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Use IBM Bluemix Blockchain service to develop chaincode in Blockchain network

#使用IBM Bluemix Blockchain service in Blockchain network development ChaincodeAuthor: Zhao block Chain (blockchain) technology, the biggest feature is [to centralize management, no Server], all decisions by the majority of participants to reach [consensus] after the decision, the benefit is

The Docker practice tutorial based on IBM Bluemix

Lin Bingwen Evankaka original works. Reprint please specify the source Http:// This article begins with a brief introduction to Docker and IBM Bluemix, and then explains how to configure the operating environment for the Docker containers and mirrors of IBM Bluemix via the Ubuntu14.04 OS. It demonstrates the local operation of mirroring push into

Quickly build and deploy a Java applet based on Bluemix-Weibo impact analyzer

First, prefaceIn recent years IT industry willow, a variety of new concepts such as big data, cloud platform, virtualization, etc., springing up endlessly. And the cloud platform, can be said in recent years to lead the era of the trend of the edge of one of the concept, major manufacturers compete to launch a variety of cloud products, seize the cloud market heights. Recently, IBM, the IT century-old factory, has also launched Bluemix, a cloud platfo

Develop an IBM Bluemix application on Eclipse

Lin Bingwen Evankaka original works. Reprint please specify the source Http:// This article explains how to use the install ECLIPSEIBM Bluemix plugin. and develop applications on Eclipse to be published in real time to the personal Bluemix Center.bluxmix Account registration:

IBM bluemix first Knowledge

Today, when I browsed it news, I happened to find IBM bluemix, a cloud platform-based PAAs platform. What is IBM bluemix? What features does it provide to us? The following is an introduction to bluemix:What is bluemix? IBM bluemix is an open-standards, cloud-based platform for building, managing, and running apps of

IBM Blockchain blockchain Open source project Hyperledger/fabric first experience __ Blockchain

1. Configure the application demo marbles of the Blockchain project developed by IBM to Bluemix Marbles's access address is, click the Deploy to Bluemix button and the app will be deployed automatically. BlueMix is the latest cloud

IBM Bluemix Cloud Computing Conference

after many invitations from IBM, today finally took the time to learn a bit, surprisingly many people, it seems that everyone is very concerned about IBM technology. Overall, IBM's Bluemix is actually a set of open source solutions for big data, and Bluemix is a hodgepodge of open source. Although IBM spent a lot of time demonstrating its technical advantages throughout the morning, while open source was a

Deep understanding of Blockchain six: Bitcoin blockchain __ Blockchain

Blockchain Introduction A blockchain is a data structure that is logically linked from the back to the block that contains the transaction information. It can be stored as flat file, which contains files with no relative relational records, or stored in a simple database. Bitcoin core clients use Google's LEVELDB database to store blockchain metadata. Chunks are

Bluemix Deployment (ii) building a kubernetes work environment

This article is connected to the previous article. Build the Kubernetes container in Bluemix.1. Create a clusterThe top left corner of the three horizontal, select the container, and then create the cluster.Note area, free version, give a name, create a cluster bar.Continue to be deployed, this may take 15-30 minutes, I am not sure, in order to give you a tutorial, I deleted my original.The following prerequisites install the tool according to the pro

Using IBM Bluemix-watson API to realize voice human-computer Interaction _api

(P.get_sample_size (FORMAT)) wf.setframerate (RATE) wf.writeframes (b ". Join (frames)) wf.close () API for Speech to text service of Watson API on Bluemix Def speech2text ():Speech_to_text = SpeechToTextV1 (Username= ' e008b1d6-6776-48aa-a107-e357e5396653 ',Password= ' Shhxdf3fkznv ',X_watson_learning_opt_out=false) # Print (Json.dumps (Speech_to_text.models (), indent=2)) # Print (Json.dumps speech_to_text.get_model (' En-us_ Broadbandmodel '), in

The IBM Bluemix trial expires after the binding credit card continues to be free to use

Many of the recent trial partners should find that their IBM Bluemix trial has expired, that the apps they created are stopped, and that they can't access them;Mine, too, has been asked to confirm your free account after login;Select the country or address where the billing address is located, then click "Add Credit Card";Enter billing address information;Phone number on the phone will be able to write, also not +86;Check "I have read and agree to IBM

Blockchain development topics (how Bitcoin networks are structured) __ Blockchain

Blockchain Enthusiast (qq:53016353) The blockchain uses an Internet-based (Internet)-on-Peer (peer-to-peer) network architecture. Peer to peer refers to each computer located in the same network is equal to each other, each node provides network services together, there is no "special" node. Each network node is connected with a "flat (flat)" topology. There is no service-side (server), centralized service,

Blockchain Academy (first lesson): Blockchain intro + smart contract +solidity__ Blockchain

block Chain Intro What the blockchain really is. Blockchain (English: Blockchain) is a distributed database, originated from Bitcoin, Blockchain is a series of cryptographic methods associated with the generated data block, each block contains a number of Bitcoin network transactions information, to verify the validi

Blockchain typical application and technology innovation-4th Blockchain Technology developer Salon Saturday about __ Blockchain

Before and after the Spring Festival, the blockchain again blew our circle of friends: Three o'clock the continued force of the group, Venezuela's oil currency issued, "in the Cong" suddenly appeared, the price of the encryption currency fluctuations ... Now the streets are talking about blockchain, and our blockchain technology salon has been in this atmosphere

Bluemix and Business Intelligence Bi (opening: preface)

ObjectiveWisdom Medical English abbreviation WIT120, is the recent rise of the exclusive medical terminology, through the creation of health records regional medical information platform, the use of the most advanced internet of things technology, to achieve patient and medical personnel, medical institutions, medical equipment, the interaction between patients and gradually achieve information.In this process, the data generated by medical equipment will be very large, we commonly include blood

Building a Django environment using the IBM Bluemix container

Building a Django environment using the IBM Bluemix container Create a user First you need to create a user on the IBM bluemixTo create a successful user, you can access the IBM Bluemix Dashboard Install cloudfoundry command line tool You can download the installation package from the link belowHttps://

BDTC 2017 | Academic, industry, monetary expert talk about coordination blockchain status and future __ Blockchain

December 9 Afternoon of the BDTC 2017 blockchain and database sub-forum, from East China Normal University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, fun chain, people's College, People's Insurance, Microsoft, a number of experts, from the academic, industry, currency and other perspectives, together to explore the blockchain technology, industry status and development. Here is a selection of highlights: Five faces of t

Blockchain cross-linking technology introduction full version __ Blockchain

If the consensus mechanism is the core of the soul of the blockchain, then for the blockchain, especially the alliance chain and private chain, cross-linking technology is the key to realize the value network, it is to save the alliance chain from the separate isolated islands to rescue the medicine, is the blockchain outward expansion and connection of the bridg

Blockchain technology Principles __ Blockchain

what the blockchain is. "Blockchain" technology was originally designed by an alias Satoshi for Bitcoin (a digital currency) and a special database technology, it is based on the cryptographic Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) to achieve the central to the design of the peer system. But the role of the blockchain is not confined to Bitcoin alon

You want to do blockchain? Instructors help you understand the blockchain business logic better! Let's enroll in the EMBA International Executive class study now ~

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. " there is a particularly regrettable choice to call "Ah, they have reported to the international President of the Workshop, I do not have time to go?" ” Old board, decisive Point, right now! " As the most popular course for the Executive class. The top elite students in finance, insurance, securities, Internet of things, communications, industry and other industries join the

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