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Javascript checks whether simple instances (recommended) and JS instances are opened in the WeChat Browser

Javascript checks whether simple instances (recommended) and JS instances are opened in the browser Recently I have made many HTML5 projects, and many pages will be shared through SNS such as Weibo. Download the company APP on the sharing page. However, in the browsers of many applications, you cannot download the application by clicking the download link. For these browsers, We Need To prompt users to open

JS to determine whether to open in the micro-mail Browser simple example (recommended) _javascript tips

iOS:!! U.match (/\ (i[^;] +;( U;)? Cpu.+mac OS x/),//ios terminal android:u.indexof (' Android ') >-1 | | u.indexof (' Linux ') >-1,//android terminal or UC browser iphone:u.indexof (' IPhone ') >-1,//whether for IPhone or Qqhd browser ipad:u.indexof (' ipad ') >-1,//whether the IPad webApp: U.indexof (' Safari ') = = 1/Whether the Web should program, without head and botto

Sogou Browser recommended how to close?

Often use Sogou browser users, will often encounter the browser's pop-up window, and for some do not like to let the browser appear recommended content users, want to close this annoying pop-up window, so how to turn off Sogou browser Sogou recommended function? below see sm

Js recommended for quick judgment of IE browser (compatible with IE10 and IE11) _ javascript skills

This article mainly introduces the js quick judgment IE browser (compatible with IE10 and IE11) that is recommended for reading, because ie11 has canceled the judgment of many lower versions and many js files need to be modified, here is a brief introduction to the need of friends can refer to determine whether IE browser is using window. navigator. userAgent, tr

Sogou Browser recommended how to close

We use Sogou browser often pop-up Sogou recommended window, very annoying, Sogou recommended how to close? In fact, Sogou recommended Sogou is the default with a plug-in, you can manually uninstall the method to remove, the following small series to tell you several methods. Method One 1. Locate the icon similar to t

Sogou Browser recommended ads How to remove

First, let's take a look at the recommended ads below. These ads are due to the installation of Sogou recommended applications will come out, then how to cancel it? First find the page you recommend advertising, and then see the recommended ads on the Web page with a "Settings" button Then click on this button, it will come out below th

Sogou Browser How to turn off the recommended function

   Sogou Browser recommended features close the tutorial introduction : Method One 1. Locate the icon similar to the ellipsis directly in the upper right corner of the Sogou browser. Click, you will find the Sogou with a magnifying glass icon recommended extensions, the first √ to cancel, and then, select this, click

Generic method to prevent browser default behavior from being triggered (recommended) _javascript tips

JS blocking browser default behavior triggers the common method (recommended) Common method function to block browser default behavior Stopdefault (e) { //Prevent browser default behavior (Global Consortium) if (e e.preventdefault) { E.preventdefault (); } Organization Browse

Opera Browser Popular extensions recommended

 Opera Browser Popular extensions recommended Where do you download Opera browser extensions? Opera Browser Popular extension plugin official download address Opera Browser Popular extensions recommende

Recommended cross-browser compatibility summary for cattle people

Cross-browser compatibility summary recommended by cattle [copy link]Send a short messageUID2427 Essence 4 points 239 share 12442 Prestige 1285 View Public Information search topics search posts Spirit Rain wanderingTechnical DirectorGroup Admin Birthday Post 470 Essentials 4 points 239 shares 12442 Prestige 1285 online time 28275 registration time 2013-11-24 # font size: T t posted in 2013-12-26 08:27 | on

Using the click and MouseOver on the iOS browser app is not recommended

Safari on iOS also supports traditional interactive events like Click and MouseOver, but it's not recommended to use Click and mouseover on iOS browser apps, because these two events are designed to support mouse clicks. The Click event has a delay of about half a second on iOS because iOS wants to highlight the element that receives the click. Events such as Mouseover/out are triggered by the click of a fi

Google Chrome browser 10 most useful plug-ins recommended

As an important gateway to the Internet, browsers are more and more valued by people. And a good browser, in addition to browsing the Web page, it should also be an "all-round player." As Google's Chrome browser, its biggest charm is the ability to install a variety of extensions, so that the Chrome browser itself more rich. In Google Chrome online App Store, use

For beginners of JavaScript, it is recommended that you do not care about browser compatibility.

For beginners of JavaScript, it is recommended that you do not care about browser compatibility. If I can go back to the past, I will tell myself this sentence: When I was a beginner in JavaScript, I ignored the compatibility between DOM and BOM. I first learned some basic knowledge and finally considered compatibility. If I can go back to the past, I will tell myself this sentence: "We ignore the compatib

Modify the default browser for the Registry (Chrome is recommended)

Tags: HTTP Io OS ar file on code as windowYou can't modify the Registry by yourself at the beginning. You need to manually enter the Registry to set it at this time. The following is the modification code. Edit it in notepad and change the suffix to. Reg.Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[Hkey_classes_root \ webmind]@ = "Webmind document"[Hkey_classes_root \ webmind \ shell][Hkey_classes_root \ webmind \ shell \ open][Hkey_classes_root \ webmind \ shell \ open \ command]@ = "\" D :\\ Software

Five Chrome browser plugin recommended

to operate: support drag, one-click Copy, picture format support Gif,markdown users do not have to worry about inserting pictures. It is noteworthy that the micro-bo bed is open, privacy pictures are not recommended to upload. 3. Screenshot: comments, annotations, screenshots one-stop download link: Http:// Screenshot tools are not uncommon, but this plugin is definitely one of the best. From screenshots to annotation anno

JB51 Webmaster recommended the use of JS browser-supported image rotation display effect ie,firefox_ image effects

JB51 webmaster recommended by using JS Browser-supported image rotation display effect in Ie,firefox and test everything is normal, we recommend that everyone should use such a good compatibility code [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform]

Recommended development tool series--clover (file browser)

Although I am not deliberately to spray windows to bring the file browser, but in order to highlight the praise to recommend the clover This software, only wronged Microsoft;Emphasis should be placed on the two characteristics of clover, of course, except for these two features; there is no punctuate;Official website: Link: Bookmarks, tabs, chrome Heavy users of the gospel, yes, and Google

Recommended reading JS fast judge IE browser (compatible IE10 and IE11) _javascript skills

To determine whether IE browser with window.navigator.userAgent, tracking this information, found in the development environment, identified as IE10, but the access server is identified as IE11, but IE11 useragent is not MSIE logo, the reason is this. The way to judge IE browser is to change the following. function Isie () {//ie? if (!! Window. ActiveXObject | | ' ActiveXObject ' in Window ' retur

Proud of the browser filter features strong recommended eye is not visible as a net

Every time you open the Web page, the dazzling advertising to rub the fire? Is it annoying to be followed by the slogan of the mouse? Is it annoying to be a banner? If the internet phenomenon most hated by netizens is investigated, the window and the page advertisement must be listed in the first place. There is demand will have products, mentioned "advertising filtering", I believe that the vast number of netizens are no longer unfamiliar. At present, the market is more common, such as the bui

Google Browser plugin recommended

I often see some people, watching a 32-second video to wait for 60 seconds of advertising and pain, below I will be a Google browser for the representative to introduce some good plug-ins, for us to bring convenience. Firefox browser Plug-ins are also very many, other browsers I do not know, with IE6 I can only say you have the courage. First, you're going to download a Google

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