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30-day agile results (6): Review on Friday and find three things to be improved.

"I 've found that small wins, small projects, small differences often make huge differences ."-Rosabeth Moss Kanter "I found that small successes, small projects, and small changes will bring about huge changes "-Rossabes Moz cant When we do

Oschina Friday strum--world Reading Day, reading and moving bricks

Again to Friday, from the holiday time, visual only a few hours, a week's work day has passed.Think of us from kindergarten to university, at least to school 18, plus a few years of work, there will always be one or two special books. These books

Employees are most productive on Friday

"High Pressure" is a word that people often talk about. However, every day, the pressure is high, and it is useless to look for ways to reduce the pressure at work. According to a survey of Chinese professionals, the most efficient work in a week is

Black Friday Grassroots Webmaster Nightmares

Once upon a time, Friday is a lot of grass-roots webmaster excited to look forward to the day, a week of Baidu update is gathered tens of thousands of grassroots webmaster dreams, and now has become a lot of grassroots webmaster nightmares. Since

Does the primary certificate have five Friday, five Saturday, and five Sundays?

/// /// Whether the primary certificate has five Friday, five Saturday, and five Sundays/// The year of the next occurrence/// /// Static void main (string [] ARGs){// Current timeDatetime dtnow = datetime. now;// The current time is smaller than

My work--Monday to Friday

For me: Programmers are people who are in the white-collar environment, but do the job of migrant workers. I work in Guangzhou, I believe everyone is familiar with my routine: 9 in the morning to work, sitting in front of the computer, programming

H5 Case Highlights: Tanabata, we only Su-eun Love in Friday, because the other time to die fast

Tanabata show love, also want to see time point, can not advance, also can not be late, because Su-eun love, "sooner or later" will have retribution, so we chose the noon of Friday, this can let the Cowherd and Weaver's bridge more solid and lasting,

Boring Friday night.

HiNow is Friday, the night, because back to the bedroom also seems to have nothing to do, as in the Department of Water a water.1. PHP---Cookie-----Set Cookies:The most common way to set up cookies in PHP is to use the Setcookie function, Setcookie

Linux command Detailed date usage (Calculate Mother's Day and father's holiday script sample) _linux

Common parametersFormat: DateDisplays the current date time.Format: Date mmddhhmm # In short, it's the day of the month.Format: Date mmddhhmmyyyyFormat: Date MMDDHHMM.SSFormat: Date MMDDHHMMYYYY.SSSet the current date time, only the root user can

Php gets the day of the week in a few days and the corresponding day of the week on Monday and next Monday _ PHP Tutorial

Php gets the day of a day, the day of the week, and the date corresponding to the day of the week and the day of the week. Php returns the day of a day, the day of a week, and the date $ todaydate (Y-m-d) corresponding to Monday and next Monday.

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