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Dual video card switching settings for AMD processors and AMD independent graphics platforms

Knowledge Point Analysis: Common "double A platform" models are:G485, Y485, S415, S405, S435, Bxx-45, Gxx-45, Nxx-45 and other models Test Platform:S415 Touch, Cpu:amd a4-5000m (HD 8330); GPU:AMD Radeon 8570M Operation steps: 1, right click on the desktop, select "Configure interchangeable display card"; 2, open AMD CCC, click on "All Applications", where you can individually switch control of a single process video card settings; 3

How to identify AMD genuine boxed processors

The author found that a lot of computer enthusiasts are afraid to buy the CPU is not authentic boxed, in fact, it is generally not the case, but the following to deepen our knowledge of computer hardware, for everyone to briefly introduce how to identify AMD genuine boxed processor? How to identify AMD genuine boxed processors One, seal the mark on the c

AMD Zen Processors vs Top I7

testing, soon, the OEM level will also be in Q3 to get samples, AMD did not disclose the retail channel information, but it is clear that the Zen architecture will cover the desktop, server, notebook and embedded four markets.In the end, a leaked slide shows that the Zen Summit Ridge processor has doubled the theoretical performance of Orochi fx-8350,cinebench R15 compared to today's top-of-the-range standalone products, This means that Zen's perform

AMD to launch ARM processors

As the only two companies active in the manufacture of x86 chips for PCs, AMD shares the Intel in the PC CPU market. In recent years, the company's various declines in the news a lot, but recently, AMD joint vice President and Embedded Solutions Division general Manager Arun Iyengar said AMD will trickle into the arm market river. In a Forbes statement about the

Caixun launched the 6000 series Processors-successfully integrated the centralized and distributed processors.

As a high-end display system, the big screen splicing system is widely used in all walks of life in the society. Each industry has different requirements on the display methods and functions of the big screen, therefore, different image splicing processors are required for the screen display system to meet these different requirements. The processor and splicing screen and control system constitute a big screen display system. The final difference in

Win7 System how multi-core processors turn into single core processors

Win7 System how multi-core processors turn into single core processors 1. Press the "Win+r" key to Exhale and run, enter "msconfig" in operation and press ENTER to open "System Configuration"; 2. Select the Boot tab in the System Configuration window and click on the "Advanced Options" below; 3, in the "Boot Advanced Options" interface Check "processor number", the Drop-down menu to change

Three major battles of passionate transformation reshape amd

comprehensive transformation. We will use leading technologies to create differentiated products to help our customers succeed in a diversified high-growth market. In this way, we will promote the continuous growth of AMD's business and continuously improve profitability ." In the restructuring phase, amd first completed management and cost optimization to ensure that the company has a suitable and efficient business model. This work was completed by

10 Most recommended Desktop processors

If you spend a small amount of money on a PC and you end up with just the text, you're likely to be disappointed. Similarly, if you are going to assemble a gaming PC and save money on the CPU, it may also be a bad decision. Our goal is to use a limited budget to build a best performing PC. Don't worry, there are a lot of CPUs on the market to choose from, from the most popular chipmaker AMD and Intel, which focus on different areas. In addition to t

AMD a12-9800 How about AMD a12-9800 performance test

This one test is the flagship model of the next generation of "Bristoal Ridge" processors: a12-9800. Compared to the previous generation of APU, this generation of AMD CPUs supports ddr4-2400 memory, NMVE protocol SSD, providing greater bandwidth and support for USB 3.1. From the extended functionality to catch up with Intel's mainstream processor. Let's take a look at the CPU performance of the a12-9800.

