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4 Principles and 5 tips for writing efficient jquery code _jquery

The principles of jquery writing: First, do not overdo the use of jquery 1. jquery is faster than the native JavaScript method, and the created jquery object contains a huge amount of information. So there are occasions where native methods can be

Jquery-translator calls Google translation examples and source code]

Last time I introduced a basic article about regular expressions, "Learning Regular Expressions easily". This article introduces jquery's Google translation plug-in jquery-translator, hoping to help you. Preface This article is about jquery's call

Jquery+ztree loading a tree-shaped structure menu

Jquery+ztree loading a tree-shaped structure menuBecause the project needs to design the function of the tree menu, after some churn, finally to get out, so it is written down, is also a summary of learning ztree it.Introduction of Ztree:1, Ztree is

Jquery+ztree loading a tree-shaped structure menu

Because the project needs to design a tree menu function, so Baidu to find relevant information, found ztree aspects of the material, feel very good, and Ztree official API documents, introduced very detailed, after a churn, finally to get out, so

jquery controls the case of text.

In the previous essay, Xiao Ying shared the Text-transform property control text with the CSS, the case of small ying to share a section with jquery to control the size of the text, because Xiao Ying has not written jquery for a long time, if there

Description of text-related styles and the question of how jQuery calculates the height and width of objects _ jquery

WEB development is often used to solve the problems related to this Article. Here, we will summarize the usage and solve the problem of jQuery's object height, next, let's take a look at some of the issues related to document processing in WEB

Jquery Plugin Development Notes Collation _jquery

Have to write an article of their own, has been the future memory! First post the plugin code, inside the comment Copy Code code as follows: (function ($) { Extended $.fn.extend ({ Plug-in name Height:function (options) {

Text-related styles and jquery ask for the high width of the object are explained _jquery

Web development is often used to deal with the issues related to the text, here combined with the use of the situation summed up, as well as jquery to ask the height of the problem, respectively, described as follows: The style of text in CSS 1,

Brand new chain operations

This is a problem encountered by every framework, whether to implement chained call using prototype extension or to bind methods to an object. If prototype extensions are used, it means they are at odds with all other frameworks that take this path,

Fourth Chapter Language Module

1. Extension and repair of stringsLanguage scripts are particularly concerned with strings, and there are three main types of methods:First Class: Tag-independent implementations :

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