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The port and protocol used by Samba services (a combination of a set of TCP UDP protocols, mainly using the CIFS protocol, with a Java example)

The ports and protocols used by the Samba service:1) Port 137 (UDP)-NetBIOS name service; NMBD2) port 138 (UDP)-NetBIOS Datagram Service 3) port 139 (TCP)-File and print sharing, SMBD (SMB (Server Message Block) protocol, mainly used on LAN, file sharing protocol) 4)

[Switch] C # serial port operation series (4) -- protocol, text protocol data parsing

data. // Analyze data // Omitted // To access the UI resources, you must use the invoke method to synchronize the UI. This. Invoke (eventhandler) (delegate { // Determine whether the display is 16 forbidden If (checkboxhexview. Checked) { // Concatenate a hex string in sequence Foreach (byte B in BUF) { Builder. append (B. tostring ("X2") + ""); } } Else { // Convert the string directly according to ASCII rules Builder. append (encoding. ASCII. getstring (BUF )); } // Appe

Usually each socket address (Protocol/network address/port) allows only one APACHE24 installation of 443 port occupancy

D:\apache24\bin>httpd-k Install Installing the ' Apache2.4 ' service The ' Apache2.4 ' service is successfully installed. Testing httpd.conf ..... Errors reported here must is corrected before the service can be started. (OS 10048) typically each socket address (Protocol/network address/port) is allowed only once. : AH00072:make_sock:could not bind to address [::]:443 (OS 10048) typically each socket addres

Network layer, Transport layer, application layer, Port Communication Protocol programming Interface-HTTP,SOCKET,TCP/IP network transmission and Communication Knowledge summary

kinds of information that must be used for network communication: the protocol that the connection uses, the IP address of the local host, the protocol port of the local process, the IP address of the remote host, and the protocol port of the remote process.When the applica

TCP/IP protocol port

Port concept: in network technology, a port generally has two meanings: one is a physical port, for example, ADSL modem, Hub, switch, router is used to connect interfaces of other network equipment, such as RJ-45 port, SC port and so on. The second is the logical

Measure the test taker's knowledge about the basic content of the serial port protocol.

When talking about serial port parallel port, you can always think of some computer wiring. Yes, these serial ports are all related to some computer buses and plug-in cables. All these lines are managed through protocols. So today we will introduce the serial port protocol. Next, let's take a look at the categories. Se

Multi-host communication based on multi-host parallel port Protocol

With the continuous development of single-chip microcomputer applications, there are more and more multi-chip systems composed of multiple single-chip microcomputer, and information exchange between multiple single-chip microcomputer is a whole. The work of a single-chip microcomputer is divided into multiple single-chip microcomputer. On the one hand, the performance of the system can be improved, and on the other hand, the hardware design of the system can be simplified.Asynchronous serial por

TCP/IP ICMP protocol, port number, TCP 3-time handshake to establish a connection

ICMP Protocol (Internet Control Message Protocol) 1.1. Definition: A protocol used by a host or router to send error or query information to a source point.1.2. Message structure IP Header ( up to four bytes)Note: TheICMP message is encapsulated in the IP packet, so include the IP header Type of message (2 bytes) Report Text

IP layer protocol number and TCP layer port number duplication

Doing a good deed today compares the IP layer protocol number and TCP layer port number duplication.The Protocol field of the IP layer indicates the protocol used by the transport layer to determine the decoding program used when the data is decoded from the bottom to the upper layer, the field is a byte, so it can cha

Java Serial Port Technology protocol

Understanding Serial Communications There are many kinds of serial communication protocols, such as rs232,rs485,rs422, even the popular USB is serial communication protocol. And the application of serial communication technology is everywhere. Perhaps everybody sees most is the computer serial port and the modem communication. Remember when the PC was first popular in China (about five years before the 90

