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About HTTP return Codes 301, 302 differences with SEO

301 (permanently moved) The requested page has been permanently moved to a new location. When the server returns this response, the requestor is automatically forwarded to the new location. You should use this code to tell the search engine that a

HTTP response Status Codes 301 and 302

The difference between 301 and 302 in the HTTP return code(2012-10-15 22:06:09)reproduced Tags: gossip Category: Front page control A Official statement301,302 is the encoding of the HTTP state, which means that a

Step pit--http Return code of 302 status code

Project Description: Springboot+shiro+mavenBusiness requirements: Intercept all non-login hotlinking URLs, in addition to questionnaires, can be filled and submitted to any user unexpected.The problem recurs: I find it strange to return a 302 status

Experience talking about the power-descending disturbance caused by too many 302 redirects

Reasons for rejection: The article is not readable high continue to work hard I think most of the seoer are familiar with the HTTP status code for 301 redirects, the main purpose is to change the domain name or not with WWW domain name to the

Several ways iOS intercepts redirect requests (302)

ObjectiveIn most cases, the network request we make is to return a 200 status code, but also return 302, such as when using an API based on the OAUTH2 authentication protocol, in the authentication phase, you need to provide a callback address, when

Extaspnet application skills (III)-302 and ASP. NET Ajax

Problem description: Mgzhenhong users mentioned this problem And provides an example: 1. Web. config enables Forms authentication. Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)>

JQuery uploadify Upload plugin appears HTTP Error 302 error resolution _jquery

Some time ago introduced the jquery uploadify upload plug-in use method, I encountered in the use of HTTP error 302 errors, there should be many people in the use of the encounter, this record down: First of all, HTTP 302 is the meaning of the

HTTP common Status Code 200 301 302 404 500

HTTP State code (HTTP status codes)Some of the common status codes are:First, 1 startA 1xx (temporary response) represents a temporary response and requires a status code for the requester to continue the operation. Code description100 (continued)

HTTP common status code 200 301 302 404 500

HTTP common status code 200 301 302 404 500Some common Status codes of HTTP Status Code are: Status codes starting with 1 and starting with 1xx (temporary response) that indicate a temporary response and require the requester to continue the

HTTP error rollup (404, 302, 200 ...) )

TTP 400-Invalid requestHTTP 401.1-Unauthorized: Logon failedHTTP 401.2-Unauthorized: Server configuration issues cause logon failureHTTP 401.3-acl prohibit access to resourcesHTTP 401.4-Unauthorized: Authorization denied by filterHTTP

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