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(SQL statement questions exercise and teacher problem-solving ideas + personal problem-solving ideas)

the highest-paid employees in each department: Employee name, department name, salary-The employee number with the highest wage in each departmentSELECT MAX (esal), dp_no,ename from EMP GROUP by Dp_no--Inner joins, group queries, aggregate functionsSELECT MAX (esal), ename,d.dp_name,d.dp_no from EMP e INNER joins dept D on E.dp_no=d.dp_no GROUP by D.dp_no-18. Which department has the highest average wage, showing the department number, the average wage--Query the average salary of each departme

[24 questions about network stream] ---- problem solving (partial, continuous update...), ---- Problem Solving

[24 questions about network stream] ---- problem solving (partial, continuous update...), ---- Problem SolvingCombined with pilots With PILOT: Pid = 14Problem: create a virtual source sink andCode:

Dinic solving the problem of the pilot pairing scheme for the maximum matching && network flow of two-dimensional graphs 24 questions

design an algorithm to find out the best pilot matching scheme, so that the Royal Air Force can send the most aircraft.For a given foreign pilot with a British pilot, programming to find the best pilot matching scheme, so that the Royal Air Force can send the most aircraft.Input format:The 1th line has 2 positive integers m and N. n is the total number of pilots of the RAF (NNext, there are 2 positive integers i and j for each line, indicating that the foreign pilot I can match the British pilo

Developer's Art of problem solving: How to gracefully ask questions you don't understand

it's already poor. At this point, can only ask people to answer. Ask the answer is also a doorway, first of all, figure out who you should find the answer. Must be to the most authoritative place to find the answer, rather than casually looking for personal discussion (can be less detours, but also to avoid fraught). The open source project that you use, the project development team is of course the authority, so he submits issue to GitHub. The last is the art of questioning, such as wo

The source code for solving the problem of the maximum number of questions under multithreading

#include The source code for solving the problem of the maximum number of questions under multithreading

"bzoj1700" Problem solving problem solving

Title DescriptionIn the past days, the farmer John's cow had no problem. But now they have a problem and a lot of questions. To be precise, they have P (1 Input* First line: N and P* 2nd ... P+1 Line: Line I contains a_i and b_i, respectively, is to do the first question of the desire to pay and complete payment.Output* First line: The minimum number of months fo

Improving problem orientation and solving ability through psychological knowledge (i)

the area of software development into clearly defined issues (well-defined problem) and ambiguous questions (ill-defined problem). The former refers to issues that are clear in both initial and target States, such as the question of the Vatican tower. The latter refers to the initial state, the target State, or both are very vague problems, such problems are oft

18 years of development experience sharing (iv) Problem Solving (II)

problems themselves. Another reason may be the project's own requirements. For example, in order to have a competitive advantage, some difficult requirements will be put forward in implementation. In terms of difficulty, this type of problem won't be solved by engineers in their first response. The knowledge and experience of Engineers cannot be directly told to engineers to solve the problem. This is th

18 years of development experience sharing (ii) Problem Solving (I)

from the content of most or a considerable part of textbooks and training courses. What I want to share with my colleagues is my experience and experience in practice. These contents mainly focus on solving problems and thinking skills. Therefore, this article cannot solve a very specific problem. For example, you cannot find the answer to how to implement paging query in this article, and how to transmit

Leetcode 1-5 Questions of solving code

,-1,sizeof (x)); for (int i=0;iMedian of Sorted Arraysthere is sorted arraysnums1 andNUMS2of size M and n respectively. Find The median of the sorted arrays. The overall run time complexity should be O (log (M+n)).Test instructions: Gives two sequences, finds the median of two sequences combined, requires time complexity log (N+M)Idea: The problem is converted to find the two series combined with the K decimal, find the K decimal, you can divid

20150331 "Entertainment" If Yesterday is tomorrow, how do you program to understand this problem? Programming problem solving in the preliminary

-sharing community for developers and does not allow the release of any promotional, advertising or political content.The homepage of the blog Park (that is, the homepage) can only publish original, high-quality content that allows the reader to learn something from it.If the quality of the blog does not meet the requirements of the home page, will be moved by the staff first pages, hope to understand. If you have any questions, please contact [email

Take notes on solving the problem of "Sword refers to offer" and "Sword refers to offer"

Take notes on solving the problem of "Sword refers to offer" and "Sword refers to offer"Notes on solving the problem of sword pointing to offer I have a total of 50 questions about "Sword finger offer". I have spent time using C ++ over the past two weeks, I would like to ma

A summary of the "Go" suffix array problem solving

Previously felt that the suffix automatic opportunity, ignored the suffix array, now found that the suffix array + binary function is very strong, and the suffix automaton does not seem to implement.Forward, convenient for teammates to look around. These days I also as soon as possible bad to mend.(Can not find the original blogger website, error)Suffix array Problem Solving summary:1. The number of distinc

"Baidu Star 2014~ Qualification contest problem Solving report"

StatementThe author of the recent accidental discovery of the author's personal site lot of articles are reproduced by other sites, but reprinted without stating the source of the article or the reference from the, so. The author joins this statement.Solemnly declare: This record "title" reproduced from the this record:id=666 "target=" _blank "style=" word-wrap:break-word; Word-break:normal; margin:0px; padding:0px; C

Discussion on solving maximal sub-matrix problem with Maximal thought

barrier points, so the complexity is related to the obstacle point, and the other is designed for the entire rectangle, so the complexity is related to the area of the rectangle. Although the two algorithms seem to have huge differences, their nature is interlinked, using the idea of maximum, from enumerating all the most effective sub-rectangles to find a solution to the problem. It should be noted that in solv

Search for question recommendations and problem-solving reports

Search question recommendation and solution report (updated in 8.28) The previous posts were either too scattered or too messy, so now we will make a long-term update summary for each category.Format description: The question name is followed by the general difficulty of the individual question (for cainiao)Poj 1069-the Bermuda Triangle (hard)Http:// Id = 1069Fill the hexagonal with a given triangleSolution:

[Workplace gold law] Why do you get a raise? Solving the problem is the truth.

Chatting with a new employee, he responded to a question: He has always worked overtime recently, and working overtime is not finished, instead, the testing work often starts from the off-duty time. He worries about problems, so he has to stay with him. He thinks this is too bad. In fact, it is really bad. This is a problem. Before responding to his questions, I asked a few

Using Muduo to complete Sudoku and eight-digit problem solving servers

After analyzing the source code of Muduo Network Library, we try to complete an efficient Sudoku and eight-digit problem solving server.First of all, why choose these two questions? Sudoku has always been a favorite problem for aboutspeaker teachers, and has been mentioned several times in the Muduo network library for Problem Solving Experience

Recently fascinated by the website, there are some computer-related problems challenges. There are many types of topics, such as: Encryption and decryption, steganography, network attack and defense, fun programming, mathematical logic and so on. The topic is simple, some difficult, need some knowledge and skill. Unlike other topics that challenge websites, users who register on other similar sites can be bound to wechall sites, and then Wechall provide ranking information, and a

Summary of the Problem Solving of SiC exercise (2.5), sicp2.5

elements one by one. Because we know the Data Type of each element, we know how much memory space each element occupies, in this way, we can simply obtain different elements through the displacement. In contrast, although the composite data construction method used in this question is not so efficient, it is really a great idea. However, let's take a look at question 2.6 in the future. What is the problem s

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