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Ubuntu technical committee vote not to install non-free software by default

On April 9, March 24, the Ubuntu Technical Committee voted whether to allow the default installation of non-free software. The result was 0 votes in favor, and 5 votes in opposition. The Board also agreed that the checkbox in the default installer

From programmers to software designers

The development of software industry to today, the Division of labor more and more fine. Programmers as a generic appellation have not been able to define the characteristics and classification of various jobs. Because the various responsibilities

Software testing methods

Beta test_beta Testing βTestThe English version is Beta.Testing. Also known as beta testing, user acceptance testing (UAT ). Beta testing is performed by multiple users of the software in the actual use environment of one or more users. Developers

Port sshd to jk2410 Development Board

Port sshd to jk2410 Development Board1. Introduction SSH was developed by a Finnish company. However, due to copyright and encryption algorithm restrictions, OpenSSH is widely used in the industry as a secure network service application. OpenSSH is

[Deven] Linux-2.4.18 kernel ov511usb camera driver transplanted on the S3C2410 Development Board

Ov511usb camera driver with Linux-2.4.18 kernel transplanted on S3C2410 Development Board Content1. Driver2. Application writing 1. DriverThe Linux-2.4.18 is a drive with an ov511 camera by default, selected from the USB device, and activated the

[Serialization] [FPGA black gold Development Board] NIOSII-UC/OS Experiment (24)

Statement: This article is original works, copyright belongs to the author of this blog, If You Need To reprint, please indicate the source of In this chapter, we will briefly study the development process of the

How to make QQ also has the handwriting board function of MSN

We know that MSN has the Handwriting board function, click on the input message box on the label, you can use the mouse to scribble, you can send pictures of their friends, or funny expression to harass friends, feeling very interesting, but QQ has

PS-combined Digital board to draw mm realistic portrait illustration steps and Tutorials

For a long time did not make a tutorial, recently saw a lot of friends enthusiastic message, hoping to see something similar to the tutorial, so they wrote this article. This is a recently completed exercise, a short practice, And the last "AVRIL"

Xmodem protocol.

Abstract: This article describes the use of Xmomdem File Transfer Protocol programming, the design for the flash memory embedded system with the PC on the Super terminal software between the file transfer function, in the PC without the installation

(reprinted) 8 free and useful C++gui Library

8 free and useful C++gui LibraryThe C + + standard does not include a GUI, which makes the C + + development graphical interface dependent on third-party libraries. In fact, the graphical interface is precisely the strength of C + +, small to the

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