Network programming Overview and three elements (ip/port number/protocol) and socket communication principle

of 4 16 binary numbers per group.Ipv6:8 Group of 4 16 binary numbers per group. 1A2B:0000:AAAA:0000:0000:0000:AABB:1F2F 1a2b::aaaa:0000:0000:0000:aabb:1f2f 1a2b:0000:aaaa::aabb:1f2f 1a2b:0000: AAAA::0000:AABB:1F2F 1a2b:0000:aaaa:0000::aabb:1f2f third, the network programming three elements of the port number overview Port number: Each program on the device unique identity each network program needs to bind

Todo:golang Language TCP/UDP protocol reuse address port

Todo:golang Language TCP/UDP protocol reuse address port650) this.width=650; "class=" Alignnone size-full wp-image-977 "src=" http://www.todosomeone.com/wp-content/uploads/ 2016/11/11fa00044d7450dffd2a-2.jpg "width=" "height=" 337 "alt=" Todo:golang language TCP/UDP protocol reuse address port "style=" border:0px; vertical-align:middle;margin:0px auto;height:auto

Detailed description of Spanning Tree Protocol-switch port status under STP

If each port on a vswitch has a host. So without listening and learning, it is easy to cause a broadcast storm. The Spanning Tree Protocol STP is generated to solve such problems. How the Spanning Tree works: The international standard for Spanning Tree Protocol is 802.1b. the Network Bridge/switch that runs the Spanning Tree Algorithm communicates configuratio

Tcpdump Wireshark Practical Filter expression (for IP, protocol, port, length and content)

capture a variety of protocol packets, and only a logical combination of the protocol can be. The expression is: http or telnet (a combination of multiple protocols plus logical symbols) (3) The packet expression excluding some protocol is: not ARP!tcp Third, filtering for the port (depending on the

Protocol number and port number summary for various protocols and applications (constantly updated)

The protocol port is always encountered when configuring firewall policies, releasing traffic, and testing services in the workplace. For example, I only allow Telnet traffic to pass, and then I need to know the port number of the Telnte protocol. Network protocol so much, s

RGMP: Cisco router port group management protocol

RGMP: Cisco router port group management protocol (rgmp) makes up for the Internet group management protocol (Igmp: Internet group management protocol) problems in snoopIng technical mechanisms. The rgmp protocol acts between multicast routers and switches. Rgmp allows you t

Tcpdump Wireshark Practical Filter expressions (for IP, protocol, port, length, and content) examples

Brief introductionThe simple definition of tcpdump is: The dump the traffic on a network, based on the user's definition of the packet interception of packets on the Data Packet Analysis tool. Tcpdump can intercept the "head" of the packets that are transmitted in the network to provide analysis. It supports filtering on the network layer, protocol, host, network, or port, and provides logical statements su

Introduction to serial port listener monitoring and TCP/IP Protocol Resolution Software

Hello everyone, after hard work, COMgrasp.exe v1.0 finally met you. 1. File Readme.doc This file.The execution file of the COMgrasp.exe tool.The comcap. sys Driver file.Ethereal-setup-0.9.6. exe allows you to view and analyze Free Software for ppp, TCP/IP, and... protocols, and open the cap file.Dec 31 14-01-38. cap Sample *. cap, generated by COMgrasp.exe v2.0, IE browser "www.sina.com.cn ". 2. Functions of COMgrasp.exe v1.0 Enable or disable a COM

Script example for Python to implement Port ing under TCP protocol

The most basic form of port ING is to transfer all data sent from one port to another through an intermediate port, here we will take a look at the example of a script program that implements the port ing function under the TCP protocol in Python. 1

Python implements the port forwarding and redirection example under the TCP/IP protocol, pythontcp

Python implements the port forwarding and redirection example under the TCP/IP protocol, pythontcp First, we use webpy to write a simple website, listen to port 8080, and return the "Hello, EverET.org" page. Then we use our forwarding. py to establish two communication pipelines between port 80 and

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