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The cause analysis and countermeasure of the bug can't reproduce

Label:Summary: This article briefly analyzes the possible causes of a Bug that cannot be reproduced, including inconsistent environments, lack of the most accurate descriptions, and inappropriate browser settings. In view of these reasons, this

Bug Management Those things _20160910

Label:1, the origin of the bugWorm crawling into the mainframe caused a short circuit of the relay, causing the machine to malfunction. The real flaw is: the host cooling hole less installed block of wire, so as to prevent insects crawling to the

What is--bug software testing

Tags: bug software test Management debugfirst, what is a bugPeople who have learned programming have heard the word "bug", but what exactly does a bug mean? System defects? error? Or a loophole? But know the point of English will say, the bug is the

Database bug caused by high concurrency pressure

Label: Environment information: Linux 6.1 + oracle11.2.0.3 RAC  problem Phenomenon:School Night 6 o'clock elective course, the number of people about 3000, 7 o'clock, the database error is as follows (database to 6 points or can be

"Java Bug mode" Reading notes

Tags: java bug modebug patterns are recurring correlations between bugs that have occurred in a program and potential bugs. With this knowledge of patterns and bug phenomena, programmers can quickly identify new bugs and prevent them from happening.

"Software analysis and Mining" Boat:an experimental Platform for researchers to comparatively and reproducibly Evaluate Bug Localization Techni Ques

Label: Summary: There are many bug targeting techniques, but because they are based on different datasets, and some datasets are not public , and even some techniques are only applied to small datasets and are not universal , it is not

Microsoft Bug Management

  From: Microsoft Cai A. Team Organization 1. Frequently asked Questions no one wants to do tests and feel that they can't afford it. Testers developers do not follow the specifications, the project manager hands, Fen persisting 2. Microsoft Te

Project management Practice "Four" bug Tracking Management "bug Trace and Management"

Label:First of all, to everyone say sorry, this article delayed so long to meet with you.As for the bug tracking and management of the need and benefits, I do not say here, the following describes several bug tracking and management software.First,

Modification of a bug about C # XML serialization

Tags: blog http ar io os for on file dataOriginal: Modification of a bug about C # XML serializationModification of a bug about C # XML serializationIn my previous blog, I mentioned the use of XML serialization as a database scheme, @ Take the pen

Alpha Version Release of Teamwork:appendix 1 BUG BASH

Tags: android blog http io os using SP data onDuring the week-long release week, we perfected the final details of the app itself, the functional code was in place, the UI was constantly improving and optimized, and the team had a bug check of the

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