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2018-05-23 Linux Learning

Tags: Linux learning18.11 LVS Dr Mode Setup (recommended)Dr Mode Setup – Preparation workThree machinesDispatcher, also known as the Scheduler (dir)133.130Rs1133.132Rs2133.133Vip133.200Dr Mode SetupDir writes script

2018-05-22 Linux Learning

Tags: Linux learning18.6 Load Balancing Cluster introduction主流开源软件LVS、keepalived、haproxy、nginx等其中LVS属于4层(网络OSI

2018-4-11 Linux Learning Notes

Tags: 18.11 LVS dr Mode build 18.12 Keepalived +18.11 LVS Dr Mode construction The LVS NAT mode requires fewer public IP addresses and is suitable for up to 10 servers. Then the DR mode is more suitable for large-scale speech. (1) Prepare

2018-04-24 "Bird Brother's Linux private cuisine Basic Study (Fourth Edition)" chapter 19th, boot process, module management and loader_2 notes

Tags: Ash etc code execution disk data file parameter Shell OTASection II beginsCore (kernel). is a compressed file, before using the core, you have to unzip it before you can load the main memory.The directory where the core and core modules are

MongoDB launches multi-instance and MongoDB create Delete, backup, copy

Tags: restore match admin opera connect ODB command log onsMongoDB start multi-instance and MongoDB create Delete, backup, copy enable multi-instance creation data and log storage locations with sufficient single server resources# 数据存放位置[[email 

Mongdb Start Error

Tags: Child started ORC host 4.0 CTI IPs lis ATI2018-08-19t12:25:31.707+0800 I CONTROL [main] automatically disabling TLS 1.0, to force-enable TLS 1.0 specify--SSLDISABL Edprotocols ' None 'About-to-fork child process, waiting until server was ready

N33-week 2-Sunflower

Tags: Data current directory SAS Sep ssh vcs config remove create file1. What are the file management commands on Linux, their common use methods and their related examplesTouch: Create file and Refresh TimestampTouch [OPTION]. FILE:"1" touch-c file

Ansible_playbook a key to build the cluster architecture

Tags: data IP address. com smis Epel EPO header Create directoryDirectory Basic optimization SSH, Ansible, batch Management Service project The script began ... 10 minutes or so ...... Mail.yaml Base.yaml

Logstash Practice

Please specify the Source: Introduction An open source data collection engine with real-time data transfer capability to uniformly filter data from different sources and output to a destination

Installing configuration Java and Tomcat under Linux systems

Tags: str source package LNP add mat allow user source filePersonal habits to put the source package under opt1. Installing the JDKThe JDK is the Java operating environment, the entire Jenkins is a var package, is written by Java program.1.1.

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