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Samsung Galaxy S5 g9008w How do I set up a call blacklist? S5 Call blacklist Setup Tutorial

1. Now we are looking for a mobile phone directly "application" into it.2. Then we find the "Set" button to enter.3. Then we found the "Call/info block" on the screen to open into OH. 4. Then you will see that there is a "call block" (next to the word "off") and now we're going to open it. 5. When we enter, we then click on "Block registered numbers only" as shown in the figure 6. The

How to blacklist Meizu mx4 mobile phones? Meizu mx4 call blacklist settings

----law One The first step, we click on the max4 phone interface, and then click "Three points" to enter after we find "settings", and then we find "caller filter." The second step, here will see a "User blacklist", after entering we will see the blacklist users, if you want to add a new we click "+" to copy the number in and save it. --Law II Also open the

Apple iOS7 how to call to prevent harassment iOS7 call blacklist

Start, do not Disturb mode will appear in the top of the status bar in the Moon icon, and calls and SMS messages will be set to mute. The 3rd step: Set time can set a time period, if the Do Not Disturb mode, will be in this time the call to mute, and in this period of time outside the call will not mute. 4th step: do not disturb the mode of allowing these people to

iphone5s/5c How to call to prevent harassment call blacklist

Do Not Disturb mode method/step 1th step: In the iOS7, we found the "Settings" icon 2nd step: Then find "Do Not Disturb mode" and then open the Do Not Disturb mode 3rd step: In Do Not Disturb mode we can set up specific to prevent interference specific time point, set up after this time point of the phone will automatically filter out OH. 4th step: The electric harassment inside can choose anyone, each person, personal collection. There are also groups within the group that have the

Trainer sub-project (4) security guard-blacklist interception using content providers to delete call records and provider call records

Trainer sub-project (4) security guard-blacklist interception using content providers to delete call records and provider call recordsIn the previous section, we talked about deleting a call record, but a bug is that it will first appear in the call record, and then disappea

Iphone6 Plus quick to add a call blacklist tutorial

Step 1: Let's take a recent call to set the blacklist as an example, we click on all calls to the right of the exclamation point to enter. Step 2: After entering, we will see a "Block this caller number" and then we click on it to open, as shown in the following figure Step 3: OK then click "Block Contact" in the pop-up confirmation box. Note: All blac

service-blacklist call automatically hangs up

This is just a learning routine, and many features need to be perfectedAllow users to dynamically load phone address Book phone number, tick some number as the blacklist, once some number is blacklisted, when the number automatically hang up the numberAndroid does not publicly hang up the phone API, if you need to hang up the phone, you must use Aidl to communicate with the telephone Management Service, and invoke the API in the service to achieve end

iphone5s/iphone5c How to screen phone call blacklist

First step, screen phone number 1 We first go to the iphone's "phone"-"Recent call" click on the call to blacklist, click the "Details" icon, as shown in the picture 2. Then we will see at the bottom of "block this caller number"-"block contact", so this number is blacklisted, if we want to cancel we just click "Unblock this caller number", as shown in the pi

How to set the call blacklist for Samsung A5 (A5000) mobile phones

1. We enter the "app" on the phone to click on it as shown in the following figure.2. Then click the "Set" button in the application interface to open the entry. 3. Then click the "Call/Info block" option and the menu opens. 4. Then click on the "Call blocking" menu in call/message blocking to open the entry. 5. Then click "Block register

Samsung ON5 How to set call Rejection (blacklist)? (G5500)

Blacklist function is just the other side of the phone plus blacklist will not be deleted in the communication record at the same time the other side of the message you can also receive Oh, the specific call blacklist settings are as follows. . Under the Standby page, click "Phone".2. Click "More".3. Click "Set".4. Cl

Iphone5/5s call blacklist how to set (IOS7)

iOS7 blacklist settings are very convenient, as long as you can find the target phone, you can set it to reject calls. If the target phone is no longer logged, you can manually add it as a contact, and then set the other side into the blacklist.IOS7 set up the caller blacklist method:1. Open the phone's "call record", here will show all the caller contact, click

Android Development blacklist call automatically hangs up

This example allows users to dynamically add numbers to the blacklist, and implement the blacklist calls automatically hang up. The program implements this function by creating a Phonestatelistener listener to listen for Telephonymanager call status.Since Android 10 is no longer publicly hung up on the phone API, if you need to hang up the phone must use Aidl to

Samsung G3818 set up a call blacklist of graphics and text detailed

1. This phone is a Android4.2 system, we click on the "Application" inside. 2. Click on "Settings" to find the following figure below. 3. Then we click on "My Device"-"Call/Information block" in the setup to set up. 4. Then we click on the "Voice Call block List" in the image below. 5. Click on "+" as shown in the figure below. 6. You can enter the phone number

How to set the A5009 call blacklist for Samsung A5009

This function can be set in mobile phone calls. If you have set up all the numbers in the blacklist to call you, the system will automatically intercept them and the other party will prompt that they are on the call.1. Click the application button in your A5009 mobile phone to go to the settings page and find the call/

Samsung S6 Edge How to set up a call blacklist? (G9250)

1. In Samsung S6 Edge System Desktop Click "Application" and then open access. 2. Into the desktop application management interface, we click on the "Set" icon. 3, then click the "Call and information blocking" option under the setting, and click Enter. 4. Click on the "Call block" option, the following default is off. 5. Now we click on "block only added numbers".

Introduction to the function of call-to-call bounce screen software

blacklist, the number will be called again after the system automatically intercept hang-off. The specific blacklist operation is: In the call record to find the harassment call, and then the right mouse button select "Call Filter", so that the number added to the

Call call module knowledge point

call information to the callhistory call record when you stop the call; C. How to interact with the setting module, such as blacklist and call transfer; D. how to interact with the profile scene mode; E. How to Set personalized headers and ringtones for contacts; 14. What i

Android Project Call Butler (5)-----Add monitoring Service

Above four, has implemented the interface design, blacklist (whitelist add and delete with blacklist same, no longer repeat), enable monitoring switch, Timer intercept switch, and interception mode selection function, the following will realize the most core function of call Butler, that is, interception function.Main ideas :1. Set up the interception mode, there

Iphone6 iOS8 call attribution to a key dial-up use tutorial

I. The place of the caller's ownership We have been waiting a long time for the call tracking attribution. Mom doesn't have to worry about me escaping! Second, the caller big head This feature was inexplicably discarded in iOS 7, but it was "wrong here" at the urging of our people, and it came back in iOS 8. The operation method is very simple, in the contact editor chooses the editor Avatar, chooses you to need the

Working experience: The Java system records the call log and logs the error stack

*@paramValue ID*/ Public Static voidSetidstringthreadlocalvalue (String value) {Id_string_thread_local.set (value); } /*** Remove current local thread variable from current thread*/ Public Static voidremovestringthreadlocal () {id_string_thread_local.remove (); }}Interception device PackageCom.yule.common.interceptor;;ImportCom.yule.manage.interfacelog.entity.InterfaceLog;ImportCom.yule.manage.interfacelog.entity.InterfaceLogHolder;

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