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Detailed meaning of JTAG

Detailed meaning of JTAG! JTAGIt is short for the header Letter "Joint Test Action Group (Joint Test behavior Organization)", which was founded in 1985, it is a PCB and IC testing standard developed by several major electronic manufacturers. JTAG was recommended to be approved by IEEE as IEEE1149.1-1990 Test Access Port and boundary scan structure standard in 1990. This Standard specifies the hardware and s

Design of general-purpose JTAG debugger Based on FPGA

Design of general-purpose JTAG debugger Based on FPGA [Date:] Source: single-chip microcomputer and Embedded System Application Author: Ma junrehang, University of Electronic Science and Technology [Font:Large Medium Small]   The development of the system based on the concept of System Virtual Machine (ANN) is a new development direction for the simulator. The so-called systems on a chip are implemented by using the programmable t

ARM JTAG Debugging principle

ARM JTAG Debugging principleOpen-jtag Development Group1 PrefaceThis article mainly introduces the basic principles of ARM JTAG debugging.The basic content includes the introduction of TAP (TEST ACCESS PORT) and Boundary-scan ARCHITECTURE,On this basis, combined with ARM7TDMI, the JTAG debugging principle is introduced

Jlink using the tutorials and the differences with JTAG

It's not easy for a novice.and learning from the beginning is a very good thing.WatchTo debug arm, JTAG is one of the following arm 's debug interface protocols. When simulation, IAR, KEIL, ads, etc. have a common debugging interface, RDI is one of them, then how do we complete the Rdi-->arm Debug Protocol (JTAG) conversion? There are two ways to do this:1. Write a service program on the computer, parse the

As, PS, and JTAG configuration modes for Altera FPGAs

FPGA devices are available in three configurations: Active configuration mode (as) and passive configuration mode (PS) and most commonly used (JTAG) configuration methods.as mode (Active Serial Configuration mode): Each time the FPGA device is power-up, the FPGA device The boot configuration operation process, which controls the external memory and initialization process, from the configuration device EPCS actively emit the number of reads The EPCS da

[Note]. How can I properly plug in the JTAG simulator of the FPGA Development Board, such as USB-blster?

ArticleDirectory Fault 1 Summary Introduction Whether it is customer feedback or your own experience, USB-blaster cannot download and configure FPGA from time to time. The reasons are as follows: 1. The JTAG-related pins on FPGA Devices are faulty; 2. the USB-blaster is broken; 3. The 10-pin JTAG cable is not properly pressed. Among them, Article 1 has brought the most serious damag

STM32 JTAG pin multiplexing settings

Preludeto copy the definition of the JTAG, SW interface,Jtag:jtag (Joint test Action Group; joint testing team) is an international standard test protocol that is used primarily for in-chip internal testing. Most advanced devices now support JTAG protocols such as DSPs, FPGA devices, and so on. The standard JTAG interface is 4 lines: TMS, TCK, TDI, TDO, mode sele

[Usb-blaster] Error (209040): Can ' t access JTAG chain

Today, I encountered this problem in downloading the FPGA program to the board of your own design.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Error (209040): Can ' t access JTAG chainerror (209012): Operation Failedinfo (209061): Ended Programmer operation at Wed Au G to 15:12:29 2016Info (209060): Started Programmer operation at Wed 15:12:31-------------------------------------------------------------------------


Differences between SWD and JTAG and usageIt is the jlink pin diagram given in the segger manual. You can view the relationship between SWD pin and JTAG pin. I. Differences between SWD and traditional debugging methods 1. SWD mode is more reliable than JTAG in high-speed mode. In the case of a large amount of data, the JTAG

JTAG, jlink, and ulink

Turn: http://blog.csdn.net/wangwq87/article/details/7106240 JTAG is also an international standard test protocol (IEEE 1149.1 compatible). It is mainly used for internal chip testing. Most advanced devices now support the JTAG protocol, such as DSP and FPGA Devices. The standard JTAG interfaces are four lines: TMS, tck, TDI, and TDO, which are the mode selectio

Homemade simple JTAG download and Writing Tool

Homemade simple JTAG download and Writing Tool For General Embedded Systems enthusiasts, it is unlikely that they will spend too much money to buy a relatively high-end debugging simulation tool to debug our own target board, the most economical method is to create a simple JTAG cable for flash writing. First, the bootloader is solidified into flash, because the bootloader compilation is very small, usua

Replace sjf2440 with H-JTAG to write 2410 and 2440flash.

