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Using Comparator in java to sort complex object collections

Requirement scenario description:You need to sort a Collection in some way. For example, we need to sort a collection of User objects by company and name. The User object is as follows: The code is as follows:Copy code Package com. guoweiwei.

Differences between Comparable and Comparator

Differences between Comparable and Comparator     Both Comparable and Comparator are used to compare and sort elements in a set,Comparable is inside the setSorting of defined methods,Comparator is outside the setSo, to achieve sorting, You need to

Comparable and Comparator in java

Comparable and Comparator in java Comparable and Comparator in java   -Comparable Interface  Interface Definition   public interface Comparable { public int compareTo(T o); }  This interface only contains a compareTO () function,

Java array sorting arrays. sort and comparator Interface Usage

Sometimes you need to sort the elements in the logarithm group. Of course, you can write a proper sorting method by yourself, but since the Java package contains the arrays. Sort sorting methodWhy not use an array with few elements? Sorting an array

Arrays.sort () in Java uses two methods (comparable and comparator interfaces) to sort objects or references

First, describeCustom classes are sorted in a certain way, such as when a person class is ordered from small to large according to age, such as a student class to be ranked from highest to lowest by grade.Here we take two ways, one is to use the

Comparable and comparator in Java

comparable and comparator in Java -comparable interfaceInterface definitionpublicinterface ComparableT> { publicint compareTo(T o); } The interface contains only one CompareTo () function,int CompareTo (object o): Compares the current

Comparison between Java Comparator and Comparable

Comparison between Java Comparator and Comparable 1. How to sort objects by comparison? Java basic types such as int, float, and double can be directly compared and sorted using java. util. Arrays. sort (Object []). How can we compare and sort

JAVA Comparator Interface Sort usage __java

The Java comparator has two classes, namely the comparable interface and the comparator interface. When sorting an array of objects , the comparator works very clearly, first of all, to explain the comparable interface. Let the object that needs to

Ordering of elements within Collection,arrays in Java (Application of Comparable,comparator interface)

In our usual use of collection, it is very often necessary to sort the elements inside. For this sort, there are usually two ways to implement this:1. Create a comparator class to implement the comparator interface, and then apply the sort method

Comparable vs. Comparator

Comparable vs. Comparator Comparable and Comparator are two interfaces provided by Java core APIs. From their names, we can roughly guess that they are used to compare some things in some way. But what are the differences between them? The following

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