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Go to filter Web parts Overview

Http://msdn.microsoft.com/zh-cn/library/ms494838  Overview of filter Web parts Office 2007 Filter Web components are very useful for Business Intelligence websites with large data volumes. Generally, Web components provide a user interface (hidden)

QT Insights: The difference between post and get (get combines parameters directly with the URL as a whole, while post splits it into two parts)

The first Contact QT HTTP project, today looked at the post and get basic use method, began to try. Originally thought that post is dedicated to sending requests to the server, and then receiving the server answer, and get is simply to get the

ASP. net mvc Framework (Part 2): URL path selection

[Original address] ASP. net mvc Framework (Part 2): URL Routing[Original article publication date] Monday, December 03,200 AM Last month, I published the first article in my series of posts, which will discuss the new ASP. NET MVC framework we are

Introduction to custom web parts user interface

ArticleDirectory Introduction to custom web parts user interface When you need to set a Web Part Style How to set the title style of a standard SharePoint Web Part How to Use rounded corners for Web Part titles Introduction to

Page cache for performance optimization (Cache page parts in Javascript mode)

This articleArticleThis article explains a client-side page caching technique-caching static "parts" of pages in JavaScript ". If the entire page can be cached on the browser, a huge page loaded with HTML can also run very well. You can use the

HTTP Learning 1-2 Chapter2-url and resources

URLs are standardized names for internet Resources. The URL points to each electronic message, tells them where it is, and how to interact with it. URL syntax, and the meanings of various URL components and their Work. Many Web clients

Note 12306 compilation of the plug-in for the "empty car snatching" in the freight system-interaction between various parts of the chrome plug-in

-- Interaction between various parts of the chrome plug-in The basic knowledge of the Chrome plug-in is not much to mention. You can get Started with any Getting Started tutorial. For example, the Overview and Getting Started tutorials provided by

Android: Use URL and urlconnection (multi-thread download)

Use URL and urlconnection (multi-thread download) 17.2.3 use URL and urlconnection The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) object represents a unified resource locator, which is a pointer to the Internet "resource. A resource can be a simple

The composition and meaning of the URL

1.url-uniform Resource LocatorWhen you click a link in an HTML page, the corresponding label points to an address on the World Wide Web.A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is used to locate documents (or other data) on the World Wide Web.2.?1)

Apache URL Rewrite rules

1. IntroductionApached's rewrite function, which is the Mod_rewrite module function, is a module of Apache. It's very powerful and can manipulate all parts of the URL.So we can rewrite the URL and give the user a generous URL that can be converted

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