Reposted from the rain or shine blog (http://Apollo5520.cublog.cn) Link: http://blog.chinaunix.net/u3/105764/showart_2093789.html 1. Download the H-JTAG software. Http://www.hjtag.com/chinese/download.html 2. Configure the JTAG interface Now we are basically using the sjf jtag panel. Open the settings-> lpt jta

Duanxx stm32 learning: Error no cortex-M device found in JTAG chain cause and Solution

I reported this error when I gave the stm32 program today. I searched the internet for a long time and found a reason and a solution. The online statement is as follows: Cause: Burned programsDisable the JTAG function.,JTAG interfaces are reused.. Solution 1: Find boot1 and boot0, lower boot1 and boot0 to 3.3 V, and download a program through the serial port. This program does not close

Execution logic and process of simple JTAG burning and writing programs

Execution logic and process of simple JTAG burning and writing programs This article is excerpted from Wang honghui's book "Practical Guide for developing embedded Linux kernel (ARM platform )". There are many simple JTAG burning and writing programs on the Internet, which are written in standard C, Vc, windows, and Linux, you can download the package and re-compile it with appropriate modifications.Regard

JTAG Connection mode for SWD

JTAG Pin:First, SWD and the traditional debugging mode difference1. SWD mode is more reliable than JTAG in high-speed mode2. When the GPIO is just missing, you can use the SWD emulation, which supports fewer pins3. The SWD mode is recommended when the size of the board is limitedSecond, the emulator to the SWD mode support situation1. The common emulator on the market for the SWD mode support situationJLINK

JTAG interface circuit

JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) is an international standard Test protocol used for internal chip testing and System Simulation and testing. JTAG is an embedded debugging technology. It encapsulates a special Test circuit (TAP) in the chip ), use a dedicated JTAG test tool to test internal nodes. The standard JTAG in

Common debugging tools of Qualcomm platform: qpst, qrdbms, qxdm, trace32 (use JTAG)

Overview: QpstIntegrated tools, transfer files, view the device's EFS file system, and download code QidcTest RF QxdmView log JTAG trace32Debugging Qpst and qxdm usage instructions. For details, refer to the resource files I uploaded to csdn. I read them all and read the user guide, which is simple. Qpst is a transmission software developed for Qualcomm chips. Simply put, mobile phones that use Qualcomm's processing chips can theoretically use qpst to

RT3052 Modifying the Jtag interface to Gpio

according to Datasheet Documentation described, when when the Jtag_gpio_mode register is set to 1 , theJTAG pin function is gpio, and the corresponding Gpio sequence number is gpio17~gpio21. Setting the JTAG interface to GPIO requires modifying the jtag_gpio_mode of the Gpiomode register Bits,thegpiomode Register is located in the SYSCTL Register Group, as described in the following table: gpiomode register Span style= "; font-family: Song body; f

A problem that must be paid attention to during the simulation download of JTAG in the joint port of MSP430

Today, it has been a long time since the JTAG download problem of MSP430. In the end, it is actually a problem with the port mode. In My bios, the default port is the SSP mode, but if JTAG is used, it needs to be changed to the ECP or EPP mode. after entering the BIOS to correct it, there is no problem, debugging is now available. There is another problem that I don't know why. I have bought a 430 Develop

Debug the Linux kernel and drivers on arm using JTAG+GDB

Debugging objects for the company a piece of s3c2440 board, the debugger is based on the ft2232d openjtag,pc operating system for ubunut14.04.2 X64,jtag->gdb Bridge Openocd Prepare the kernel source codeCopy out two copies of the exact same kernel source code, without debugging information of a burn/download to the board, plus debugging information for debugging. Here, download the kernel in a uboot+nfs way.~/buildspacce/linux-

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