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Are you a professional software developer? -- Book Review: Emerging design-evolution nature of Professional Software Development

The original Article was first published in the Turing community. Http:// Many software developers are confused about their career development? Why are there so few reliable companies? Many software companies are confused. How can we recruit and train software developers and how to use them? Why are so few reliable software developers? If you have any questions about what a profession

15 Professional responsive WordPress Themes, professional wordpress

15 Professional responsive WordPress Themes, professional wordpress When you are about to create a new website, you will find many WordPress Themes for you to choose from. They are powerful and suitable. Although a large number of third-party plug-ins can solve the script p

Wordpress Themes and website design and development manuals and resources

  If you want to start operating and releasing your first website, finding a suitable CMS or free platform is definitely a key step. Generally, you may choose wordpress, because it is the most popular website framework and product, you can see this picture. In today's article, we will introduce wordpress-related design and

Design Model-introduction and factory model (flat management mode VS professional manager mode), vs Professional Manager

dependency and Coupling Using multiple isolated interfaces is better than using a single interface. To reduce the coupling between classes, the design mode is actually a software design idea. Starting from a large software architecture, it is easy to upgrade and maintain. 5. Demeter Principle: less coupling between entities What is the principle of least understanding? That is to say, an entity should inte

Excellent design does not need to come from a professional designer: 100 things in a good design

financial weekly. If you are another Steve, Just go ahead but if you are not, you need some process and method. "In the 1990 's, Samsung set up a research and development center next to the headquarters of Ideo in Palo (Palo Alto) in Silicon Valley to improve the innovation process." Even Mr. Jobs followed the design process, and his brilliance was that he did not listen to the demands of consumers, but t

Thinking of professional Internet product designers: what is design?

Article Description: a professional thinking of a designer. First of all, this topic is not suitable for my experience, but as the design of 7-8 years of work, this is to have to think about the problem, today is just and you report my own ideas, this is only, comments if there is improper, is purely reference. --Difficult (Lcjeremy) Once upon a time to do

Wordpress plugin development resources

Plugins are tools used to expand WordPress. The WordPress design is streamlined to get the most flexibility and the least core code. Plug-ins can reject user-defined functions and features or add required details. This article includes the list of articles related to plug-in development resources nbsp; for general plu

Thinking of professional Internet product designers: what is design?

demand side of the "unreasonable requirements", the face of tough boss on the design of the interference, the design time to consider the irrational, the company and product development of the design of the lack of attention to the design of the work of the evaluation witho

Look at these 21 professional industrial design Websites

Some people will ask to learn industrial design, which sites can be on? Today, I would like to recommend some very good websites to you, mainly focus on industrial design. These websites include design community, concept product website, creative products information platform, industrial design company, industrial

Design theory: The professional problem of designers

without food, Own one mu of three points of a kind of finish also do not know where the next big development went. Such a vicious circle of logic constantly in the country's design companies in the common practice, it is still the designer's training links need to comb it again: The professional problem of the designer First understand where there are defects,

How interactive design improves professional ability

. ...... Attention matters Learn the following points to note: 1. Learning should be easy to learn, knowledge needs to be simple, early can pick a number of basic product research, such as reading products, the first form suitable for their own learning methods. The topic should not be too difficult, there is a learning brother want to study mobile phone payment, the information is very little, can hit self-confidence. 2. Work is too busy to take time to learn, which affects long-term

Wordpress personal theme development tutorial

theme.You don't even need to learn HTML, CSS, and PHP to have a beautiful theme.Why do we need to create a theme on our own? This is the key to the problem.This is a good opportunity to learn CSS, HTML, and PHP.This is an opportunity to accumulate your practical experience in CSS, HTML, and PHP.The topic creation process is full of creativity.This is very interesting (in most cases ).If you design a public theme, you will feel very good because y

SAMCEF for wind turbines V1.1-iso 1DVD (professional engineering software for the design of a turbine generator)

Samtech Products:SAMCEF for wind turbines V1.1-iso 1DVD (professional engineering software for the design of a turbine generator) Jmag Products:JMAG Designer v3.4 1CD (motor electromagnetic analysis software)JMAG Studio v9.0 1CD Infolytica Corporation Products:infolytica.magnet.v6.11.2 1CD (High-precision magnetic field analytic simulation software)Silvaco AMS 2008.09 Linux 1CDSilvaco AMS 2008.09 Linux64 1C

Professional development of visual designers, interactive designers and product managers

Article Description: the three roles experienced in the product creation process. Little God, there is a Chanping professional beginning, vision, product design, product management are experiencing. Roles follow different project adjustments and also play multiple roles in a project. Gossip walking, the little God enjoy every role: When Avatar visual designer ... The basis of the VI set color

Computer Professional Graduation Design complete finished Android catalog

softwareDesign and implementation of Android 137 schedule management softwareAndroid 138 Minesweeper GameAndroid 139 Mall ShoppingAndroid 140 fine Imitation qq chatAndroid 141 Health early knowAndroid 142 Tank battleAndroid 143 Android Classroom evaluation systemAndroid 144 Group Purchase reviews DesignAndroid 145 Image Browser LandscapingDesign and implementation of Android 147 mobile phone communication recordAndroid 148 mobile map application design

Viewing the development of open source platform from WordPress

, because it's not going to be about how the app developer is going to live when Facebook closes. From this point of view, WordPress is a further platform, it not only released control, but also released ownership. WordPress Development Plugin Developers never worry about the Automattic company's failure will affect their own, and the majority of users do not kno

Professional Asp. Net Design Pattens Reading Notes (chapter 2)

, and BDDTest-driven development (TDD) has never been concerned about it. Recently, I have put it into practice. Simply put, I want to write unit tests and business code first. I 'd better google it myself. Domain-driven design (DDD) currently has two good books on the market, "Domain-driven design: the way to cope with software core complexity and the field-driv

Professional PHP development, want to learn another language. Go or Python for later. Is that more appropriate?

, and the price is relatively low. If you are going to develop a game server or something, I think it might be better to go from PHP to C + + and then to the other. The strong type of Go language, closer to the underlying language, the control of the data on the basis of higher requirements, it may be possible to engage in a C + + was meant should also launch point. There is a lot of information in the C + +, and the Go language is relatively small. For example, in the same topic, go to the dir

Ebook download: professional flash mobile development: Creating Android and iPhone applications

Book DescriptionProfessional flash mobile development: Creating Android and iPhone applications Everything Flash developers need to know to create native Android and iPhone apps This wrox guide shows Flash developers how to create native applications for Android and iPhone mobile devices using flash. packed with practical examples, it shows how to build a variety of apps and integrate them with core mobile services such as accelerometer, GPS, phot

Software face test-flexible-professional development

, resulting in system crashes or permission leaks3. Check for common security issues in related development languages, such as SQL injection.4. If you need advanced security testing, determine the help of a professional security company, outsource testing, or get supportVI. Compatibility testing, according to the requirements of the content, determine the supported platform combination:1. Browser compatibil

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