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Application of barracuda WEB application firewall in a mobile company

Due to the particularity of the mobile communication industry, a large number of applications provide services based on web sites. Therefore, the mobile company has extremely high requirements on web security protection, not only must it implement

Application of barracuda WEB application firewall in a Power Grid Company

Customer background A Provincial Power Grid Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. and one of the largest provincial power grid companies in China. The power grid company is engaged in power grid investment,

U. S. cellular barracuda Web application and data security implementation case integrated message] U. s. cellular is the eighth largest wireless service provider in the United States. headquartered in Chicago, it operates wireless telephone and data operations services in 25 U.S. states. It has 500 outlets and 1800

Barracuda WEB application firewall data leakage prevention (2)

Compared with normal access, DoSDenial-of-Service, denial of Service (DoS) attacks do not have outstanding features. Therefore, they have always lacked effective protection methods. For websites, apart from common network-layer attacks, they must

Multiple HTML injection vulnerabilities in Barracuda Email Security Service

Release date: 2012-08-02Updated on: Affected Systems:Barracuda Networks Email Security Service 2.0.2Barracuda Networks Email Security ServiceDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 54773

Getting rid of the misunderstanding of Web application firewall--waf Purchasing Essentials

Now, the market exists a large number of true and false Web application firewall products, the user's understanding of it is not clear enough, coupled with the industry's lack of Web application firewall measurement standards, Web application

MySQL 5.5 server variables (2)

Innodb_adaptive_flushing= {ON | OFF}Set whether to allow the MySQL server to dynamically adjust the dirty pages in the InnoDB buffer pool based on the workload. The purpose of dynamically adjusting the write speed is to avoid IO activity spikes. The

MySQL 5.5 server variable details two

Add by Zhj: In the MySQL5.6 of some parameters have been increased, see Education Linux operation and maintenance

Cluster Series 1

I have heard of Windows clusters, which can achieve load balancing and high availability, and I have no restrictions on clusters. Today, Marco gave a brief summary about Linux clusters, so that you can learn more about cluster services in Linux. ----

Web Load Balancing Finishing

Reference: concept of load

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