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CloudFlare CDN Toss-Up-optimization settings

Recently again in the toss, often visit my blog friends may have appeared on the page 502 error hints, that is tossing CloudFlare CDN unsuccessful tips. In this first thanks to the jar, in his dedication and truth, last night finally successfully

Use CloudFlare dynamic domain name under Ubuntu

DemandFirst make sure you have an own domain name, then log in to CloudFlare and add your domain name. Follow the instructions and use the default values given by it. You will have cloudflare to host your domain, so you need to adjust your

Investigate how CVE-2015-5477 & CloudFlare Virtual DNS protects its users

Investigate how CVE-2015-5477 & CloudFlare Virtual DNS protects its users Last week, ISC released a patch to fix a remote vulnerability in the BIND9 DNS server. This vulnerability causes the server to crash when processing a certain data packet.The

Deploying HTTPS using go and let's encrypt certificates

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Why use HTTPS? What are the ways to use HTTPS? How do I use go to deploy HTTPS? Take out your little laptop, and all the dry goods you need are here! The benefits of

CentOS leverages CloudFlare's bpf-tools for DDoS protection

ConceptUsing the BPF (Berkeley Packet filter) toolset combined with the Iptables XT_BPF module enables high-performance packet filtering to address large-scale DDoS attacks. BPF Tools contains a simple set of Python scripts that are used to parse

PowerShell tips for calling CloudFlare SDK query site statistics _powershell

CloudFlare is the world-famous CDN service provider, its free package is enough to meet the average user. Optimize the load speed of the website, cache the static resources, distribute the content near the local area to protect against the DDoS

About SSL Certificate HTTPS

About SSL Certificates I have written two articles, one is Nginx configuration, one is Tomcat configuration, HTTPS is very common.according to Let's Encrypt CA statistics, as of November 2017, Firefox-loaded web pages with HTTPS-enabled ratios

HTTPS practice for large Web sites (iv)--practices outside the protocol layer

1 PrefaceThere are few articles on the internet about HTTPS, and there is little to share in the practical experience of deploying HTTPS at large Internet sites, and we have a lot of doubts about deploying HTTPS.This article for you to introduce the

Run to the full site HTTPS. You have to check the experience.

Run to the full site HTTPS. You have to check the experience. As the domestic network environment continues to deteriorate, various kinds of tampering and hijacking emerge one after another, and more websites choose full-site HTTPS. Just a few days

How to Set HTTPS policies for old browsers

How to Set HTTPS policies for old browsers A few days ago, a friend asked me: we all said we recommend using the Qualys SSL Labs tool to test SSL security. Why are some of the most powerful Security manufacturers having low scores? I think this

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