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OCA Certification Exam Guide (1z0-061) Oracle Database 12c SQL Foundation

Tags: china-pub computer OracleThis is a high quality pre-sale recommendation of Computer class OCA Certification Exam Guide (1z0-061) Oracle Database 12c SQL Foundation ". Oracle Certified Master (OCM) 's latest work, the

Oracle 11g database is not logged on as an administrator

The computer is WIN10 64 bit, the database is Oracle 11g, log in today  When displayed: Ora-01031:insufficient privileges, insufficient permissions.Referring to this method, my local Users and groups have ORA_DBA groups, and the group also has a system login user, and the database is also installed to use for a period

Oracle 10.2 Database Administrator Guide-Chapter 27

is made, it's not affected by the call. The change was only seen in the runs of the job.In general, you should not alter a job, which is automatically created for the database. Jobs, were created by the database has the column SYSTEM set to in TRUE job views. The attributes of a job is available in the views *_SCHEDULER_JOBS .It is perfectly valid for running jobs to alter their own job attributes using SE

Oracle Cluster "Oracle DATABASE 11G RAC Knowledge graphic Detailed tutorial" Oracle Cluster Concepts and principles (ii)

cluster software files and database files. Network File System (NFS)-shared storage via NFS, but requires Oracle-certified NFS to support CRS cluster software files and database files. asm--Collection RAW mode I/O high performance and cluster file system easy to manage the advantages of oracle10g, the introduc

Oracle study-oracle 11g OCM Exam (1)

Oracle study-oracle 11g OCM Exam (1)System environment: RedHat EL64Oracle:oracle 11gR2Oracle 11g OCM Exam First, manual build library, reference document 650) this.width=650; "Src=" http://img.blog.csdn.net/20160408214710987?watermark/2/ Text/ahr0cdovl2jsb2cuy3nkbi5uzxqv/fon

Oracle 11g Study Notes (4)

amp; Itemid = 687411 amp; typ = blogHttp://topic.csdn.net/t/20050428/09/3972494.htmlHttp://topic.csdn.net/t/20040510/17/3050699.htmlHttp://www.blueshop.com.tw/board/show.asp? Subcde = brd20050513132850f5h fumcde = fum20041006161839lrj rplcnt = 16 For example, set the sqlnet. ora file on the host where the Oracle server-side program is located:Sqlnet. authentication_services = (CNT)ChangeSqlnet. authentication_services = (none) Sqlnet. ora is i

Oracle 11g New data recovery Guide

• Describes the options for restoring data faults • use the new RMAN data repair command to perform the following operations: -List faults-receive repair suggestions-repair faults • Perform preventive fault checks • query the data recovery guidance View Data fault repair • Data Guard provides failover to the standby database so that the operation is not affected by the downtime. • Data Recovery guide is

Oracle 11g windows Simplified Chinese version installation guide

Operating System: Windows Server 2003 sp2 Memory: 2 GB 1. Download the Oracle 11g address Http://download.oracle.com/otn/nt/oracle11g/win32_11gR1_database_1013.zip Basic installation After decompression, you can install it. Run Setup. EXE and run it in DOS to enter Oracle 11g. Orac

Oracle webcenter 11g Quick Development Guide-translation (2)

1.2 requirement Software Installation A typical development environment includes the following components: Jdeveloper-refer to 3.1 "installing Oracle jdeveloper ." Webcenter extension bundle-please refer to 3.2 "installing the webcenter extension bundle ." Supported database-(optional) for example, Oracle Database

Oracle 11g Study Notes (5)

Some ASP. NET + Oracle 11g learning and writing essays. This seriesArticleIt can help. net that is unfamiliar with Oracle and is not even used at all.ProgramStaff, can get started and develop applications in the shortest time, to avoid having to spend as much time as I did for the support team to flip books, Query files, create code for implementation and test, a

The method of ORACLE12C's database to 11g guide _oracle

From Oracle 12c Backup (EXPDP) package, restore to 11g, think all know there will be compatibility issues. Sure enough, the error: ORA-39142: Version number 4.1 (in the dump file "fork. EXPDP") incompatible Like Later learned that in the 12C backup, you should specify version information, such as I want to guide the 11g

"Oracle Cluster" Oracle DATABASE 11G RAC detailed tutorial how RAC works and related components (iii)

Fusion Technology (IV) RAC special problems and combat experience (V) ORACLE one-to-G Version 2 RAC ready for use with NFS on Linux (vi) ORACLE ENTERPRISE LINUX 5.7 under Database 11G RAC cluster installation (vii) ORACLE ENTERPRISE LINUX 5.7 Databases

Oracle-Install Oracle Database 11g Release 2

Write in front: In the work, the general installation of Oracle oneG client, configure Net Manager (installed client or server), remote connection to the Oracle database to meet the needs of connecting the database. If you want the machine to operate Oracle, you need to inst

Oracle 11g Study Notes (3)

oledb is used onlineIt does not cause an error or exception, but the write value is abnormal. String strsql = "insert into Table1 (ID, name) values (table1_seq.nextval,: name)ReturningIDInto: ID "; ---------------------------------------------ASP. NET 2.0 + Oracle 11g sample download point at (7) of this post (the latest sequence value is obtained immediately after batch addition + addition ):Http://files

Oracle 11g RAC database on ASM, ACFS or OCFS2

(oracle_home) However Oracle does not recommend Using OCFS2 anymore for RAC systems, for the following reasons:-OCFS2 and Grid infrastructure (Oracle cluster-ware) is a separate cluster-wares. Therefore you would is running with 2 cluster-wares instead of one.-OCFS2 won't gain any new functionality in regard of databases. OCFS2 'll is used for Oracle VMS and all

Oracle 11g Data Guard Physical Standby Quick Configuration Guide (top)

OriginRecent 10g and 11g physical standby configuration experiments found that Data Guard is actually easy, but lacks good documentation. I was experimenting with the official documentation and thought it wasn't very clear.Google out of two PDF documents, read it feel much stronger than official documents. It may be useful for some friends to translate. I am also better acquainted with these two documents while translating. I have not translated Engli

"Oracle Cluster" Oracle DATABASE 11G RAC Knowledge and graphics detailed tutorial cache fusion technology and main background process (iv)

documents Oracle's three highly available cluster scenarios Introduction to cluster Concept: The Oracle Advanced Course--theoretical textbook Oracle one-off RAC Survival Guide Oracle 11gR2 RAC Management and performance optimization Article Navigation Introduction to cl

Oracle 11g Database Detailed

Listener.log log for this time period of the Oracle server to see what causes the lock.6.6 Unlocking Database UsersUnder SQL input: Alter user username account unlock;Note: This command can only be performed by a user with DBA authority.6.7 User Profile 6.7.1 action User profile effective switchView: Enter in sql: Show parameter resource;Name is the value of the corresponding value column of the Resource_l

Oracle 11g R2 DBA Operations Guide (first three chapters)

The Oracle 11g R2 DBA Operations Guide was the first book I learned about Oracle database knowledge, where I recorded my own learning notes, and I verified the knowledge points in the book by actual operation.1.Oracle

Quickly build an Oracle Database 11g test environment on Oracle Linux 5

Oracle-validated RPM for oracle Linux (Skip this part for your reference) Because the Database requires some software packages, software package versions, and Kernel Parameter fine-tuning, You need to configure the operating environment in advance before installing Oracle Database

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