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About OLE DB

OLE DB is a strategic, low-level application interface for Microsoft that leads to different data sources. OLE DB includes not only the Structured Query Language (SQL) capability of the Microsoft-funded standard data Interface Open Database

Embedded Database System Berkeley DB

As an embedded database system with a long history, berkeleydb is mainly used in Unix/Linux operating systems. Its design philosophy is simple, compact, reliable, and high-performance. This article is an entry-level guide for DB development. It

ABAP: About implicit vs. explicit db Commit

Transferred from Http://[email protected]/blog/static/1394892972011611111559962/#userconsent #1. Explicit DB CommitThe explicit DB commit does not have a corresponding ABAP statement to execute the DB commit, which is done by the usual

Summary of zendframework database operations (DB operations)

(1) The data query summary fetchRow () method returns a row. whether to return the relevant array or use setFetchMode () to determine whether fetchCol () to return the first fetchOne () to return the first row, the first column. Returns the relevant

Encapsulate your own DB Class (PHP), encapsulate the db Class php_PHP tutorial

Encapsulate your own DB Class (PHP) and db Class php. Encapsulate your own DB Class (PHP). encapsulate db Class php to encapsulate a DB class for special database operations. any operations on the database in the future will be implemented by DB

Encapsulate your own DB Class (PHP), Encapsulate DB Class php_php tutorial

Encapsulate your own DB Class (PHP), Encapsulate DB class PHP encapsulates a DB class, which is used to operate the database specifically, and subsequent operations on the database are implemented by the DB Class object. This has its own DB class,

Berkeley DB Basic Tutorial

I. Introduction to Berkeley DB(1) Berkeley DB is an embedded database that is suitable for managing massive, simple data. If Google uses it to save account information, Heritrix uses it to save Froniter.(2) Key/value is the basis on which Berkeley

Oracle stored procedures that return recordsets using OLE DB and ADO calls

Abstract OLE DB is an open specification built on the success of ODBC, which provides an open standard for accessing and manipulating different types of data. ADO is a consumer of old db that provides access to OLE DB data sources at the application

Writing database applications using OLE DB

Using OLE DB 5. 1 overview The presence of OLE DB provides a unified way for users to access all different kinds of data sources. OLE DB can be converted in a different data source. With Ole DB, a client developer needs to focus on a few details

Implementation principle of DB database horizontal segmentation-Database Sharding, table sharding, master/slave, cluster _ MySQL

Implementation principle of DB database horizontal segmentation-Database Sharding, table sharding, master/slave, cluster, and server load balancer Chapter 2 Introduction With the popularization of Internet applications, the storage and

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