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A detailed description of the C # string processing gadget

This article mainly introduces the C # string processing gadget, which includes: converting to uppercase, converting to lowercase, reversing string, matching string occurrences, regular matching, base64 encryption, Base64 decryption, ROT13

20145326 Network Security Defense learning platform-base off

Label:20145326 Network Security Defense learning platform-base offIntroduction to some basic methodsDeveloper Tools: The General browser comes with the developer tool (shortcut is F12), click, you can view the current page of the source code, a

C # string Processing gadget

Tags: expression UI checksum ADL traversal [] lower requires encryption and decryptionWhen I first went to college, I was obsessed with security, and was trying to write a small program that dealt with strings.Unfortunately, there was not much time,

17.NSCTF web200

Tags: web security php pythonThis problem is not easy, direct programming can650) this.width=650; "Src=" 3-wmp_4-s_1506074675.png "title=" 1.png "alt="

Advanced Bash Scripting Programming Guide

Label: Bash Scripting Programming GuideAn in-depth exploration of scripting language artThis tutorial does not assume previous scripting or programming knowledge, but progresses quickly toward an

N00bs CTF writeup

Label:This CTF challenge is a bit of a point, let's take a lookThe homepage looks pretty good.Level1The flag can be seen directly F12.Flag:infosec_flagis_welcomeLevel2"This picture looks broken, can you check it?"If I had played Linux, it would have

Network information security attack and Defense learning platform (base off write up)

Label:Title Address: Where is key? ( Check the

Various decoding sites

Tags: JSF dem ber thread nic text print decomposition domainXssee:'s Blog (des,3des,aes,rc,blowfish,twofish,serpent,gost,rijndael,cast,xtea,rsa): Http://

PHP Gzinflate Unlimited encryption and resolution code _php tutorial

PHP uses eval (gzinflate (str_rot13 (' Base64_decode (' BASE64 encrypted content '))) to decrypt the core code The following non-extensible PHP Tutorial Encryption Method: There's an online one, and it's good. Trojan anti-killing is OK, to protect

Summary of common password-solving websites in CTF

Tags: NSX imp vbscript pen F12 targe Sch Automatic CTF0x00. SynthesisThe Web site contains most of the encoded decoding. Text in reverse order

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