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New interpretation of coal dispute: via third fangming Chen bin

Author: Huang Without the development and Reform Commission this mother-in-law's person directs, the electricity coal dispute is solving the new market-oriented equation. "Electric coal from the mouth of a cargo, we will directly cut in, has been escorted to the wharf Nieder, and then responsible for transport to the power plant fuel field." "Old L is relying on Qinhuangdao port for a living professional coal distributors, over the past few months, the old L claimed to have hands over 1 million tons of electric coal intermediary business." "Both power plants and coal mines are more satisfied, after all, the two sides talk about the business, through our blending, we are basically satisfied."  Old L said. Shanxi Coal Trading ...

Try to publish the product and upload the picture via HttpWebRequest to Taobao

Friends opened a Taobao shop, so often to the new products and pictures posted to the shop, and sometimes also need to upload a lot of merchandise. If it's too time-consuming to upload a piece of merchandise, I wonder if I can use WinForm to write a program to send Post/get requests through WebRequest. Because the upload top grade is the ordinary form field information needs to submit, also need to upload pictures, so in writing HttpWebRequest reference this post Http:// ...

Facebook open via phone number contact function

"Sohu It News" November 14, Facebook today opened to all Android and iOS users the "via phone number" feature of Messenger apps. At the end of October, Facebook selected some Android users to try the feature. The goal of Facebook is to make it clear that users don't want to be contacted by text messages to people who only have their phone numbers. Recently, applications such as micro-letters, KakaoTalk, etc. rely on phone numbers to attract ...

Via Wapi,wifi mobile phone breaking ice China

Absrtact: WiFi phone at home finally "conditional" untie ——— This means that you can use a genuine mobile phone at Starbucks free internet access, and no longer worry about the huge data traffic will be a flat your wallet.  WiFi Phones at home finally "conditional" untie ——— which means that you can use a genuine mobile phone at Starbucks free internet access, and no longer worry about the huge data traffic will be a flat your wallet. Yesterday, Motorola officially launched the 3G mobile phone A3100 in China, the first built-in state-owned standard WAPI module and W ifi function. Motorola Mobile Terminal Division Greater China Products ...

Resurgence of erotic games via Hong Kong invaded mainland

Pornography, vulgar content is becoming "rat", was smack. Since November, as many mobile phone pornography sites have been exposed by the media, purification network has become a hot spot.  However, in addition to the mobile Web site has "yellow" episode, other Internet applications have more or less bad content in the policy of playing the edge, and some online games even launched a "naked" sex services. At the end of November, news of a popular adult erotic online game in the mainland caught the attention of journalists, who said that in the game, they could watch sex videos, listen to pornographic broadcasts, and interact falsely ...

"Tower of Eternity" players can track prices on the exchange via iOS devices

(Compiler/Sky White) The NCsoft company recently unveiled an iOS app that allows the "eternal tower" players to track the price of the exchange through iOS devices and keep abreast of market trends, and the merchants of the Tower of Eternity should rejoice. The app, which is priced at 1.99 dollars in the itunes App Store, has 5 features--players can watch the status of their game characters, equip them and get more information, and the app will alert the player when the item is sold.

How to install Ubuntu on a dedicated server via SSH

Warning: As you may have guessed, the approach described here may cause your system to fail to boot and you have to rely on yourself to fix it. Apt Install linux-image-686 This guide explains how to install on a dedicated server via SSH > Ubuntu. I assume that your supplier has provided you with a guide to ...

A graphical interface to a Linux system remotely via a VNC client

It must be understood that vncserver, when invoked, will enable the server-side listening port based on your configuration, with the port default starting from 5900, plus your desktop number. For example, if your desktop number is 1, then VNC's connection port number is 5900+1=5901 For example, your desktop number is 10000, then VNC's connection port number is 5900+10000=15900 ===================================== ===================...

How to use good eucalyptus

Ignacio M. Liorente, from the Opennebula project, recently published an article entitled EUCALYPTUS, Cloudstack, OPENSTACK and opennebula:a tale of NonBlank Models's blog article analyzes the differences between the four cloud management platforms of Eucalyptus, Cloudstack, OpenStack and Opennebula from the perspective of application scenarios. ...

39% smartphone users use the phone when they are in the bathroom

According to foreign media reports, Google's Tuesday report shows that 39% of smartphone users will use smartphones in the bathroom.   * 81% of smartphone users use their mobile phones to surf the web, 77% to search, 68% to use one app, and 48% to watch video on smartphones.   * 72% of people use mobile phones to consume other media, 1/3 of whom watch TV while using their mobile phones.   * 45% of people use mobile phones to help manage and plan activities such as dinner planning, travel arrangements and financial management. * 39%.

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