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VMware launches new enterprise database

Global virtualization and cloud Infrastructure leader VMware (NYSE trading Code: VMW) announced a new database opening and operation solution at VMworld 2011, which aims to bring an enterprise a service model of database and service. As an extension of the VMware Cloud application platform strategy, VMware vfabric Data director will provide it with the ability to control and manage an increasing number of heterogeneous databases through policy-based automation, and through self-service provisioning patterns for developers ...

The application research of the provincial e-government system based on cloud platform architecture

1, cloud base cloud, as an extension of it virtualization and automation, is well-known for more and more people, the advantages of the cloud is very obvious, first of all, can make full use of server computing resources, to allocate storage space, flexible scheduling and high reliability of the application of security and data security, can be obtained at any time, on-demand use,   Free expansion to achieve good scalability, system architecture flexibility greatly enhanced. As a provincial e-government platform, across a number of urban areas, the overall system includes the provincial backbone platform and the corresponding operation group and management group, as well as the city level of the branch center ...

Analysis of the application of provincial e-government system

1, Cloud Foundation Cloud, is being known to more and more people, and by people from all walks of life, as an extension of it virtualization and automation, the advantages of the cloud is very obvious, not only can make full use of server computing resources, reasonable allocation of storage space, but also flexible scheduling and high reliability of the application of security and data security, More importantly, he can also be readily available, on demand, free expansion, to achieve good scalability, so that the flexibility of the system architecture greatly enhanced. As a provincial e-government platform, it is not only in one place to stay, but across multiple ...

Log analysis methods overview How to be simpler and more valuable

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall log is a very broad concept in computer systems, and any program may output logs: Operating system kernel, various application servers, and so on.   The content, size and use of the log are different, it is difficult to generalize. The logs in the log processing method discussed in this article refer only to Web logs. There is no precise definition, which may include, but is not limited to, user access logs generated by various front-end Web servers--apache, LIGHTTPD, Tomcat, and ...

Security challenges in VoIP applications

As IP Voice (VoIP) technology continues to spread across the global telecommunications market, performance improvements, cost reductions, and functional support for service providers, device manufacturers, and end-users make VoIP an attractive thing. With increasing interest in VoIP, the security of voice communications is likely to evolve into a key requirement for VoIP solutions. Packet-based communications are particularly vulnerable to security risks, including packet monitoring of voice "eavesdropping", the use of unpaid service to forge network IDs, and manipulation of data packets.

Send Cloud Enterprise Cloud service platform to solve traditional it delivery mode, help enterprise release productivity

The traditional It delivery model has many problems, whether from the delivery cycle or from planning to experience, there are a lot of difficult to determine the factors, many times because of some subjective or objective reasons cause project lag or miscarriage. Today to recommend the SaaS Pioneer Enterprise called Cloud technology, founder Shipeixin is to see the current enterprise IT delivery pain point, in September 13 began to build the first fully automatic and full self-service enterprise cloud service platform. It can be considered "a platform to subvert the existing enterprise IT delivery model, a community of application experience and software learning, a professional it person ...

Three key points for enterprise data Center Virtualization security Architecture

The Tenkine server channel May 29 message "http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/13883.html" > Virtualization technology is commonly used in the data center, while the virtual platform adds an additional layer of security requirements. When new virtualization technologies are introduced, data centers add new security risks, such as the risk of running multiple virtual machines in an administrative hypervisor. It also has virtual machine mirroring and client operating system security and virtual instances of physical security devices ...

Simplify common cloud operations with the IBM SmartCloud Entry Self-Service Portal

Cloud computing allows computing resources to be used for public utilities (such as water and electricity) and can be measured using instrumentation to track usage and report to service providers and consumers. In addition, cloud computing can track how many resources and utilities each subscriber consumes, so that service providers charge them a reasonable fee. The metering system records resource utilization, such as CPU, memory, data storage usage, and many other related resources consumed by cloud service users. Metering is also the basis for current limits and billing. metering tracking, sorting, and computing resource usage for each subscriber ...

Submit site registration to open Directory DMOZ

Open Directory Project (Open Directory Http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/3022.html ">project, referred to as ODP"), Also known as DMOZ (abbreviated from Directory.Mozilla.org). Its web site is www.dmoz.org. is a multilingual Internet Web site Directory community, according to the fixed directory system Policy open editing, composed of volunteers editor and dimension ...

How to run Tide medical cloud solution

With the continuous development and deepening of health informatization in our country, those health care institutions, especially the primary medical service, have higher pursuit of information construction, but it is not easy to make these basic medical institutions develop normally and rapidly, such as the wide range of business of medical institutions and the complex system architecture, These problems, such as the strength of construction and maintenance, all restrict the development of the informatization of medical institutions in our country, especially the primary medical institutions. Wave Medical Cloud solution how to work wave "medical cloud" is the health Bureau and primary medical institutions to provide a dynamic, flexible data center, ...

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