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httpd-2.2 Deploy discuz! forum system, wordpress blog system and phpMyAdmin program

Check the environment before configuring: [[email protected] ~]# IPTABLES-VNL//Check the firewall configuration to prevent the server from being accessed Chain INPUT (Policy ACCEPT 6 packets, 3 bytes) Pkts bytes target prot opt in out

Implementation example of comments submission using AJAX technology in WordPress, wordpressajax

Implementation example of comments submission using AJAX technology in WordPress, wordpressajax I have been interested in the Ajax Interaction Research of WordPress and have been very concerned about this technology. When talking about WordPress

Fatso: How the Forum signature works best

Hello everyone, I'm fat. Forum Signature Seoer again familiar with a four words, is outside the chain to obtain the simplest method, post replies on the line, someone analyzed the chain is the most effective links, soft text, blogs, paid links,

How to build a mysql + php + apache + wordpress Environment

I want to build a blog these days, but it takes me two days to build a local development environment. I have been switching between various versions and errors. This is a tough task, so I think it is necessary to share my solution with you. Here I

Lamp+nginx Acting +discuz+wordpress+phpmyadmin

Lamp+nginx Agent +discuz+wordpress+phpmyadmin Experimental project: Build lamp, install Nginx, as an agent, the MySQL installed in a separate machine, Apache responsible for dynamic, Nginx responsible for static Lab Environment: 1. VMware

The implementation example of using AJAX technology to submit comments in WordPress _javascript tips

has been interested in WordPress Ajax Interactive Research, and has been very concerned about the technology, the WordPress Ajax will have to talk about the comments Ajax submission, as a blog, forum comments Ajax submission can not only improve the

WordPress injection check script

  #! /Usr/bin/python # WordPress SQL Injection Checker v1 # For md5's in the source will use # Http responses. #__________ #_____\//________\_____/ #__ | //_/____////__/ #__ | //_///__//_////_// #_____//_/\___/\____/\__,_/ # Http:// #

One months to do the key words to share the experience of the home page

In fact, contact with SEO has been a long time, in seowhy began to learn is in (registration time 2009-3-5) and now for many years, ashamed is to now or a college student, recently wandering in the forum, found that a lot of friends are the talent,

Reasons and countermeasures of Baidu not included in website

Baidu included how much, ranking whether by the front, is the most concerned about the problem of each webmaster. But for a lot of stationmaster, the fact is not the desire of the truth, Baidu is not included your website, is included also just

CentOS7 installation of APM (PHP module modules) + XCache based on RPM package mode

CentOS 7, based on RPM package installation of APM (PHP module) + XCache;A) a virtual host to provide phpMyAdmin, another virtual host to provide WordPress;b) Providing HTTPS services to Phpmyadmim;First, the Environment configurationTurn off

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