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Maven install Failed to execute goal Org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-war-plugin:2.1.1:war (Default-war) on Project Web_ Nanchang

When Maven was packaged into a war, error: Failed to execute goal Org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-war-plugin:2.1.1:war (Default-war) on project Web_nanchang:error assembling War:webxml attribute is requiredReason: Could not find we


Apache Maven WAR Plugin The WAR Plugin is responsible to collecting all artifact dependencies, classes and the Web application and P Ackaging them into a Web application archive. The word "pack" sounds more earthy, a more formal version of this should be "building a project

About Maven's plugin Maven-war-plugin

In the project release, you may encounter this situation, I hope that the project source code to maintain the same premise, you want to be able to target different operating environment to obtain the corresponding running package. (e.g. War pack)Basic Configuration : (including the configuration of the jar that does not want to enter the war package )  Reference:

Dynamically package MAVEN projects with Maven-war-plugin

Reproduced in: In the project release, you may encounter this situation, I hope that the project source code to maintain the same premise, you want to be able to target different operating environment to obtain the corresponding running package. (e.g. War pack) It is possible to use a configuration file to solve this problem. You can put some parameters in the project and the running environment in the co

Using the Eclipse plugin maven, the Web is packaged to run directly under War,tomcat

1, first download maven it as: download Apache-maven-3.0.3-bin.zipenvironment variable is configured as variable name m2 value of%m2_home%\bin variable named M2_home value is C:\Program files\apache-maven-3.0.3 add%m2% in Variable name pathThen launch eclipse, select Install new software in Help and enter http://m2eclipse.son

Idea packs a jar in a variety of ways, using idea's packaged form, packaged with the Maven plugin Maven-shade-plugin in Idea's own packaged form, packaged with the Maven plugin Maven-assembly-plugin

Here's a summary of the many ways to package a jar with idea, and later package packages can refer to the following form: The package form with idea comes in Package with Maven plugin maven-shade-plugin Package with Maven

The error "cocould not find artifact Maven-plugins: Maven-cobertura-plugin: Plugin: 1.3" is not found in Maven.

Failed to execute goal on Project: cocould not resolve dependencies for project cs2c. nkscloudweb: nkscloudweb3: War: 3.0: The following artifacts cocould not be resolved:Maven-plugins: Maven-cobertura-plugin: Plugin: 1.3, Maven-plugins:

Maven learns---Deploy MAVEN-based war files to Tomcat

In this tutorial, we will learn how to use the Maven Tomcat plugin to package and deploy a war file to Tomcat (Tomcat 6 and 7.To use the tool: Maven 3 Tomcat 6.0.37 Tomcat 7.0.53 Tomcat 7Publish URL =Http://localhost:8080/manager/textCommand = MVN Tomcat7:deployTomcat 6Publish URL = http://localho

The spring-boot-maven-plugin of the MAVEN plugin series

The Spring boot maven plugin (Spring boot maven plugin) provides spring boot support for applications in Maven, which provides the possibility for the spring boot application to perform MAVEN operations.Spring Boot

"Maven" Project Package-war package-jar Package [idea to make the project into a war package]

Reprint please indicate the source: article originates from "University trip------familiar with the blog of Memory" First, the project must be a MAVEN-configured project. Added a publishing plug-in to implement it.Add the following code to the Pom.xml of the project: Added a packaged plug-in: Spring-boot-maven-plugin, and ad

A Required class is missing while executing Org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-war-plugin:2.1.1:war

The Perfect solution:Http:// happened to me too after adding the version tag, that is missing, to the Maven-war-plugin (notsure what version is using by default, I changed to the latest, and 2.6 in myc

Maven add-ons-the maven-source-plugin of Maven plugin learning

Add the following code under the Pom.xml File build node:123 45678 9Ten One A - -The user can bind any plug-in target to the stage of any life cycle as needed, such as binding the jar-no-fork target of Maven-source-plugin to the package stage of the default life cycle, so that later execution mvn Package command when packaging a project, source code packaging is performed after the

Springboot idea maven packs the war and runs the war package

Pom.xml Modify Package Type Pom to warRemoving the built-in TOMCA Then click on the Maven panel on the right of idea to clean and then double-click the packageDirectory appears target folder after package successCopy the marked war package and I copied it to the desktop. Then open cmd to run the war package1. Go to the file location where the

Multiple Levels Maven war dependencies (transitive war dependency)

Guys. I am a Chinese. I had searched this question in search engines and some technology forums, but I cann't find the answer, so I find help here. The following is the detail of the question: I have three war projects (project_a, project_ B, project_c). project_c is dependent on project_ B, project_ B is dependent on project_a. There is a file "index. jsp" in project_a, project_ B overwrite the "index. jsp" File By my understanding, when the proj

How to package Maven project-war packages in eclipse

IntelliJ idea package into a war (including Maven project) Click the Open linkThe first thing to do in the MAVEN project is the POM. Configure the desired configuration in XML: 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 //

MAVEN configuration Jar (WAR) package auto-pack upload Maven server configuration

MAVEN configuration Jar (WAR) package auto-pack upload Maven server configuration Create a Jar (war) package project Create a MAVEN project To wear a test class in a project Configure Pom.xml distributionmana

Maven plugin Maven-tomcat7-plugin-common commands and configurations

Common commandsTomcat7:deployDescription: Deploy WAR to TomcatTomcat7:helpDescription: View plug-in Help informationTomcat7:runDescription: Sub-branch current projectConfigurationProject> ... Build> To define the plugin version in your parent POM - pluginmanagement> Plugins> plugin> groupId>Org.apache.tomcat.mavengroupId> Art

Do not use the IDE, package the war project with the MAVEN command and solve the problem (most comprehensive, pro-test effective)

to 2.12.4. The maven-compiler-plugin exception, which is also caused by the plug-in version, adjusts version to 2.3.2. Maven-war-plugin exception, change version to 2.1.1. Maven-jar-

Maven Maven Plugin Example: Write your own maven plugin

Requirements: When Maven compiles a project, the amount of statistical code, that is, the number of files in the project, the number of lines of code, including Java files and configuration files Two, where the configuration file (SQL, XML, properties) code lines/4 processing. To Create a project: First make sure that the M2eclipse plugin is installed: Eclipse-new-

Deploy the war package to a remote tomcat server with MAVEN

We used to publish a Java Web program as a common practice is to make it into a war package, and then use the SSH tool to upload it to the server, and put it in the corresponding directory, let Tomcat automatically unpack, complete the deployment.Obviously, it's not easy to do this, and we're probably going to get it wrong when we pull the file up with SSH. (Of course, the manufacturers will not have such a problem, because they have the OPS team dedi

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