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Using Java development to implement OAuth security authentication application _java

OAuth IntroductionOAuth was co-sponsored by Blaine Cook, Chris Messina, Larry Halff and David Recordon to provide a safe and open standard for API access authorization.Based on OAuth authentication authorization has the following

PHP extension-oauth

I. Overview and Installation This extension provides a binding between the OAuth consumer and the provider. OAuth is an authorization protocol built on HTTP that allows applications to securely access data without having to store user names and

Google 2 legged oauth

Reference: * 2 legged oauth basic concepts (Chinese) http://djb4ke.iteye.com/blog/664958 * Google 2 legged oauth for Google Apps domain: http://code.google.com/intl/zh-TW/apis/accounts/docs/OAuth.html#GoogleAppsOAuth * Example of Google 2 legged

Build MicroServices-Protect API interfaces with OAuth 2.0

Micro-service Operation modelBuild microservices based on spring Cloud and Netflix OSS-part 1Build microservices based on spring Cloud and Netflix OSS, part 2In this article, we will use OAuth 2.0 to create a security API for external access to the

Summary of Sina Weibo oauth Certification

Since Twitter only supports the oauth authentication method recently, major applications have switched to the oauth authentication method, and Sina Weibo's open platform will also suspend the base oauth authentication method recently. In order to

[node. js] OAuth 2 and the Passport framework

Original address: http://www.moye.me/?p=592What is OAuth?OAuth (Open Licensing) is an open standard that allows a third-party app to access private resources (such as photos, videos, contact lists) that the user stores on a site without having to

Tutorials to add support for the OAuth protocol in Nginx _nginx

We built the OAUTH2 authentication and authorization layer using Nginx's LUA middleware. If you have this intention, read the documentation below to automate and gain revenue. SeatGeek has developed over the past few years, and we have accumulated

OAuth Complete Manual _ domestic article

This article is mainly about OAuth certification and the major platform of the rough comparison, if there are flaws, hope please understand. Reprint Please specify: http://www.cnblogs.com/lingyun1120/archive/2012/07/11/2585767.html   Preface:

Oauth Learning (1) -- Sina Weibo oauth authorization

Recently, open platforms have become very popular. Internet companies have launched their own open platforms, followed by the popular openid. oauth has become the main technology for authentication and authorization. This document takes logon to

Oauth authentication for Douban APIs

Douban API allows third-party applications to access user data through oauth. Therefore, oauth is the basis of our entire project. Oauth authentication sounds mysterious, but it is actually quite simple. Currently, most of the open platforms for

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