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interface-oriented design and programming--(object oriented, interface oriented, process oriented, implementation oriented)--reprint

Label:Introduction-position in the design pattern where the interface is oriented.In fact, I think one of the reasons java/c# is superior to C + + is that it supports interface-oriented programming. Don't misunderstand, not that C + + does not

Object Oriented thinking

Label: Object-oriented thought editing Object-oriented programming language must have a linguistic component that describes the object and its relationship to each other. These programming languages can be summed up in the

Object-oriented Basic concepts

Label:Object-oriented Basic conceptsGeogo in Shenzhen (2007-01-13)Object-oriented (object-oriented; short: OO)So far there is no unified concept, I define it as: according to people to understand the objective world system thinking mode, the use of

Design Patterns: C # Object-oriented design patterns discussion on [Learning: 01. Object-oriented design patterns and principles course notes]

Tags: body att basic dip Concept Understanding examples should be originalFirst Lecture: 1. Object-oriented design patterns and principles Introduction to Design Patterns: Each pattern describes a problem that recurs around us, and the core of the

Hello, C + + (31) I finally found the object! 6.1 From structured design to object-oriented programming

Label:6th ChapterWhen C + + falls in love with object-orientedMany people who enter the C + + world for the first time will ask: What do the two plus signs in C + + mean?C + + is the development of the language, it is more than the C language of the

Python Object-oriented programming

Tags: Object oriented design basic computer message Col img Wrapper Note NoOne: What is the programming paradigm?Programming is the process by which programmers use a specific syntax + data structure + algorithm to tell a computer how to perform a

Object-oriented and process-oriented differences

Label:Object-oriented and process-oriented1. Process-oriented programming is essentially a computer-based approach to programming: input-----the output. The process-oriented programmer needs to change the habit of thinking to close to the internal

The disadvantage of object-oriented

Tags: what to do polymorphic process-oriented how much self-location writing causesInvalid SLinks: https://www.zhihu.com/question/20275578/answer/26577791The downside is that no one remembers what the object-oriented problem was.1, object-oriented

"What is an object, why object-oriented, and how can it be object-oriented?" 】

Tags: android google Java learning Java face question Java A,   object-oriented What exactly is this object? This object is not an instance of C #, C # We call an instance of a class an object, which is strictly an object in

In the simplest sentence, what is object-oriented? What is the difference between him and the process? What are the benefits?

Maybe we are all in object-oriented programming, we really understand him, each programmer to object-oriented understanding is not the same, whenever people ask me why use objects without process, I always say that I do not have a good reason, I

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