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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence book list

Tags: bio cas lis own font rod Artificial Wisdom Video Course completedAuthor | Wang TianyiSOURCE | Geek Time column "Artificial Intelligence Basic Course"Doctor of Engineering, associate professor of AI Collection book, with the text attached to

"Andriod to take you to Android" List of performance optimizations--Take the "Jane book" app as an example

Label: These days idle bored, on the phone on the developer mode inside the "GPU over-drawing" function, to see what other apps do, and then accidentally opened the "Jane Book", and then it was stunned by its excessive drawing, so wrote

Linux kernel modules

Label: A simple drive The use of the module can make the Linux kernel easy to crop, according to different application needs to get a minimum kernel, while debugging kernel driver is also more convenient, such as if the debug i²c

Read the book "Object-oriented sunflower Treasure" Reading notes-object-oriented techniques

Tags: object-oriented"Object-oriented Sunflower Treasure Book" is a netizen love technology of a technical column of the article, I read by article, the biggest feeling is that the object-oriented programming series is genuine from the technical

software modules and Domain concepts

Tags: software modularityTechnically we often emphasize modularity, component, but can really achieve the software modularity, need to have a certain degree of understanding in the business area to achieve.We may have specialized training modules

20135302 Wei Quiet--book 17th study notes

Label:17th Chapter module and Equipment Device type: The classification used in all Unix systems in order to unify the operation of a common device. Module: a mechanism for loading and unloading target codes on demand in the Linux

(turn) My management practice---"Person piece" book

Label:Original address: in frontI heard that "man piece" was a long time ago, but has not read. Mainly by the "People's Month myth" Influence---"People's Month myth" has been regarded as a

General processing of tabular data for dry--excel and common python modules.

Tags: wps hang name xlrd FST ext has a WWW articleWrite in front:The main purpose of this article is to: This paper introduces the common Excel processing modules used in Python: xlwt,xlrd,xllutils,openpyxl,pywin32 usage and application

tutorial on installing and using extension modules on PostgreSQL _ database other

Installing modules Note: My operating environment is Ubuntu 10.04 and PostgreSQL 8.4. First install the Postgresql-contrib package and restart the database server, and then check the contrib directory to see if there are any available modules:

Implementing Kernel driver Modules

Label:Examples are from the "Android system source code scenario analysis," the second chapter copied, in the course of learning still encountered a lot of problems.Personal experience: Before learning the second chapter should be the "Linux device

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