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The interval of a late year

Travel: inexplicable, the meaning of the Tao is unknown Although it is not clear how the trip to my specific meaning, but there is always a feeling: if more than half a year without going out to travel, will be uncomfortable. Like this sentence:

Female English name Daquan-start a good name

It is very important to have a good English name! It must be easy to remember, nice to hear, and have a moral hazard... A A abigaleIt was originally in the ancient Hebrew name, which meant "the original joy" or "the original joy ". in the upper

On the bloody example, essence and physical meaning of convolution

As a hard-pressed engineering student, "Signal and system" + "digital signal processing" is not the past, a variety of headache concepts and mathematical formula: Fourier variation, Laplace change, Z-transform, convolution, cyclic convolution,

Female name list in English, including its origins and definitions

A Abigale was originally an ancient Hebrew name, meaning "original joy" or "original joy ". in the upper part of the Bible, samyr tells the story of an early man named abigale. in this story, she is a smart and beautiful woman. she has extraordinary

English name (male)

Inspired by aaron (Hebrew), aaron is depicted as an untall but handsome man, honest, hardworking, responsible, and a quiet leader with an effective personality. Abel (Hebrew) refers to breathing, short for abelard. Most people think abel is a tall,

2013 winter is when winter is the number winter the meaning of the introduction _ Folk Tradition

November, the winter solar term is just the relay stage of autumn and winter, the intensity of Siberian cold and Mongolian high pressure is obviously strengthened, and the cold front is the vanguard force, which affects most parts of our country. At

The physical meaning of convolution

Original link: this is a "signal and system" in the discussion of the system to the input signal response and proposed. Because it is the analog signal discussed, so often with

Mao Pang, an ancient poet with the same name as Chairman Mao's brother

The Song Dynasty poet----Mao Pang with the same name as his brother MaozeminThe Chinese will not forget Mao Zedong's name, nor will he forget the name of his brother Maozemin. Because they are both Chinese modern revolutionary history of the people,

Name Zhou Yi and gossip-name your baby


Some songs you must have heard, but you can't say a name. _tree

1.toro-Forget the Love (the theme song) Oh, people handsome song also good to hear, well gifted ~ ~ ~ I like very much, because really is a good class ~ ~ ~ Hey, exaggerated point) Streets I WanderLight on.The cold, cold mist, the wind is

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