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WordPress 3.0 Level Two domain name multi-site mode setting

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall WordPress 3.0 has been released for almost half a month, WP3.0 has a more practical function for us, is his multisite mode. WordPress 3.0 multi-site mode can be a level two domain name form, also can be achieved by the way of the directory. I just got a ... today.

How to optimize your space, so that the space online rate reaches 100%

Intermediary trading ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall do optimization friends know, want to do a good job of website optimization, stable server space is the foundation,   If the space Zooey not open, will inevitably lead to the site is down right, even by K station, so, we all want to find a stable space provider. However, the real can guarantee 100% online rate of space business is there?

WordPress Enable multi-site and sub-station independent domain name binding tutorial

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall for people who seriously do personal site, WordPress's multi-site features WordPress network has brought very good news to everyone. At least build a station group without each station must install a wordpress, theme, Plug-ins and so on. It will not consume much space and server resources ...

Leverage IBM Pureapplication System to achieve business-critical workloads

Pureapplication System provides a flexible platform to run the various application workloads in the cloud "> Infrastructure." This design is designed to enable applications running on the rack to achieve high levels of availability to help eliminate single points of failure. Enterprises that pursue the highest level of flexibility must consider how to run their work negative across multiple systems and geographically dispersed data centers ...

Taking stock of 17 typical business cases

Recently, foreign media recently made a stock count of the failure and revival of the start-up company. Selected 17 typical cases, for aspiring entrepreneurs to provide from corporate finance to entrepreneurial personal feelings to the public relations crisis and other aspects of experience and lessons, it is worth the entrepreneurs to learn from each other, in their own entrepreneurial way to go more smoothly. 1, WPMU Dev WPMU Dev is a has won the jackpot of WordPress plug-in development company, has launched for WordPress, multisite, buddypres ...

Site upgrades are easy to use with Drupal multisite settings

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall maintenance of the site more, upgrade site is a very headache problem, Fortunately, you can use Drupal's multi-site features to easily maintain multiple Web sites.   Now let's show you how to build multiple independent sites with Drupal. Before this forum there is a Drupal in Windows set up multi-site ...

Leverage existing configuration and change management software investments to achieve agility

It is well compatible with the Rational change and configuration management tools that you have used, so teams can leverage their existing investments and minimize additional costs during this transition period. IT software teams, including software-intensive, real-time, and embedded systems teams, can use Ibm®rational®team concert to plan for a fast start transition to an agile process. Good tools support the agile slogan "individuals and interactions are more important than processes and tools." The IT software team uses agile practices to meet deadlines.

17 Entrepreneurial lessons: Keep innovation and stick to it

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall "Sohu It News" August 2 News, foreign media recently made an inventory of the failure and revival of startups, selected 17 typical cases, and provided the experience and lessons from corporate finance to entrepreneurial personal sentiment to public relations crisis. 1, WPMU Dev WPMU Dev is a has won the award of WordPress Plug-in Development company, has launched a ...

IDGVC Investment Internet

IDGVC Investment Network service provider Network Agile.

Network show buys China ground net

In mid-February 2007, the network show millions of Yuan to buy China's network.

Happy Video network issued bonus plan

Panoramic network March 8 "> Video Network (

The chef turned into a network writer

The chef turned into a network writer

Giant network Business composition "Diagram"

Giant Network Business composition

Asia Investment Branch Shield Network

2003, set up Asia investment network.

Techventures/intelvc/Dragontech Second round of investment AU network

August 2003, Techventures, Dragontech, INTELVC again invested in the AU network.

UCI Investment and Access Network

2004, the investment and access network. And the network is a commitment based on the computer network for customer application system development of High-tech enterprises.

Jovan Investment Front Network

Jovan investment front.

CMFVC Investment Hao Yi Network

China Merchants Fu Xin Investment Hao-yi network. Hauyi Network is a data communication network system and product development, sales and service-oriented High-tech companies.

China-OECD Investment Transfer network (USD 2 million)

May 2000, the United States through the 2 million U.S. dollars investment in the network of transfer.

The past, present and future of network virtualization

The past, present and future of network virtualization Wen Tao Hong Hongfang Li Lemin Network virtualization process has been mainly the emergence of 4 types of transition technology: Virtual local Area network (VLAN), Virtual private Network (VPN), Active programmable Network (APN), covering the network. The research of network virtualization now focuses on 3 fields: Cloud computing application, platform implementation, software definition network. It is considered that the future of network virtualization needs to be strengthened in the aspects of performance guarantee, reliability, usability and completeness, so that the future network virtualization needs to optimize its service structure, and to wireless network, optical Network ...

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