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Adobe Acrobat 9.0 "PDFMaker cannot find a print driver for Adobe PDF Printer" solution _adobe

"Problem Symptom" After you install Adobe Acrobat perfessional 9.0, two buttons appear on the Office toolbar. Normally, you can click the button to convert the current Office document into a PDF document, as well as the two buttons in the IE toolbar and the right-click menu, which is handy for converting the Web page to PDF files. The problem is: Web pages can be

Adobe Acrobat 9.0 "the printer maker cannot find the print driver for Adobe PDF printer" solution

[Problem symptom]After Adobe Acrobat perfessional 9.0 is installed, two buttons are displayed in the office toolbar. Under normal circumstances, you can click the button to directly convert the current office document to a PDF document. These two buttons are also available in the IE Toolbar and right-click menu to convert the webpage to a PDF file, which is very

How Does Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro modify PDF files in PDF/A mode?

1. Use "Save as" for word 2010 ": 1. pdf/A Mode PDF/A is the ISO standard for long-term preservation of electronic archives(ISO 19005-), also China's national standard (GB/T23286.1-2009 ). PDF/A ensures that the archive file can be correctly presented in the content and format, regardless of the program and platform created by the file. This is often used in some

The printer maker cannot find the print driver for the Adobe PDF printer.

solved the problem and wanted to share it .. Thank you. Problem: The printer maker cannot find the print driver for the Adobe PDF printer. Solution: Reprinted: My version is Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Simplified Chinese Simplified File Size: 128 M Size after installation: 351 M : Thunder: // token = This a

Install PDF Reader Adobe Reader 9.5.5 in Ubuntu

Adobe Reader is the best official free PDF document Reader. Adobe Reader is a PDF document Reader produced by Adobe. It must be the preferred PDF document Reader on the Win platform, however, on the Linux platform, many people may

You can read PDF files without Adobe Reader

A PDF file is a file format that is easy to read online and print on a printer. With its good versatility, regardless of which applications and platforms are used to create the source document, it retains the fonts, images, graphics, and layout settings of any source document, so the PDF document is widely circulated on the Internet, and many e-books are in this format. In the past, we used to read

Let Adobe Reader also annotate PDF documents

I'm afraid very few people know that more than 6.0 of Adobe Reader provides the ability to annotate PDF documents with special permissions, fill out form fields, edit document contents, insert or delete pages, and save. This feature makes sense for users who have little exposure to PDFs or PDFs that don't require too much complex processing, so they don't need to buy ad

[Collection] Adobe software official PDF Help File Download

Adobe Photoshop cs4Http:// Prohibit Replication Adobe Illustrator cs4Http:// Disable Replication Adobe Acrobat 9Acrobat Pro Extended help (printable)Acrobat Pro help (printable)Acrobat standard help (printable) Disable Replay

Adobe (Acrobat) Reader 6.0 and later versions support the ability to add comments, enter bids, and save PDF files with special permissions.

This special permission is "Enable For Commenting and analysis In Adobe Reader", which makes sense For people who have little access to PDF or PDF and do not need too many complex processing tasks, you do not need to purchase a Acrobat of thousands of RMB to fill out a bidding order or add a comment (using piracy is another matter). You can download an

[Q] automatically save PDFs using Adobe PDF virtual printer

When you print with the Map Wizard, select the "Adobe PDF" virtual printer printing (note that "Print to file" is not selected), each sheet will pop up a save dialog box, how to avoid?Find the Adobe PDF printer from hardware and sound devices and printers, control Panel, operating systemRight-click on the

Adobe PDF Printer Installation instructions

Adobe PDF Printer, I believe that you are not familiar with this Adobe PDF printer, the major companies are likely to use the PDF of the dynamic portable file format bar, with the advent of major smartphones, most of the mobile phone support to install readers,

Configure Adobe PDF iFilter 9 for SharePoint 2010

The company's SharePoint 2010 store has a number of PDF files, when clicked on the pdf file only prompted to download and save the file, and often users want to open the file directly to read. For this we need to configure the PDF IFilter 9 support on SharePoint 2010 to achieve the user's needs. First, we need to download PD

Adobe Reader English reset PDF file association action Method Graphic Tutorial

You have a cheap hand, Adobe Reader that was originally installed on your computer, and then installed Adobe Master clollection, which contains Adobe Acrobat Pro. Then the tragedy, the PDF document is completely open, only with the open with Adobe Reader inside the

How to solve the problem of horizontal line or horizontal bar printing djvu files with Adobe PDF

After the djvu file is printed in PDF format, the images on each page are divided into many lines, so that the horizontal line (black) appears when printed with a printer ), you can convert the image to PNG before printing it. Check whether a horizontal line (black) appears. If yes, it may also be printed.The solution is to print the file on another device instead of the Adobe

How Adobe Acrobat merges multiple pictures into one PDF

1, first prepare three pictures, as shown in the picture: 2. Open the Adobe Acrobat software, click "Create PDF" under the "File" menu, and open the "Create PDF" menu as shown in the picture: 3. Under the "Create PDF" menu, click "From multiple Files" to ope

Itextpdf + Adobe Acrobat DC filling template generation PDF Quick Start

Itextpdf + Adobe Acrobat DC filling template generation PDF Quick Start There are many ways to generate PDF, such as using freemarker or using itextpdf. This document uses itextpdf to generate a PDF file 1. Download and install Adobe Acrobat DC Download from http://get.ado

Automatically generate PDF bookmarks (for Adobe Acrobat on Windows only)

Software Prerequisites1, Adobe Acrobat.2, Autobookmark for Adobe Acrobat automatically generated bookmarks plugin (I use this: Autobookmark standard plug-in), download and install.3, Autobookmark the use of documents written in very detailed, let me feel no need to write this blog, the amount or continue to write it.Specific operation1. Use Adobe Acrobat to open

JS to determine if IE and edge install Adobe Reader PDF reader

Internet Explorer and Edge browser must use Adobe Reader PDF reader to open PDF files, and other modern browsers bring their own PDF reader without installation.Determine IE or edge if installed, browse PDF files, if not installed, give the installation software, let him dow

Can not open PDF file solution using Adobe Reader in IE8

Unable to open the PDF in the IE8 browser, you will find that the PDF is not fully loaded and displays only a portion of it. Now that we've opened Adobe Reader, we'll click "Edit---preferences" and then we'll find "Internet---web browser options" and then we'll click the "show PDF in Browser" effect as shown below.

Adobe Acrobat online edition PDF feature great strides forward

Adobe released an online release on MondayCommunityThe website contains a file processor, file storage space, and sharing functions. This product is highly connected to the new flash version of Acrobat 9. The online version of Acrobat is a bold attempt. In the past, the most common brand was the free Acrobat Reader, which can be used to open PDF documents. Now, you can play movies in

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