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IBM Maximo Asset Management product defects and Multiple Security Vulnerabilities

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.xIBM Maximo Asset Management 6.xIBM Maximo Asset Management essenessen7.xIBM Maximo Asset Management Essentials 6.xDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cve id: CVE-2011-1394, CVE-2011-1395, CVE

Multiple Remote Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities in IBM Maximo Asset Management

Release date:Updated on: 2013-02-20 Affected Systems:IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.5IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.1IBM Maximo Asset Management 6.2Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 58006Cve id: CVE-2012-6355, CVE-2012-6356, CVE-2012-6357The IBM

IBM Integration Bus V9 new features

integrated gateway product, which is designed for all network edge scenarios. Figure 1 below shows how IBM integration bus complements an integrated gateway: Figure 1. IBM integration bus with an integrated gateway Five core themes for IBM integration bus V9 The five core themes drive IBM integration Bus V9 produ

IBM connections Desktop plug-ins for Microsoft windows new features

for Microsoft Windows (Version 4.0) will first introduce the features that are promoted and enhanced in the previous section. Using IBM connections Desktop plug-ins for Microsoft Windows (version 4.0) Plug-ins in Microsoft Office Office Plug-ins refer to IBM plug-ins in office word,office Excel and Office PowerPoint, making it easier for users to use their soc

IBM domino/notes 9.0 new features: Notes Federated Login Introduction and Deployment usage

Introduction For users who want to deploy and experience the Notes federated login (federate login), the first thing to know and understand is that the Notes federated login is actually through SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language, assertion Markup Language) to complete the single sign on feature, if the user is also able to understand the "federated identity", will have a great help in configuring a Notes Federation login, because a step is required to implement the federated identity duri

Describe the new installation features of IBM Notes 9.0 on the mountain Lion operating system

The IBM Notes 9.0 version is an important milestone in the history of the Notes product. In addition to adopting a new brand name (Lotus Notes to IBM notes), the IBM notes 9.0 has a new user interface and many new features that add support for important new platform versions, while Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) is One of t

Introduction to nine features of IBM database DB2 9 (1)

IBM DB2 9 is the most important achievement of IBM's five-year development project in the database field. It transforms the traditional static database technology into an interactive dynamic data server, this allows you to better manage all types of information, such as documents, video and audio files, images, and webpages. This new data server is the first to achieve seamless interaction between extensible markup language XML) and relational data, w

Understand the player customization features of the IBM Connections Media Library

by simply introducing the IBM connections extension point mechanism. Introduction to the Media Library and advanced user requirements IBM Connections is a social software designed specifically to meet the needs of the business. It helps business people build a network of subject matter experts, making them more innovative and productive. It promotes the creation of a vibrant community of employees, partn

Introduction to the ten features of IBM database DB2 9 (1)

Introduction: IBM database DB2 9It is an important achievement in the development history of databases and brings a new dawn to the development of databases. This article mainly introduces the top ten features of IBM database DB2 9, so that you can better understand the IBM database DB2 9. More than 750 software develo

New features in IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.0 and Rhapsody Design Manager 4.0

Important new features The IBM Rational Rhapsody development environment supports a wide range of technologies that can be used for many purposes, such as: Demand analysis Model-based system engineering Trading Learning Analysis Embedded and real-time software development Security-focused software development Model-based testing AUTomotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR) development Capture DoDA

Five unique features of ibm I single-level store

Five unique features of ibm I single-level storesingle-level store IBM I customers need not be aware of any of the storage technologies that underlie the huge address space because the IBM I manages them automatically. as far as MERS MERs are concerned, all programs and data simply reside in this massive space. users

Technology independence, one of IBM I's five major features

Technology independencetechnology independence, one of the five features of IBM I Unlike other computer systems, IBM I isn't defined by hardware; it's defined by software. this means that a program doesn't "Speak" directly to the hardware; it "speaks" to a technology-independent machine interface. between this interface and the actual hardware are more than four

IBM I five major features 2 object-based Design

IBM I five major features 2 object-based designobject-based Design The ibm I is a fully object-based system. this means that everything within the system-programs, data files, message queues-is an object. each object has two inseparable parts: a descriptive part, which defines the valid ways of using that data, and a data part, which serves as the functional asp

Overview of the new features of IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.0.3 and Design Manager 4.0.3

Ease of use, performance improvement and engineering lifecycle workflow improvements for systems engineering and software development New Feature Collection IBM Rational Rhapsody Version 8.0.3 enables system engineers and software engineers to capture and validate their designs and work in an agile manner. The operating language enables you to specify functionality and validate behavior, and to find problems more easily by automatic consistency che

The exciting new features of IBM DB2 express-c 9.5.2

the DB2 database. For example, suppose you have developed a WEB application for your company, an IT magazine. The company's Web site allows readers to comment on the article and store it in a table called Article, as shown in the following table: Table 1. Structure of the Article table IdInteger Titlevarchar (30) Reader_commentsvarchar (100) 101 The JOB market for Database professionals Awesome article! I ' ve been working as a DBA for ten years, and t

The nine-DB2 features of IBM Database 9

IBM DB2 9 is the most important result of IBM's five-year development project in the database field, transforming traditional static database technology into an interactive dynamic Data server that enables users to better manage all types of information, such as documents, video and audio files, pictures, Web pages, and so on. The new data server pioneered seamless interaction between Extensible Markup Language (XML) and relational data without having

OpenSSH New authentication method: New features in IBM-supported OpenSSH

Introduction: This article discusses some of the authentication methods supported by OpenSSH. OpenSSH is a free tool for implementing SSH1 and SSH2 protocols. In this article you will learn about the configuration of some authentication methods in OpenSSH and the features that are new in the OpenSSH version supported by IBM®. Brief introduction OpenSSH is a free tool for implementing SSH1 and SSH2 protoco

Worth paying attention to: Java 1.4 Upcoming release version of the performance and new features at a glance (transferred from IBM DeveloperWorks)

To give you more background on the meeting, take advantage of these rich references-papers, case studies, tools and DeveloperWorks, Alphaworks, and all IBM tutorials-grouped by a group of similar meeting agendas. Some features have not been released, either because they are not ready, or because the JCP community feels that the JSR is not suitable for a broad Java development community. The JSR that is

IBM Rational Software Release t7.5 features

IBM Rational Software Release t7.5 features 1. Based on the Eclipse Platform IBM Rational Software delivery platform version 7.5 Desktop products are a comprehensive set of Eclipse-based software products that can IT helps customers effectively manage software and strengthen system development processes. IT is closely linked with business departments. The new ve

New features of IBM Notes 9

knowledge that is more efficient in presenting new features to users. For new User: Of course, we are also very concerned about the experience of new Notes users when they first come into contact with the product. This page provides the most direct guide to new users and takes a few steps to get users to use and experience Notes. Hints and Tips: For a variety of commonly used functions, provides some tips and best practices, nothing is better than

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