semiconductor company located in Shenzhen.

Broadwebasia Invest in the cat


August 2006, Broadwebasia invested in the cat.

BVCC Investment in Novartis Technology

December 1999, BVCC investment in Novartis Technology.

Shenzhen innovation investment is in communication

Shenzhen innovation investment is in communication.

Vertex investment in English technology

Vertex invests in the technology.

Chen can invest in Hui Tong Eddie

Chen can invest in Hui Tong Eddie.

Arryx received DFJ investment (USD 750,000)

In March 2001, Arryx received DFJ 750,000 dollars in investment.

Utstarcom/unitedtechnologies Investment Cellon (USD 1.6 million)

In 2000, UTStarcom and United Technologies invested $1.6 million in Cellon.

TDFVC Investment Netcom

TDFVC invests in China Netcom. received DFJ investment (USD 1.5 million)

In October 2006, received DFJ 1.5 million dollars in investment.

Tileco investment (USD 3 million)

In 2001, Tileco invested 3 million dollars in the baby.

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