What about AMD FX-8370? AMD FX-8370 Evaluation

Although AMD's day-to-day task is to zen the momentum, but after all Zen the fastest also have to be the end of the year or the beginning of the IPO. In such a gap, the addition of the upgrade is the pain before the dawn. As a representative of AMD High-performance CPU--FX series, although its historical evaluation has long been conclude, but the market always has a place for the FX series. This year, AMD s

Asynchronous modules define AMD and asynchronous modules amd

Asynchronous modules define AMD and asynchronous modules amd It is called Asynchronous Module Definition, and is defined by Asynchronous components (or modules. AMD is a mechanism in which components and their dependencies can be asynchronously loaded.Define Method define(id?, dependencies?, factory); Component ID The component ID is the unique identifier of a c

Deep understanding of Core 2 processors

this huge forest, Exclusive processor this piece of "Fat pork". Just this year, both giants have reformed their products, introducing the latest architecture of processors, AMD with the AM2 architecture processor as the weapon, but the new architecture of the processor has not revolutionized the performance of the new processor is not improved; instead, Intel's newest core architecture processor, Whether f

AMD specs and how to turn AMD into COMMONJS

Original: has been a lot of controversy between Commonjs and AMD, and both have evolved and converged on the project. Personally, Commonjs is more developer-oriented, and for developers, it requires a clear version and management, less code and more interference, and less configu

What are the advantages of dual-core processors for servers

Server Intel expects that more than 85% of server processors will have dual-or multi-core architectures in 2006. Now the reader to the dual-core technology to solve some of the doubts and problems to be shared. So what exactly is a dual-core processor? To put it simply, a dual-core processor integrates two identical processor cores on a single processor substrate and consolidates two physical processor cores into one kernel. The processor's actual pe

[PY] Do you really understand multicore processors? Understanding Multithreading

the CPU core is not good at, will be performed by other programmable cores integrated on the same chip. It is believed that heterogeneous multi-core architectures that integrate multiple different types of cores will become the mainstream architecture for future processors.From isomorphic to heterogeneous general-purpose processors will be SOC: "At the moment, the graphics chip has a floating-point performance that goes far beyond the processor," sai

Graphics system in "original" Linux environment and AMD R600 graphics Programming (3)--AMD Graphics Introduction

Earlier graphics cards were only used for display, and then 2D acceleration components were added to the graphics card, which were used for the operation of the screen, draw points, draw lines, and so on. With the need of game, three-dimensional simulation and scientific computing visualization, the demand for 3D is gradually increasing, the early drawing work is done by the CPU, to achieve realism and real-time effect, can only draw some simple wireframe model, in the 80 's, Stanford University

Graphics systems in "original" Linux environments and AMD R600 graphics Programming (8)--AMD graphics DRM driver initialization process

The previous blogs have described some of the DRM drivers, graphics card memory management mechanisms, and interrupt mechanisms, and it should be much easier to read the AMD DRM-driven initialization process.Here is an article written by an AMD developer (put it here for the time being, and then add your own view later).Understanding GPUs from the ground upI get asked a lot on learning how to program GPUs.

AMD 870K with what motherboard?

, the use of lock-frequency design, support overclocking, its design power consumption of 95W. Compared to the previous AMD 860K processors (frequency 3.78Ghz, core frequency 4.0ghz,4m two cache, power consumption 95W), AMD 870K processor is only the main frequency to improve the 0.2Ghz, other aspects of the basic unchanged. Because there is no archi

Graphics system in "original" Linux environment and AMD R600 graphics Programming (4)--AMD graphics memory management mechanism

(ret) {fprintf (stderr, "failed to retreive buffer stride:%s\n", Strerror (-ret));Kms_bo_destroy (BO);return NULL;21}ret = Kms_bo_map (bo, virtual);if (ret) {fprintf (stderr, "failed to map buffer:%s\n", Strerror (-ret));Kms_bo_destroy (BO);+ Return NULL;27}return Bo;This code is similar to the code in the kernel, and the reader should be able to understand its meaning based on the function name of the called function. To write a complete program, you can refer to the LIBDRM source code or the

Atomic operations on the x86 Processors

On the Intel type of X86 processors including AMD, increasingly there are more CPU cores or processors running in parallel. In the old days when there was a single processor, the operation: ++ I; Wocould be thread safe because it was one machine instruction on a single processor. These days laptops have numerous CPU Cores so that even single instruction operation

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