deflate algorithm explanation

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gzip Compression principle Analysis (33)--fifth chapter deflate algorithm detailed (524) Dynamic Huffman Coding Analysis (13) Build Huffman tree (05)

* Build a CCL tree Compressed data has become a bit stream, there is basically no space to continue to compress. Carefully observe the Literal/length code word length sequence and distance code word length series found that there are a large number

The "can be sliced" field description in the Hadoop compression format

Two benefits of file compression: reducing the disk space required to store files and accelerating data transmission over networks and disksIn storage, all algorithms weigh space/time, and all algorithms weigh cpu/transfer speed when processing The f

HTTP protocol (c) compression

Label:Transfer from wrote an "HTTP protocol explanation", this time continue to introduce the HTTP protocol compression.This article uses Fiddler to view HTTP request and

Different script source code files that may be included or requested on the Web server

Tags: Cache Replacement Migration Mode service represents encryption link warningApproximate number of different script source code files that may be included or requested on the Web server (recommended value is 1024~4096).; If you are unsure, set

Python web crawler Error "Unicodedecodeerror: ' Utf-8 ' codec can ' t decode byte 0x8b in position" solution

Tags: CEP tps text Invalid www. Let NSF browser receivespython3.x Crawler,Found the error "Unicodedecodeerror: ' Utf-8 ' codec can ' t decode byte 0x8b in position 1:invalid start byte", has been looking for file errors, finally after the user's

Linux (vii) LAMP environment construction

Label:First, the preparatory work1. Install the compilation tool GCC, gcc-c++Note To resolve dependencies, it is recommended to use Yum installation, if not networked can use the installation CD as a Yum source--1) Edit the Yum configuration file:#

Elasticsearch's doc Values and Fielddata

docvalues What is Docvalues The simple explanation is that docvalues is a sort of data storage structure (DOCID, termvalues).The advantage of an inverted index is to find a document that contains an item, that is, to find the corresponding docid by MVC micro-Letter Js-sdk Certification _ Practical Skills MVC micro-letter JS-SDK certification, specific content: It's written in front. Because there is a project need to do a micro-letter custom sharing function, so to study the next micro-letter JS-SDK related knowledge. This article makes

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