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Instructions for using the Linux system Sleep command

Sleep, which means sleeping, is used primarily to delay the time of a shell script in a Linux system, or to use it in a Windows system where the following small series describes the usage of the Read command in a Linux system, and distinguishes

Linux common commands and Shell script programming __ Block chain

Import public key to trust certificate Keytool-import-file catserver.cer-keystore "$JAVA _home/lib/security/cacerts"-alias catserver Remove Public key Alias Keytool-delete-alias Catserver-keystore Cacerts-storepass Changeit Remote Debugging

Sleep and standby in Linux

Article Title: Sleep and standby in Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Including desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems and open-source and other basic classification kernel 2.6.23

10 article recommendations about the sleep () function in PHP

See this name, is not a very high-level feeling. Yes, the Magic method is really advanced. So, what is a magic method? The method, which begins with two underscores in PHP, is known as the "Magic Method" (Magic methods). such as __construct (),

Linux Shell sleep/wait (reprint)

Linux Shell sleep/wait (reprinted) 2007-04-27 18:12Bash's basic configuration is made up of configuration files./etc/profile is called a global configuration file for the shell.Another file in the personal directory under the personal

Sleep and standby in linux

Sleep and standby in linux-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. Run the suspend2-source before kernel 2.6.23 and use tuxonice-source later. 1. Install tuxonice-source and

Shell script telnet login

  #!/bin/bash( echo "user" sleep 2 echo "passwd" sleep 3 echo "do something in remote device" sleep 3 echo "exit") | telnet IP The above is non-interactive usage. If you need interactive usage, you can use round CT, and then

Linux Shell script programming learning notes and practice, Script Programming learning notes

Linux Shell script programming learning notes and practice, Script Programming learning notes Http:// Shell Basics Terminal printing, arithmetic operations, common variables Search for specific strings in a specified

New School: Sleep and standby in Linux

Suspend2-source was used before kernel 2623 and tuxonice-source later. 1. install tuxonice-source and hibernate-script. The former is supplemented by sleep and standby functions. Run the suspend2-source before kernel 2.6.23 and use tuxonice-source

Sleep/usleep__oracle of delay function in Linux_shell_linux

The latency in the Linux shell script is still using the sleep or Usleep function. Detailed as follows: 1, sleep: default is seconds.Sleep 1s indicates a second delaySleep 1m indicates a minute delaySleep 1h indicates a delay of one hourSleep 1d

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