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[Sip] Sip series standard navigation announcement board

This page is maintained by Paul E. Jones. Core sip documents RFC 2543 SIP: Session Initiation Protocol (obsolete) RFC 3261 SIP: Session Initiation Protocol SDP Related Documents RFC 2327 Session Description Protocol (SDP) RFC 3264 An offer/Answer Model with

SIP traversal NAT SIP Traversal Firewall

Firewallnat In fact, the essence of the light-mouth board is equivalent to NAT device. To achieve NAT penetration, there is no problem with the SIP processing of the optical orifice plate. Firewall is a passive network security defense technology, located at the boundary of the network, executing the access control policy between the two networks, preventing the external network from illegally accessing the internal information resources, or preventi

Analysis of SIP route and record_route/SIP routing mechanisms

Analysis of SIP route and record_route/SIP Routing Mechanism from: [url] Routing Analysis of SIP Routing Mechanism (zz)We have already introduced sip-related knowledge about important SIP header domains, registration processes, and session processes. Now we will introduce t

Sipana a distributed sip analyzer (analysis) Open-Source SIP protocol analysis tool

This tool is a real-time analysis of the SIP Communication Protocol, which is the main function of the Communication Engineering of zhongzheng University. In addition, the distributed design can be used to analyze cross-domain sip packets, draw a complete signaling flowchart, and control the web interface... background in view of the fact that there is no free communication protocol analysis software for th

Network integration of video surveillance services based on Ngn/ims (SIP Protocol) communication Platform

I. Overview Review the video surveillance market, the monitoring platform system used by the signaling control protocol is not unified, resulting in the interconnection of the technical threshold. This is a bit similar to the 80 's China's switch market eight system of the situation. These reasons hinder the network era of large-scale carrier-level video surveillance, remote access, centralized management needs. The industry has explored two ways to solve the problem: From the monitoring industr

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Conversation Initiation Protocol

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Conversation Initiation Protocol is an application layer control (signaling) protocol for network telephony and conferencing. It is mainly a multimedia communication protocol based on IP network. It can realize the signaling functions are also using RTP as a media transmission protocol. Originally presented by the IETF Mmusic (multiparty multimedia session control) workgroup. SIP

Understanding sip-the most popular communication protocol today

Address: http://www.sipcenter.com/sip.nsf/html/Chinese+SIP+Overview Introduction Next-generation services Historical Review Advantages of SIP: Web-like scalable open communication SIP session Composition Introduction Communication providers and their partners and users are increasingly eager for a new generation of IP-based services. Now we have

SIP's most popular communication protocols are mature

Introduction Communication providers and their partners and users are increasingly eager for a new generation of IP-based services. Now we have the SIP Session Initiation Protocol. SIP was born less than a decade ago in the computer science laboratory. It is the first protocol suitable for multi-user sessions in various media content. Now it has become the specification of the Internet Engineering Task Gro

Learning notes-SIP message receiving and processing flow based on sipdroid SIP audio and video telephony

/success (actual Sipprovider callback), the Fail/sucess interface of the transactionclient is called Public classTransactionclientextendsTransaction {Transactionclientlistener transaction_listener; Publictransactionclient (Sipprovider sip_provider, Message req, Transactionclientlistener listener) {Super(Sip_provider); Request=NewMessage (req); Init (Listener, Request.gettransactionid ()); //This.transaction_listener = listener;} //The actual Sipprovider callback Public voidOnreceivedmessage (Si

Using SIP to encapsulate C + + as Python

SIP is a tool for generating C + + interface code for Python, similar to SWIG, but using a different interface format. The idea originated in Swig, primarily to create the QT package for Python, which was used to create PyQt and Pykde , and to support the QT Signal/slot system. This article mainly introduces the compilation and installation of SIP and the birth of C + + code into Python under the window pla

SIP protocol (Chinese)-1

1. Introduction to the SIP protocol Many applications on the internet need to establish and manage a session. The session here refers to the exchange of data between participants. Considering the actual situation of participants, the implementation of these applications is often very complicated: Participants may move between agents, they may have multiple names, the communication between them may be based on different media (such as text, multimedia,

Basic SIP application solution

Basic SIP Application As one of the main VOIP communication protocols, the SIP protocol is simple, flexible, and open, and is gradually dominant in the VOIP communication field. The main methods used for SIP Communication include SIP terminals, proxy/targeted servers, location servers, and PSTN gateways. Currently, th

[SIP Protocol] learning notes for beginners

Author: gnuhpcSource: http://www.cnblogs.com/gnuhpc/ 1. How is the SIP coming and how is it constructed? In general, SIP is a lightweight signaling protocol, which can be used as a signaling for audio, video, and timely information. Speaking of how the SIP is coming out, we need to mention H.323, and the standard has to mention ITU-T, we will first talk about t

SIP color to nature by borrowing some colors

"swatchmate cube" in smart devices that appeared in 2014 was definitely a surprise to me. As a portable color detection device, it can capture the colors from any object surface, helping users to easily capture these colors. If the cube is reliable, the designer will be able to capture all the wonderful colours of nature through it. So it has become one of the first devices I want to start this year. But the cube is not listed, obviously it is not the protagonist I want to introduce

"Go" SIP preliminary

1 , what is SIPSIP (Session Initiation Protocol) belongs to the IP Application layer protocol, which is used to provide the user with session application on the IP network. A session refers to the communication of voice, video, and other media forms between two or more users, possibly IP telephony, conferencing, instant messaging, and so on.SIP is a signaling protocol that corresponds to a call signaling protocol (such as SS7 ISUP) in a traditional telephony network. Building a complete multimed

Troubleshooting Mac OS X 10.11 Installation SIP does not have permissions

In the process of building PYQT I met a very disgusting problem, in the installation of the SIP after compiling the source code after the installation process has been prompted me: Operation not permitted , I even reinstall the system is useless, finally through the data to overcome the problem. Installing SIPDownload the SIP source code package after extracting it into its folder:python configure

SIP protocol Detailed (Chinese)-2

In a conversation, there are other correlations that will be sent. A conversation is an end-to-end sip relationship between two users that lasts a certain amount of time. The dialog process requires that the information between the two user agents be ordered and that the request be routed properly. In this specification, only invite requests can be used to establish a session. When a UAC makes a request in a conversation, it follows not only the gener

SIP protocol (Chinese)-2

In the dialog, other related information will be sent. A conversation is an end-to-end sip relationship between two users that lasts for a certain period of time. The dialog process requires that the information between the two user proxies is ordered and the request is transmitted through the correct route. In this specification, only the invite request can be used to establish a session. When a UAC sends a request in a dialog, it not only follows th

RTP/RTCP/RTSP/SIP/SDP relationship (directly see summary)

RTP/RTCP/RTSP/SIP/SDP RelationshipRTP (real-time transport protocol, Transport layer)Real-time Transport Protocol) is a Transport layer protocol for multimedia traffic on the Internet. The RTP protocol details the standard packet format for transmitting audio and video over the Internet. RTP protocols are commonly used in streaming media systems (with the RTCP protocol), video conferencing and a Push-to-talk system (with either a/p or

Analysis of NAT penetration method of SIP

1. There are four Nat models for the SIP protocol.A) Full cone full coneB) Restricted cone of restricted coneC) Restricted cone of port restricted portD) symmetric ricA, B, and C are also called asymmetric Nat. 2. If the SIP terminal is behind Nat, problems may occur in its work. The reason is that the path of the sip signaling is different from that of the media

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