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Modify the order of registering areas in MVC and control the operations of areas.

I. Preface First, someone has to ask, why should we change the registration order of areas? When you use areas, an identifier is usually added to the front, for example, admin/{controller}/{action}/{ID} The registration of areas is earlier than the default website (that is, the website not in the areas folder) However

Why are ospf non-backbone areas connected to backbone areas?

Why are ospf non-backbone areas connected to backbone areas?My colleague left the job the other day and asked questions during the interview. Why does one of the ospf non-backbone areas have to be connected to the backbone areas. This problem is quite classic and involves ospf loops. In ospf, lsa is identified by LS ty

Areas in the "MVC5" (areas)

MVC itself advocates separation of concerns. But when the business logic of the project itself is complex enough, if all the business logic is written under the Controller folder, you will see a very large variety of named controllers, this time the role of the region is very obvious, the different modules through the region to distinguish, simple and clear.To add a zone:The new MVC project is no region. Click on the Add zone, right side of the project, enter a region name.. NET automatically ad

Memory is divided into five areas, memory is divided into five areas

Memory is divided into five areas, memory is divided into five areasI. prerequisites-program memory allocationThe memory occupied by a C/C ++ compiled program is divided into the following parts:1. stack: the stack zone is automatically allocated and released by the compiler, and stores function parameter values and local variable values. ItsThe operation method is similar to the stack in the data structure.2. heap-usually assigned and released by the

The sixth day of Mobile Mall, using the GridView to implement the recommended areas and hot areas

());}}/*** recommended Viewholder */classrecommendviewholderextendsnbsP recyclerview.viewholder{textviewtv_more_remommend; Gridviewgv_commend;publicrecommendviewholder (finalContext context,viewinflate) {super (inflate); tv_more_remommend= (TextView) inflate.findviewbyid (r.id.tv _more_remommend);gv_commend= (GridView) Inflate.findviewbyid (r.id.gv_commend); gv_ Commend.setonitemclicklistener (Newadapterview.onitemclicklistener () { @Override publicvoidonitemclick (AdapterviewThird, the Grid

ASP. NET MVC 2.0-1. Creation and execution of areas

Transferred from: http://www.cnblogs.com/terrysun/archive/2010/04/13/1711218.htmlASP. NET MVC 2.0-1. Creation and execution of areasAreas is one of the many new features introduced in the ASP. 2.0 release, which can help you divide a larger Web project into several components, area. The ability to implement area can have two organizational forms: Create a areas in 1 ASP. 2.0 project. Create multiple ASP. 2.0 project, each project is an ar

JS events Bubble and click Other areas to hide pop-up layers

First, prefaceWhen writing a page, we often use the pop-up layer. For the pop-up layer, the original meaning is to increase the user's interaction, enhance the user's goodwill degree. If the pop-up layer does not have a better experience, then how to talk through interaction to enhance the goodwill ...First, several pop-up layers are noted: The interface of the pop-up layer needs to be unified, the inconsistent pop-up layer does not add aesthetics, and the page layout becomes more clutt

ASP. NET MVC and areas simple control routing

"Index",//Route name4 "{controller}/{action}",5 New{controller ="Index", action ="Index", id =urlparameter.optional},6 New string[] {"snscwan.controllers" }7);There are notes that everyone should understand, where new string[] { "snscwan.controllers" } Snscwan is the name of the current site, this first note.1 ///Paystepindex2 routes. MapRoute (3 "Paystepindex",//Route name4 "{controller}/{acti

HTML uses the map and area properties to create image links and create clickable image hot areas __html

You can position a few points on a picture and then create a clickable hot spot to form a clickable area, which is often used on some shopping sites, very simple and very useful: First, you will want to display the picture, using HTML tags to display it in the page, the code is simple, do not explain too much. But here's a key, less commonly used attribute, which is usemap, which specifies the map you want to select, and which map to use to show the links. The sample code is as follows:

[Linux] Create and enable swap swap areas

. Using Mkswap format file as swap file system 12 Mkswap-f/swap#-f using files as swap swap areas 3. Enable the swap file you just created 1 Swapon/swap 4. If necessary, you can set up auto-enable swap file swap area, modify/etc/fstab, add one line 1 /swap swap swap defaults 0 0 #启动即启用swap 5. If you do not need to enable swap or need to adjust swap size, yo

Parsing text boxes and text areas in Java graphical programming _java

In the graphical interface, text boxes and text areas are components used for information input and output.text Box A text box (JTextField) is a box in the interface that you use to enter and output one line of text. The JTextField class is used to create text boxes. The interface associated with the text box is ActionListener. The basic contents of the text box handler are as follows: Declares a text box name. Creates a text box object.

