examples of html tags and functions

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Php code for deleting html tags and html tags in strings

Php code for deleting html tags and html tags in strings This article introduces how to delete html tags in php and the two examples of html tags in strings. For more information, see.1. the example of deleting html tags uses the php string

Three methods for deleting html tags in php-php Tutorial

How php deletes html tags This article introduces three methods to delete html tags using php. For more information, see.Method 1: directly retrieve the desired tag. Use php functions: str_replace, htmlspecialchars, and strip_tags. ","

Remove unnecessary HTML tags from php

Remove unnecessary HTML tags from php Echo strip_tags ($ str ); 2. retain onlyFor a tag, you only needThe string is written to the second parameter of strip_tags. Echo strip_tags ($ str ,""); 3.

Use phpsimplehtmldomparser to parse html tags

Phpsimplehtmldomparser is used to parse html tags and PHPSimpleHTMLDOMParser is used to parse HTML pages. it feels pretty good. it can create a DOMtree so that you can easily parse the content in html. It's good to catch things. With an example, you

PHP gets page title and content functions (without HTML tags)

Code is as follows:function Getpagecontent ($url) {$url = ' http://www.ttphp.com;$pageinfo = Array ();$pageinfo [Content_Type] = ';$pageinfo [CharSet] = ';$pageinfo [title] = ';$pageinfo [description] = ';$pageinfo [keywords] = ';$pageinfo [body] = '

What is the use of HTML article tags? Introduction to how HTML article tags are used

This article mainly introduce to you about HTML5 article label usage and use example explanation, hope everybody can understand, next we look at this article about HTML5 article label. First, let's briefly introduce the following article: HTML5

PHP to remove HTML tags in the original function of the detailed _php tips

Strip_tags get rid of HTML and PHP tags. Syntax: string strip_tags (String str); Return value: String function type: Data processing content Description This function can remove any HTML and PHP tag strings contained in the string. If the HTML of

is the HTML p tag a single label? How to use HTML p tags (enclosing instance)

This article mainly introduces the specific use of P tags in HTML and some of the functions, there are examples of explanations, then let's take a look at this article about the HTML p tag First we look at the HTML p tag is a single label

『Jquery).html (),. text () and. val () Overview and use _ jquery-js tutorial

How to Use .html () in jquery (),. text () and. val () is used to read and modify the html structure of an element, the text content of an element, and the value of a form element. This section describes how to use .html () in jquery (),. text ()

Detailed description of meta tags in Webpage HTML code

Many people ignore the powerful functions of HTML Tag meta. A Good meta tag design can greatly improve the possibility of your personal website being searched. Are you interested, who should I get to know the meta tag again! The meta tag is an

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