What areas of social media marketing can be outsourced

things? Is that convincing? 7. One of the great benefits of social media is communication-if a person is desperately trying to look like a niche, your company will not have all the benefits of social media exchange. Will you invite an actor to attend the trade show? 8. Ask a freelancer to communicate for you may endanger the brand-at the critical moment, will your subcontractor be reliable in speaking? What areas of social media marketing can be o

Ways to print noncontiguous areas in Excel

In the office when you encounter a large Excel worksheet, but you need to print some discontinuous areas of the dongdong. In fact, we can use the "face manager" to solve the discontinuous areas of easy to print. Oh, good, try it quickly! 1. Start Excel and open the appropriate workbook file. 2. Execute the view → face manager command, open the Face Manager dialog box, click the Add button, and then, in th

Common Commiseration and error areas on Linux

Help Information./configure-help|grepMySQLerror Prompt Install LIBXML2 tar-ZXVF libxml2xxxx.TARCD libxml2xxx./Configure makeMake Install------------------Install GD library Yum install GD------------------------------RPM with a suffix of rpm installation-IVH libxml2-devel-2.6.26- Error Prompt installation rpm-build:warning: libxml2-devel-2.6.26- dsa/SHA1Signature,KeyID 37017186:Nokeyerror: Failed dependencies:LIBXML2= 2.6.26 is needed by libxml2-devel-2.6

Classification of storage areas of Javase

program is not running. For such cases, there are two main examples to illustrate: First, object flow (streamed objects), which is usually sent to other machines in the form of a byte stream. Two, persisted object (Persistent objects), this object is stored on disk, even if the program is aborted, they remain in the original state. These memories are stored in some form in other media, Then restore it to a regular ram-based object when needed. Java provides support for lightweight persistence.

The way to divide a U disk into multiple areas

the way to divide a U disk into multiple areas Now tell me how to identify the multiple partitions of U disk (SD card) under Windows. can also be a U-disk (SD card) under Windows, want to divide how much. General our U disk (SD card), in My computer, the display is Removable Storage. We are here to change to---local disk, so that Windows to the U disk (SD card) recognized as a hard disk. -----disk Drives in Device Manager-the list has a hard disk a

How does Excel move a separate two areas together quickly?

How does Excel move a separate two areas together quickly? Steps 1, open the Excel table, and then enter the content, in the other columns in a column of data. 2, first select some of the data. 3, and then hold down the SHIFT key to the position you want to insert, this table is between gender and performance. 4, finally release the mouse, found that the content has been integrated in. 5, if you want to insert into ot

Learn Extjs5 with me (add the top and bottom areas of the 05--main interface)

Learn Extjs5 with me (add the top and bottom areas of the 05--main interface) This section adds a top and bottom area to the main interface. The interface of a management system can be divided into the top title section, the middle data display and the processing part, the bottom comment and the status section. before we add these two regions, we will first add some data to the mainmodel.js. Ext.define (' App.view.main.MainModel ', {ext

(iii) Java Virtual machine memory management and thread exclusive and thread sharing areas

. Vii. Direct MemoryDirect memory is not part of the data area when the virtual machine is running, nor is it an area of memory defined in the VM specification, but it can also cause a outofmemoryerror exception to occur.For example, the newly added NiO (new Input/output) class in JDK1.4 introduces a method of I/O based on channel and buffer, which he can use to directly allocate out-of-heap memory using the native library. It then operates as a reference to this memory through a Dire

Some of the areas that JavaScript needs to be aware of when writing ASP

Some of the areas that JavaScript needs to be aware of when writing ASP Forum There are many people in the use of JavaScript to write ASP, often someone in the forum to ask, why the ASP object in contrast to the specified value returned the result is not correct? Here are some things to note about using JavaScript to write ASP. The most common problem: Code: Response.Write(Request.Form("Key")=="") The resul

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